Simple Unit Tests For HDInsight C# SDK -
Prototyping With Hive Using HDInsight -
Connecting To The Azure Storage Emulator From The HDInsight Emulator -
hacking on #hdinsight and #hadoop -- lack of errors and exceptions is frustrating
“Why We Need The Indie Web” by Tantek Celik -
RT @ch9: dotNetConf going live on Channel 9 @ 9 AM PST (moments from now), starting with an intro from @shanselman
RT @mattblaze: My new phone lock screen.
Null Value When Calling CloudQueue ApproximateMessageCount With Windows Azure Storage Client -
Ushering in the Era of Programmable Hardware (Channel 9) via @ch9
I just unlocked the Welcome! Achievement at App Builder Rewards!
RT @spicydesign: Outlaws and Socceroos: 10 World Cup Twitter Accounts You Need to Follow
RT @giimoozaabi: #HugYourCatDay ? I hugged my cat one day and he bit me, so forget about it.
Pass Connection String At Run Time to Entity Framework via @CsharpCorner
RT @jmerriman: I talked to Adobe yesterday:
RT @erikvolson: RT @ikai: OH GOD. NO. EMOJI VARIABLE NAMES #swift
Twitter Changes Its Web Font; ugh looks terrible on #ie did they even test?
Whisky made from diabetics' urine (Wired UK) @Pandoralucrezia
Bitcoin's nefarious cousin Darkcoin is booming (Wired UK)
World's smallest comic exists on a single human hair (Wired UK)
Kinecting to an Orchestra of Obedient Deltabots (Channel 9) via @ch9
Bruce Springsteen shouts out wrong state at US gig. Audience corrects him | Gigwise @pat_francis
RT @MarkDeFalco: The @Ch9 guy can fly! Aboard the jib camera at #msteched !
RT @clemensv: Some features take 5 years to ship. Happy this baby was finally born :) Hybrid Connections. Son of PortBridge
RT @RicksterCDN: RT @simonster @RicksterCDN getting bouncy <- nice... #msteched -I don't dance well, like most IT folks.
RT @Techmeme: Visual Studio goes cross platform with Cordova integration from Microsoft (@drpizza)
New release: Prism Library 5.0 for WPF is out! @mspnp #prism -
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