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I cant see a thing! #blinded
Look at the sun now in #kochi. It's awesome
A good morning with fine bath makes a better day (null)
Time to trash another @Airtel_Presence Broadband connection. Screwed internet since last 2 month. Thanks Reliance and MTS for making us up
Back on timeline
Real time train tracking now in India! amazed by accuracy
New Microsoft office logo looks like they have made a "Door" instead of "Windows"
That feeling when you see friendship day message on wall of friend who cheated you. #TT
I've uploaded an @YouTube video Harthal
I've uploaded an @YouTube video Harthal
How to view call history of Airtel Post Paid? @Airtel_Presence
Next iPhone is called "The new iPhone" #Apple
Axe bathing bar is the most dynamic designed soap I have ever seen. It's like a racing car experience.
#ToMyFutureKids : you got a beautiful mom and handsome dad waiting for you.
RT @vraa: Talking to your GF/wife is like walking on landmines. You'll never know which word will cause the explosion.
Sound of your heart is the most significant music in my life.
#rainSongsILove After the rain has gone... There will be time to love again... Never got full version of this #music
And now real multi tasking on iPad. Who said metro is cool? iOS is awesome
If there is one move that I want to see second part, its Awarapan of @emraanhashmi
ഹെന്ത് ഇന്ന് ഭാരത്‌ ബന്ദ്‌ ആയിരുന്നെന്നോ ? കേരളം പാക്കിസ്ഥാനിലേക്ക് മാറ്റിയോ ?
Asif Ali trying to jump in to Scorpio running 90km/hr saying "don't slow down" and he fell down with no injuries #TrafficMovieFTW!
Sreenivasan driving Scorpio at 120 km/hr speed! Impossible. Window glass open, no seatbelt. (he is traffic police) #TrafficMovieFTW!
Watched Malayalam movie Traffic. I thought it was a good movie. After watching I felt like WTF!! #TrafficMovieFTW!
Education can not make you perfect. But you can make education perfect. Change the view
Make your phone sing Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk happiness jingle! #ringtone #download here #SILKjingle #ad
Nobody cares Past of a Diamond. Because its worth forgetting past of awesome today!
I get $3 per each tweet I make for promoting. You can also get #ad
I believe Team Anna is trade name of Anna Hazare public yoga class. But just fasting and eating.
Had Kada pavbaji at Cochin Food-court. Juhu's pavbaji and kalghatte ka yaad aagaya.. Mumbai was awesome.
Veettile pahaya Vespa onnu paint adich erakkiyaloo... Athinu engine undo avoo
Yahoo Axis. Are they gone mad?
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