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Reto Meier

Reto Meier

Author of Professional Android Application Development and more recently a Google developer advocate for Android. My views are mine alone and not my employer's.
...and special thanks to Sammy from @SpeechlessShow, for saying I don't look like I could be funny. Or possibly that I'm not funny looking.
I don't always do improv comedy, but when I do - it's at I/O, I drop the mic, and I win the night:
1st of the "storytime" videos from our @udacity #AndroidDev course. The history of Android release code-names:
Amazing. In just two weeks, already 50,000 students working through our Developing Android Apps course! Can't wait until they all finish and start publishing awesome new apps in the Play store :) (Don't forget, if you select "View courseware" you get access to everything at no cost) Course Link: -
Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 1.49.22 PM.jpg
Played lasertag with the Google and @udacity teams to celebrate our launches. 1st time in ~15yrs (a) It's still a lot of fun (b) I now suck
RT @dianadhn: Lesson #3 recap - my favorite lesson so far! :) #SunshineApp #AndroidDev @retomeier @udacity @AndroidDev
Celebrating our new Android Fundamentals @udacity course by modding my tea mug!
Celebrating 45k students enrolled in our Android Fundamentals online Udacity course by customizing my mug with new a sticker! If you're checking out the course, select "View Courseware" to get free access to all the video, quizzes, and forums. Are you one of our new students? How are you finding the course? More importantly -- how cool is this... -
RT @udacity: Sample the best of Developing #Android Apps, our newest course w. @googledevs @retomeier
New article by me: Enabling the Next 50 Million Developers (Debunking the myth of being born to code)
RT @AndroidDev: Check out our new online training course: Developing Android Apps. "View Courseware" offers all material for free!
RT @udacity: The wait is over! Developing Android Apps, by @googledevs, is open! @retomeier
RT @DarioMungoi: Android course laucnhing today....Im so excited to learn new Stuff from @retomeier #androidDev @udacity
RT @chethaase: When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the bug.
RT @rstevens: did you know that if you put two spaces after a period… you die
The Outback Steakhouse ad says "In the outback, steak is always making new friends", like that's a thing we should know and accept as truth.
RT @udacity: New! Download lesson videos & transcripts, plus supplemental study resources, to learn offline:
RT @googledevs: The second season of UX for Designers is here: UXD: Lean UX - What are metrics?
.@leelaborcz Perhaps Brasil subbed on the Aussies players at half time? In that case we only lost 2-1!
Are we all entirely sure that was Brasil playing? I'm just saying, Australia also wear green and yellow.
RT @gwarizm: Someone needs to pick up the other Playstation controller.
RT @sfiegerman: Germany’s goalie right now
RT @AndroidDev: Apps for Android Wear launching today! A collection of apps for Android Wear is now available on Google Play: #wear
Spent a few relaxing post-I/O days recovering in Bodega Bay. -
RT @Android: All the info you need, all in one place. #AndroidWear keeps you moving.
RT @borismus: Our Cardboard I/O talk is now online! Quick project overview, history & introduction to the VR toolkit:
Got to try something new yesterday -- my first improv performance (thanks to @SpeechlessShow) live on stage at #io14. So much fun!
I've talked about my preparation for I/O talks before. Careful scripting followed by weeks - with hundreds - of rehearsals until it's perfect. So being part of the Speechless session yesterday was entirely new. Making up a presentation on the fly in front of 600 people - with slides I'd never seen, on a topic selected by the audience - was one of... -
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