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Rex Hammock

Rex Hammock

founder/ceo of Hammock Inc ( / blogger at / juggler-in-chief at
Re: What should TAG Heuer do? -
"I may be mistaken (I'm not a watch person), but I was under the impression that the market for high-end watches is more like markets for art or haute couture (or, laundered, underground currency) than they are like something for keeping time or monitoring heart rates." - Rex Hammock
Re: Helpful Translation Tools While Waiting for Skype Translate -
"Note that in the article, I wrote both of the following statements: (1) "while not as good as speaking a second language..." (2) "Do you have a favorite translation tool for when a human translator isn’t available?" I could not agree more that translating for publication needs to be done by a professional translator. I think any of these tools, even an improved Skype Translate, are an improvement on NO translation, not a substitute for professional translation." - Rex Hammock
Re: What Apple Watch, Apple Pay and iPhone 6 Plus Mean for Small Business -
"Thanks Chris. I 100% agree. The payment processing fees for small business transactions already get sliced up among various parties. In the way that Apple first saw iTunes as a break-even play to sell iPods, Apple is the only player who can make money even if their part of the processing fee is thin." - Rex Hammock
Re: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is Fun(d)raising at its Finest -
"Doug, I think you and I have been watching these things a long time and may bring a little bit of a jaded point of view. I thought about it before doing one and found the ones that made me smile the most were not the famous ones, but the ones with pre-teens dumping water on their parents. I think if a meme can get pre-teens and parents doing something together for any cause or charity is a good thing. That said, your comment "shaming you into doing the same" is precisely why I didn't challenge anyone." - Rex Hammock
Rex Hammock's Bike Box Video Get Ice Bucketed -
Rex Hammock's Bike Box Video Get Ice Bucketed
.@marketingsherpa ’s deep-dive case study of @hammockinc ’s Idea Email (thnx @emmaemail)
Williams, like all great artists and creators, will live on. The creators have such immortality.
If you face the demons he battled, don’t just seize today, seize tomorrow. Robin Williams, RIP
I tried out #Lyft this morning. Fortunately, I was the only thing in or on the car with a mustache.
A Local Delivery Battle Between Google & Amazon Could Catch Small Business in the Crossfire
Women say "um" 22% more than men but men say "uh" 2x more than women. | Uh, uh, who cares?
Tweet-stream from @nytimes - (1) Breaking: Israelis-Palestineans agree to 72 hour cease-fire (2) 36 hours in Lake Como.
Uh, okay: I ask staffer at locally-owned business: Do you have wi-fi? No, but here's password to (national chain) wi-fi next door.
NYT - “(Twitter fights) are like getting into an argument with your spouse and inviting (folks) over to watch..."
Apple's MacBook Air banner ad on front of
Quote of the day, so far, via (@nytimes) "At least one Elmo stood nearby, perhaps willing to help if called upon."
In #Nashville, the #bicycle lane elves were busy over the weekend - new buffered lanes on Church Street bridge.
As soon as the Netflix email hit my inbox saying The Longest Day now available, I knew my next 3 hours was sunk
(RT @KarynCampbell) #cmasummer data storytelling with Rex hammock is the best session so far. | Karyn knows how to get a RT from me. ; )
Had a great time today discussing data journalism with university students attending the College Media workshop in Nashville #CMSummer
NYT pans #sharknado2 for not reaching high enough. Huh? A triple sharknado isn’t enough for them? Sheeze.
I figured CitiBikes would make it into #sharknado2 but was expecting more Wizard of Oz homage.
TweetNado: (RT @redcrossny) If you're in an actual flood zone, @nycoem has you covered. #sharknado2
Jumping the shark! Oscar winning writing...#sharknado2
In case of a NYC #Sharknado does one get more than 45 minutes when checking out a CitiBiki?
Baseball bats playing some type of recurring metaphorical role in #sharknado2 I think it has something to do with cheap props.
The CGI on #sharknado2 is is the best money can buy (and still use an iPad).
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