Messing With A Competitor’s Fundraising – AVC
Goodbye @prfsn .. Sad to be leaving such an amazing group of people. Hello @themasterscroll welcome to the world.
RT @OctopusVentures: The Octopus High Growth Small Business Report is now live! Download a copy here #hgsbreport
truly inspirational stuff from @plamere on spotify experiments with music. how do I play with this stuff? #websummit
wow.. listening to a demo of the seaboard by @rolandlamb - evolution of the keyboard. spectacular. Might make me play again! #websummit
RT @susnell: Credibility is based on quality of engagement, not on authority. @marklittlenews #websummit
RT @sorcgirl: @pohara of announces investment by @marklittlenews at #websummit just now.
RT @aoiferigney: RT "@brendankeary: Ok so any suggestions on best places to head tonight for #NightSummit should be a good night #websummit"
Data Visualisation: Art or Science? -
In Silicon Valley, Mergers Must Meet the Toothbrush Test
Beautiful and sad GIFs that show what’s happening to the ocean
I just added a SlideShare to my profile
Every Person Killed in the Gaza Conflict This Month — Matter — Medium
How Microsoft dragged its development practices into the 21st century
Equation 'can predict momentary happiness'
RT @mehdirhasan: Breaking: read my exclusive first interview with Baroness Warsi on why she resigned over Gaza & what she wants now:
I connected my LinkedIn and SlideShare accounts
are you a founder? about to be one? I'm researching early stage funding. Could you go here + help? #entrepreneurship
RT @TracyAGill: Can recommend this webinar particularly @riazkanani Using data and analytics to show impact of marketing
Something surprising happens to your body when you freedive
RT @prfsn: Welcoming students from @GeorgeMasonBiz and talking all things Profusion! @riazkanani
"@Themwap: Man Kicked Off Flight After Tweeting About 'Rude' Gate Agent" cc @SouthwestAir. Oops.
The downside to trains.. 40 min wait for next one.
are you a founder? about to be one? I'm researching early stage funding. Could you go here + help? #entrepreneurship
How to Make OKRs Actually Work at Your Startup
RT @darth: ok this changes everything @Airbnb
RT @raHaidar: Founders of great technology companies run an overwhelming majority for a long time. @riazkanani @TMDias @Themwap
RT @KommolSearch: An Amazing Summer Party - thanks @NotionCapital @bokieffer @smrdch @cosmond @damo17 @GarethDaviesRM @riazkanani @stephen_millard & many more
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