On the hunt for new real estate marketing tools! - http://4realz.net/2008...
I got 33... and need at least 17 more! ;) - Dustin
maroondoor.com bro, thx - Andrew-Hillman
Andrew: I'll need to turn back to maroondoor soon to give it another chance! ;) - Dustin
@Brad are you using highrisehq as your CRM? - Dustin
evaluating home info text-to-cell using 1 page blog & 4INFO open platform - Kathy Drewien from twhirl
@Dustin I do (we already talked about this) but for anyone that's interested, they have a freemium service to try for up to 250 contacts http://is.gd/vr1 - Brad Coy
@Dustin yeah, next time, look at it from a different perspective it will make sense to you. i think you'll have an "ah ha" moment. - Andrew-Hillman
@Anne I agree... I've probably shown that service off to a couple dozen people since Zillow demo'd that at Connect. - Dustin