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Heather Piwowar

Heather Piwowar

cofounder of ImpactStory, postdoc at NESCent, live in Vancouver, study data sharing and reuse, adore cookies + cycling + reading + my fam.
RT @emmkaff: Scientists: Don't freak out about Ebola. Everyone: *Panic!* Scientists: Freak out about climate change. Everyone: LOL! Pass me some coal.
RT @Impactstory: Excited to announce that, due to popular demand, we'll be rolling out annual subscriptions next week! $45 a year, 25% off monthly.
RT @pgroth: interesting to see all the comments on the @Impactstory subscription announcement - how do we fund new academic infrastructure?
RT @kbradnam: To make it clear, @Impactstory have a ‘no-questions-asked’ waiver policy if you can’t afford $5 per month.
RT @sennoma: @Impactstory @McDawg Better than hand-waving about "sponsorships" and "advertising revenue" and so on.
RT @kbradnam: From today @Impactstory is moving to a sustainable $5/month business model. Waivers are available + 2 week free trial
RT @Impactstory: Starting today, Impactstory profiles will cost $5/month. Here’s why that’s a good thing:
RT @Impactstory: Are you a biomed researcher? We'd love your advice on some new features we're planning! Schedule a 20min chat here:
RT @MrChurchGuy: I wish I could acknowledge what people say in real life like on Twitter. I could just silently hand them a little star and walk away.
Worked in kindergarten. - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
Smile and nod. - Andrew C (✔) from Android
RT @YAppelbaum: In 2009, Elsevier went to court to keep its subscription prices confidential. Now, we know why. Look at the spread:
New listserv for discussing research data in Canada: #opendata
RT @datadryad: Applications open for Dryad Executive Director
RT @AhmedMoustafa: And it just went all well :) Promotion with tenure is now official. Thank you @Impactstory!
RT @Pedalheads: With the #BCteacherstrike officially announced this AM, keep an eye out for NEW All Day @Pedalheads camps coming.
RT @nniiicc: Nobody is here to tweet this from the q&a at my talk, so allow me, "you fight bad metrics with better metrics...not exasperation"
The most important thing we can do to advance scholarly evaluation, IMHO: #showOffYourImpact
RT @desertlibrarian: .@sglassmeyer in the house! #sla2014
*flicks lighter again* - RepoRat
RT @niwandajones: Please note: @sglassmeyer is killing it. #SLA2014
RT @OAJoe: .@vperryky love that 2 of the 4 panelists still use FriendFeed (sometimes) @sglassmeyer @researchremix @Joshing @KnowldgeLinking #SLA2014
RT @KnowldgeLinking: 5pm Closing Session: 4 TED-style talks given by @sglassmeyer @researchremix @Joshing @KnowldgeLinking #SLA2014 #psychingmyselfup
RT @SLAAcadSCS: Thanks again to @IEEEorg for sponsoring the "Show all the metrics" session with @researchremix #SLA2014
RT @SLAAcadSCS: Ms. Piwowar of @Impactstory Noon, "Show all the metrics" Rm 211. (Not 11:30a in print guide) @researchremix #sla2014
Dr. Ms. Piwowar... not just plain Ms Piwowar :) - Christina Pikas
So much fun so many people I know in town for SLA! So complicated is same week my husband got back from work trip, inlaws here to visit, and teachers strike :( want to hang out lots but so short on time.
I'll be at SLA at noon today for a talk and at closing ceremony. Say hi if you see me please and I'll do same. - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
And if I miss you, I hope you have a great time in our beautiful city :) - Heather Piwowar from iPhone
Can't wait to talk at #SLA2014 today! noon in room 211, on #altmetrics and @impactstory. Come by, grab some stickers, and say hi!
RT @KnowldgeLinking: Aw, shucks! MT @diylibrarian: Great group of #sla2014 closing speakers! @sglassmeyer @researchremix @Joshing @KnowldgeLinking
wait, what? Heather Piwowar and Sarah Glassmeyer IN THE SAME PLACE and I'm not going? I CALL FOUL. - RepoRat
So can we have a panel somewhere (I don't care where - I'll go to whatever meeting it is) which is Heather, Sarah, RepoRat, Jason Scott and...hmmm - Cameron Neylon
Short hop to Vancouver. - Joe
Cameron, and...Barbara Fister! - John Dupuis
Keep up with who's using your research! The ultimate guide on impact alerts, from @skonkiel at @Impactstory:
RT @neetzan: This is the problem with unverified accounts. I was just followed by 2 Darth Vaders & have no idea which one is real.
RT @PsychScientists: Actually, no. To replicate your work I don't need you or your permission; I (should) just need your Methods section
i don't want to believe jean-claude bradley has died.
I hear you. - RepoRat
nope nope nope nope nope - Meg VMeg
me neither - jambina
Hard to process. - John Dupuis
Me neither. When there was only one source I hoped it had been some horrible mistake but the. It showed up on their chem dept website - Christina Pikas from iPhone
I've been thinking about this all day. What is the best way to commemorate? - Joe
great question, joe. donation to CC in his honour? wikispaces? malaria research? an ONS jean-claude bradley award as part of BMC award suite? - Heather Piwowar
I was going to be doing a panel with Matt Todd and JC on Open Notebooks in Rio in August. That will definitely have some form of dedication. Beyond that? JC definitely believed in the power of prizes to motivate and I can only think that he would have wanted to see something *happen* not just be talked about. - Cameron Neylon
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