I'm the 872nd most bored person in the world. Play to see how bored you are: http://deltaunbored.com/ #DeltaStudio
RT @ZeroBase_Energy: @LeilaniMunter @MarkRuffalo @SolutionsProj Today No. 66 Leilani Munter made history. First pit box powered w solar!! https://twitter.com/ZeroBas...
didn’t realize “post-economic” is the new “too loaded to care”. noted.
RT @jakek: choose software metrics that matter — great 60 second intro to @kerryrodden's work (by @dtelepathy): http://www.dtelepathy.com/ux-metr...
back atcha @golan! it was great getting there with you and @heathercorc! to everybody else: was the info useful?
RT @6symcgregor: Its not the world cup, its the red wedding #WorldCup #GermanyVSBrazil #BrazilvsGermany
RT @mandyfever: Let the records show that when #USA played #GER the final score was 1-0. .
ok, interesting: downloading a play app for your android device automagically downloads the ‘glanceable’ bit to your #androidwear #io14
buzzword bingo gets a new square: “glanceable” #io14
RT @lifeedited: How to Create a Healthy Relationship with #Technology http://www.lifeedited.com/how-to-... //thx, @gurnick
RT @Beth_Bentley_: Creatively-driven digital strategists and social strategists, hit me up. Wieden+Kennedy London is hiring.
wondering “How Many Lines of Code” its running on? http://www.informationisbeautiful.net/visuali... - space shuttle<F22<Chrome<LHC<Facebook<https://www.healthcare.gov/
Amazon Firefly Functionality "universal Amazon reality-scanner...for shopping, or otherwise.” http://www.cnet.com/product...
"CSI: Algorithmic Justice" will be really boring but maybe important http://www.rennygleeson.com/algorit...
so good: RT @kellymillspaugh: I love whoever updated John Brooks on Wikipedia #USAvGHA #USA http://t.co/wHHPkaIrmP
…because Zlatan. RT @nikesoccer: Zlatan believes in you, America. Because you believe in Zlatan. http://t.co/OjrgbKInoO
RT @turoczy: Because Portland. #pdx http://t.co/WYzK80XHQQ
back atcha! at @zibapdx for an event on designing for the #serviceeconomy. already ran into @katiedreke, things have started out well!
RT @WIRED: This is the 3-D printed duffel bag that Ronaldo will tote to the World Cup http://www.wired.com/2014... https://twitter.com/WIRED...
me too! RT @turoczy: Super proud of the work @piepdx's @kirstgold did with @projectbreaker http://blog.piepdx.com/2014...
3d printed DNA means you can boot a (biologic) virus from a .txt file. thank goodness THAT will never be used for evil. #solidconf
that word for watching someone else’s movie on a plane semi-surreptitiously but they probably know + you maybe feel bad but do it anyway..?
BOOM RT @Penguin: What is Google Glass? #winning #tigersblood
Which tech am I describing? "A face-mounted, sarcasm-inducing, continuous exercise in diminished expectations?"
Whuch tech am I describing? "A face-mounted, sarcasm-inducing, continuous exercise in diminished expectations?"
art auction to raise money for @rhizome - http://paddle8.com/auction... - work by @petcortright, @jeffbaij, @seeecoy and @mirrrroring
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