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Miguel Caetano
#EU #ACTA: Karel De Gucht's Fake ACTA Debate | La Quadrature du Net -
#EU #ACTA: Karel De Gucht's Fake ACTA Debate | La Quadrature du Net
#EU #ACTA: Karel De Gucht's Fake ACTA Debate | La Quadrature du Net
"Last week, the Trade Commissioner De Gucht, the same who recently declared he was “not afraid of the anti-ACTA demonstrations”, went on to explain why, considering the wave of criticism on ACTA, he is now turning to the European Court of Justice to assess whether ACTA would be detrimental to fundamental rights1. Commissioner DeGucht speaks about a balance to find between fundamental rights: between freedom of expression, privacy, “including the right to property, in case intellectual property”2, assuming that copyright would deserve the same standing that the fundamental freedoms of persons, such as the freedom of expression. De Gucht is actually trying to cover the tracks of his responsibility for the unacceptable ACTA. He is attempting to buy time, defuse opposition, and further manipulate any public debate on the reform of copyright. He characterizes the “Europe-wide debate on ACTA” as dominated by “disinformation on social media and blogs”, as if the only-reasonable debate were one in which people agree with him. His defence of ACTA is based on 2 core arguments: ACTA does not change anything in Europe and will not change the way in which European citizens use websites and social media; and ACTA will change something for Europe as it will ensure that the jobs of Europeans will not be lost to the €200 billion of counterfeited goods (sic) flooding the markets." - Miguel Caetano from Bookmarklet