Miguel Caetano
DRM is crushing indie booksellers online — Ruth Curry (paidContent) - http://paidcontent.org/2012...
DRM is crushing indie booksellers online — Ruth Curry (paidContent)
"DRM is supposed to prevent piracy and illegal file sharing. In order to provide DRM, you need at least $10,000 up front to cover software, server, and administration fees, plus ongoing expenses associated with the software. In other words, much bigger operating expenses than a small business can afford. By requiring retailers to encrypt e-books with DRM, big publishers are essentially banning indie retailers from the online marketplace. DRM is like the anti-theft sensors by the doors at the drugstore. The sensors go off all the time, but they still can’t stop a crafty teenager who knows how to remove a magnetic tag — nor can they stop criminals who break in and steal directly from the till. Similarly, DRM prevents a lot of legitimate, noncriminal usage while remaining unable to stop actual, intentional piracy, or its crafty teenage equivalent: someone with internet access and the ability to type “remove DRM” into Google." - Miguel Caetano from Bookmarklet