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Heather Piwowar

Heather Piwowar

cofounder of ImpactStory, postdoc at NESCent, live in Vancouver, study data sharing and reuse, adore cookies + cycling + reading + my fam.
RT @melioravit: LinkedIn not for academics? Bah, you just don't know how to use it! Nice advice @skonkiel from @Impactstory.
RT @micahvandegrift: Y'all, @skonkiel is killing it over at @Impactstory. Subscribe to that newsletter and get alt-schooled.
How to make LinkedIn finally work hard for you as a scientist, via the @Impactstory blog: #postdoc #science
RT @Impactstory: Just two days left to submit YOUR @impactstory. What do #altmetrics teach you about your research’s reach and use?
RT @Impactstory: Impactstory Premium. May 1st. Stay tuned... #teaser
You can help newbies embrace #altmetrics and nextgen research evaluation: tell us about your positive experiences!
Got a cool story about showing off your @Impactstory page? We want to hear it! Drop a note to
RT @F1000Research: Did you know we also publish articles on science publishing, education & communication? No charge to submit in 2014!
RT @Impactstory: 20 pounds of stickers arrived in the mail -- email us at w/ your address if you want a cut!
RT @ctitusbrown: .@ppgardne Yes, there are several of us who post all or most grant props. No visible harm yet rec'vd ;) @phylogenomics @EvoMRI @knightfdn
RT @MicroWavesSci: Just this morning I was wondering where to find good introduction to @ORCID_Org. Perfect timing! (ht @researchremix)
The lowdown on @ORCID_org in 10 quick points: Spread the word to scholars you know!
RT @AxiosReview: More prelim stats: of remainder, 30% get revised by author before referral, 10% 'rejected'. #peerreview
RT @AxiosReview: Some prelim stats: 60% of @AxiosReview subs get referred to a journal, and journals have asked for all to be submitted [1/2] #peerreview
RT @AxiosReview: Planning on ordering some @AxiosReview swag. What to get? Mugs? T-Shirts? Ear warmers?
If you follow me, you'll really like all the new content and RTs going on at @impactstory these days. Check it out :) #openscience #OA
A blog post about a recent @impactstory blog post about #openaccess megajournals: #turtlesAllTheWayDown
RT @F1000Research: @cc7740 You get citable doi right away, and when paper passes review, it's still in the same place, with its whole history.
RT @F1000Research: @cc7740 e.g. this paper has been in same place since March, passed review in Aug, then revised again in Oct. Dynamic.
Needless to say stopping Hooters meetings wasn't my idea. I wanted to fit in so badly when I heard about it I suggested we keep going. #doh
*siiiiiiiiiiiiigh* - RepoRat
Other than that, tho, it was a great group and being a girl never got in the way. I just always felt they thought I'd ruined their fun.
Tech group held weekly mtgs at Hooters till I joined as first female coder(1998).Photos w waitresses stayed on desks:they resented th change
My kiddo walking to her 8th bday party, infecting strangers on sidewalk w glee at all of her balloons.
Should combine the two ideas. - Joe - Systems Analyst
RT @eperlste: I love the diversity of conference livetweeters: the stenographers, the synthesizers, the retweeters, the jesters and corporate accounts.
RT @Kubke: Suddenly curious about who owns elsevier so clicked on senior management page. Do they know it is 2014?
RT @Mapbox: Mapping an entire city in a day: community +open data + awesome imagery. 29 hours, 68 contributors, 20,105 buildings
RT @JadAbumrad: UPS trucks don't turn left. Here's why... (via @nxthompson)
RT @ThylacineReport: NASA is giving away all its code:
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