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WhiteBoard Coder: Amazon AWS VPC Replace your NAT with micro Instance NAT -
A Git Horror Story: Repository Integrity With Signed Commits -
Nicolas Gallagher – Blog & Ephemera -
Deploy Wordpress to Amazon EC2 Micro Instance with Opscode Chef « Cognizant Transmutation -
Auto scaling with Chef and Cloud Formation | Stratalux -
Cucumber - Making BDD fun -
Testing PHP web applications with Cucumber - Matthew Daly's Blog - - Automated Acceptance Testing for iOS and Android Apps -
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leiningen/doc/ at stable · technomancy/leiningen -
Clojure Programming (the book) -
abe hassan | blog: a comprehensive approach to monitoring -
scalarium/cookbooks · GitHub -
gzipit - Single-file solution for combining, minifying and gzipping CSS and JavaScript files - Google Project Hosting -
Authoring a Chef Cookbook as an application developer -
Getting Started with Chef -
Guide to Writing Chef Cookbooks | Opscode Blog -
Fundamental Guidelines Of E-Commerce Checkout Design | Smashing UX Design -
StanAngeloff/vagrant-shell-scripts · GitHub -
vagrant-shell-scripts - A collection of scripts to ease Vagrant box provisioning using the shell. - Ramjee
Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), Bangalore -
Automated Deployment with Git and Chef « Protec Innovations Blog -
continuous integration - How can I stop Chef from deploying code with failing tests? - Stack Overflow -
Projects – Mathias Lafeldt -
Reload haproxy.cfg without restarting | Mohammad Forouzani -
Setting up varnish on same server as webserver - Stack Overflow -
High-End Varnish - 275 thousand requests per second. -
Pushing Varnish even further -
Cloud, Big Data and Mobile: Varnish Deployment Architectures in AWS -
Cloud, Big Data and Mobile: FAQ : Varnish Cache on Amazon EC2 (AWS) -
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