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Miguel Caetano

Miguel Caetano

CIES researcher at ISCTE-IUL (Lisbon). Project: "Users and distributors. Networked Communication and European Cinema in P2P networks." Linux, Open Source, Music.
Oneohtrix Point Never – Chrome Country -
Holden – The Inheritors -
Oneohtrix Point Never – Americans -
Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel -
Lee Hazlewood – Cold Hard Times -
The Beatles – Blue Jay Way -
µ-Ziq – Tango n' Vectif -
Holden – Self-Playing Schmaltz -
Grouper – Heavy Water/I'd Rather Be Sleeping -
Neon Indian – Deadbeat Summer -
Matmos – The struggle against unreal -
"Creativity must, in the last analysis, be seen not as something happening within a person but in the relationship within a system." - Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Creativity: Flow and the Psychology of Discovery and Invention
Tom Zé – Quando Eu Era Sem Ninguém -
Juana Molina – Lamba corta -
O Capital é de quem trabalha
Laurel Halo – Constant Index -
Regulating Code: Good Governance and Better Regulation in the Information Age -
networking - Thinkpad x220 wireless network slows down after some time - Ask Ubuntu -
"2 down vote Try creating a file /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi-11n-disable with the following content and then rebooting. options iwlwifi 11n_disable=1 Also read the following bug reports to see if you have the same symptoms." - Miguel Caetano from Bookmarklet
[all variants] Intel Centrino Wireless-N1000 Slow on Public WiFi (ThinkPad X220) -
"If you got slow connexion, difficult connexion, slow speed etc. Here is the command to fix it. My card was : Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N 1030 My Distro : Ubuntu 11.04 Kernel : 2.6.38-13-generic x86_64 So how to fix ? first test if its work : sudo rmmod -f iwlagn sudo modprobe iwlagn 11n_disable=1 sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off It’s work? Then how to make it permanent? gksudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/iwlagn.conf Add this to the file : Code: options iwlagn 11n_disable=1 Save & Close Gedit Then : gksudo gedit /etc/pm/power.d/wireless Add this to the file : Code: #!/bin/sh iwconfig wlan0 power off Save and quit gedit You need to make the script executable : sudo chmod +x /etc/pm/power.d/wireless Hope it’s help. It’s helped me a lot my Wifi working fine now." - Miguel Caetano from Bookmarklet
Broadcast – Chord Simple -
MV & EE with The Golden Road – The Hungry Stones -
The NSA says it touches only 1.6% of daily internet traffic | Jeff Jarvis | Comment is free | -
The NSA says it touches only 1.6% of daily internet traffic | Jeff Jarvis | Comment is free |
"Fear not, says the NSA, we "touch" only 1.6% of daily internet traffic. If, as they say, the net carries 1,826 petabytes of information per day, then the NSA "touches" about 29 petabytes a day. They don't say what "touch" means. Ingest? Store? Analyze? For context, Google in 2010 said it had indexed only 0.004% of the data on the net. So, by inference from the percentages, does that mean that the NSA is equal to 400 Googles? Seven petabytes of photos are added to Facebook each month. That's .23 petabytes per day. So that means the NSA is 126 Facebooks." - Miguel Caetano from Bookmarklet
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