Heather Piwowar
rel or rev? I'm trying to manually modify a citation snippet from researchblogging to use CiTO. The researchblogging snippets default to adding an attribute rev="review", whereas I gather the CiTO wordpress plugin would put rel="cito:usesDataFrom". Pref on rel vs rev?
This old hublog post suggests rev: http://hublog.hubmed.org/archive... - Heather Piwowar
Just made my first wordpress blog post that includes CiTO metadata... and cito:UsesDataFrom at that ;) Thanks, Martin, for your helpful blog post. http://blogs.plos.org/mfenner... - Heather Piwowar
Now just waiting to see if my manual link modifications mean it won't appear at researchblogging.org. I'm a researchblogging newbie... - Heather Piwowar
My CiTO experimenting post made it in to researchblogging! As far as I can tell (my links got a little muddled), the post needed at least one link with a rev="review" to get picked up by rb, and rb didn't mind the rel="cito:usesDataFrom" addition (though it did not propagate the cito tag to its rendering on the rb site, see http://researchblogging.com/blog...) - Heather Piwowar
Difference between rel and rev is link direction, rel = link to, rev = link from (reverse relationship). CiTO has terms for both directions, e.g. "cites" and "is cited by". - Martin Fenner
So a blog post that cites a paper because it uses the paper's data would use rel="cito:UsesDataFrom", right? I don't understand researchblogging's use of rev="review" in a link to a paper's DOI from a blog post that talks about the paper. Explanations welcome. - Heather Piwowar
Heather, I don't understand the rev="review" tag in this context. I would use the rev tag if someone links to my post - but two-directional links never became popular on the web. - Martin Fenner
Would there be interest in a Wordpress plugin that creates ResearchBlogging code, no more copying and pasting? This would obviously also create COinS code, a nice side effect. - Martin Fenner
My guess: there would definitely be interest in a Wordpress plugin that creates ResearchBlogging code directly - Heather Piwowar