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Are you a principle engineer? You must stand for something important :) maybe instead you're a principal engineer... #hmmm
Tnx for the comment!RT @kelseyedgelink: awesome article! Properly Equipping a Future Generation of Excellent Sourcers
Here's my "Jerry Maguire" article on @sourcecon today: Properly Equipping a Future Generation of Excellent Sourcers
Beautiful flowers in the aisle #trigwedding
Mandap, Guyanese wedding platform #trigwedding
Here for #trigwedding! (@ Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) - @mspairport in Minneapolis, MN)
Hey @MNHeadhunter... chime in! Is Instagram a good place to source job candidates? via @sourcecon
I'm at Red Star in Seattle, WA
Do you love front-end engineering? I've got several UI roles available in #Seattle, #Sunnyvale, & #Denver! #HPHelion
Are you telling me not to be? :D RT @animal: Stop Being the Smartest Person In the Room -- @researchgoddess
From @HPHelionCloud: Implement Cloud, one step at the time
Trying this place out... (@ Monorail Espresso in Seattle, WA)
. @WallOfFire You should try @unrollme, it'll unsubscribe you from all the lists you never signed up for. One of my colleagues co-founded it
What are HP's plans for #OpenStack? @pund_it's thoughts on HP's recent hiring of @interrante:
Trivia night (@ Shawn O'Donnell's in Everett, WA)
The law of diminishing returns and the desperate need for a sourcing strategy: every sourcer needs to read this.
Happy 4th birthday, #OpenStack! 4 years later : OpenStack milestones and future challenges
RT @JenniferMcClure: "Working hard does not mean that you're being productive." @DwaneLay #ilshrm14
I like #7. Friendship is earned through time, trust, and trials - not a loose association.
. @DerDiver Recruiting a recruiter and then sending them down the black hole is a big NO-NO in my book :) ABFU=Always Be Following Up
. @DerDiver BTW - rctrs who source/hire rctrs.. .ESPECIALLY need 2 know what they're doing. Not following up w/ a recruiter = KISS OF DEATH.
. @derdiver Dare I say that a big cause for the shift is the 'tool training' vs. 'basic search training' that most "recruiters" receive now?
From @HPHelionCloud: Applications in the Cloud: Make the right choices
Some interesting thoughts here. Bottom-line: it's up to the recruiting community to be the catalyst for change.
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