Heather Piwowar
Guessing copyright belongs to metro newspaper for this ad. Also then copyright of this photo? Copyright so confusing. http://t.co/J56v1h2V
You're telling me. I got a tattoo in 2007 that reproduces an image from a book published in 1990. That book image was a reproduction (uncredited) of an image from a 1953 art journal, which, in turn, was a reproduction of a collage from 1950, created out of popular magazine images originally published in the 1920's. Which is why I should probably never leave the house unless I feel like being sued that day. - Meg VMeg
i'm going to get a doi tattooed in hopes i get sued. - jambina
woohoo! we can be lawsuit twinsies. - Meg VMeg
jambina, technically a doi can be registered for a physical thing. Get yourself registered, and then tattoo your own doi on yourself. - DJF
Several years ago, when the weather was nice, I was walking across campus to a meeting, and I ended up walking behind an undergrad who was wearing a top that didn't quite make it all the way down to the waist of the shorts she was wearing. Poking out of the waistband of her shorts in the middle of her tanned back was the head of a Mickey Mouse tattoo. My first reaction was, "I bet Disney didn't license that reproduction." - DJF