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Rex Hammock

Rex Hammock

founder/ceo of Hammock Inc ( / blogger at / juggler-in-chief at
NYT pans #sharknado2 for not reaching high enough. Huh? A triple sharknado isn’t enough for them? Sheeze.
I figured CitiBikes would make it into #sharknado2 but was expecting more Wizard of Oz homage.
TweetNado: (RT @redcrossny) If you're in an actual flood zone, @nycoem has you covered. #sharknado2
Jumping the shark! Oscar winning writing...#sharknado2
In case of a NYC #Sharknado does one get more than 45 minutes when checking out a CitiBiki?
Baseball bats playing some type of recurring metaphorical role in #sharknado2 I think it has something to do with cheap props.
The CGI on #sharknado2 is is the best money can buy (and still use an iPad).
The CGI is #sharknado2 is is the best money can buy (and still use an iPad).
Judd Hirsch driving a taxi. I think Andy Kaufmann is going to show up, also. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne
OMG! Sharks about to eat the Statue of Liberty. Get back to Manhattan NOW! And 3 inches of snow in July.
That was Roy Blount Jr. doing the voiceover on Joes Crab Shack ad during #Sharknado2TheSecondOne (I can always find a #Vandy connection.)
Dr. Billy Ray Cyrus. Type-casting. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne
Before the credits, a heroic jet landing and a shark has bitten off the head of Kelly Osbourne.. Oscar! #Sharknado2TheSecondOne
Batten down the hatches Battery Park City. A tornado of sharks heading your way. And you thought Sandy was bad. #Sharknado2TheSecondOne
The Debbie Downer beat at @NYTimes is a always an impressive display of on-the-other-hand economics
Kevin Kelly’s “You are Not to Late” is the best ever commencement address that's not a commencement address..
RT @smallbusiness: Cecil B Da-Meal? #Yelp Adds Short Videos to Customer Review Tools
NYT story on of CitiBike. Good signs for the future. I agree on the need to fix docking stations.
(@nytimes) "5 track stars in 90s say secret to breaking records is outliving competition" | & a good orthopedic doc.
Saw the PBS documentary Ghost Army last night via #Netflix Highly recommend. Here’s the trailer:
Why a small business should never buy fake Twitter followers (or FB friends, etc.)
#FourSquare reboots in search for a bigger slice of the local search pie. via: @smallbusiness
A Tradition: With each new political scandal, I point back to my 2007 blog post: The 9 Steps of a Political Scandal
Gee, I can feel the love. It’s National Hammock Day. #hammocklife
(via @Geekwire) Number of UberX drivers in Seattle soars past 2K | Is this related to Microsoft layoffs?
Where we see a bicycle, the creators of these businesses saw a way to pedal to success
(RT @smallbusiness) Essential tool for every small business office - big binder paper clips
Taking photo of 9/11 Survivor Tree -
Taking photo of 9/11 Survivor Tree
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