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Rex Hammock

Rex Hammock

founder/ceo of Hammock Inc ( / blogger at / juggler-in-chief at
Flickr is bad-bad pandaing. Like fail whaling.
Flickr is bad-bad pandaing. Like fail whaling.
Google Maps earns high coolness-factor points for this: (Google Lat Long Blog) Go back in time with Street View
7 Small business quotes from Shakespeare on his 450th birthday #Shakespeare450
Prescient Shakespearian tweet: "She twits me with my falsehood to my friend." | Two Gentlemen of Verona [IV, 2] #Shakespeare450th
(Like tweets) Come what come may, time and the hour runs through the roughest day. (Macbeth 1.3) #Shakespeare450th
The Wall Street Journal reviewed last Fridays Nickel Creek concert at #Nashville 's #Ryman
ATT joins Google in seeing what municipalities offer to get high-spreed fiber internet access.
The Small Business Administration Adds Flexibility to Loan Requirements via @smallbusiness
Kristof: In the battle between Putin & Taylor Swift I bet on Swift. Did #Nashville declare war on Russia? #offline
I’m entering treatment for my addiction to baby chick-shaped marshmallows dyed with yellow food color and covered with a crust of sugar.
Fly Navy (@ National Museum of Naval Aviation)
The first show of the #NickelCreek reunion tour is tonight in #Nashville at @TheRyman See you there.
British Pathé uploads 85k historic films to YouTube. From major news to every-day-life. |
On RexBlog: General Mills lawyers: Better eat your Wheaties. (+ praise for its marketers.)
I think General Mills should be busted down to Private Mills over this.
Note to #Cheerios marketers: Don't worry about that NYT story re: your lawyers idiocy. I doubt anyone has seen it.
[RT @nyjets] We’ve signed @ChrisJohnson28. – | Great news for my Jets friends. Congrats
Twitter’s new Spontaneity Planner ( is the best thing since Amazon’s Yesterday Shipping
Twitter’s new Spontaneity Planner ( is the best thing since Amazon’s Yesterday Shipping
RT @smallbusiness: A tip for those marketing to small business: Don’t use terms like SMB in ad or promo copy.
It’s amazing stuff like this you’re missing by not following the official Dolly Parton Tumblr.
Sterling Cooper & Partners win NASA account. Don creates the fake moon landing campaign. Peggy writes “One small step…" #MadMenFinalSeason has simultaneous coverage from four points of view and includes picture-in-picture option.
Wow! Penn State coach James Franklin uses Twitter to admit he’s a 2-faced lion son of…
If CBS were Silicon Valley VCs, Stephen Colbert would not have been hired. He’ll be 50 next month and he graduated from college.
I wish Twitter would go ahead and change my profile page so I could start complaining. (Despite never seeing it as I use TweetDeck.)
Last month, Yahoo! advertising introduced “Motion Ads” and skillfully left out the words “animated GIF.”
As this is becoming unofficial “change your password day,” a tip: Don’t click thru an email link to change a PW, visit the site directly.
Khoi Vinh (@khoi): "Did you ever think you’d see a 3,500-word article on type design in Businessweek?" Article:
Tiny Chinese chicken cup sells for $36 million at auction. | Great for serving M&Ms.
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