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Robert Scoble
Do you Poken? Click here to see a Poken in action and learn more about how business cards might go away:
http://wwww.doyoupoken.com is what you're looking at. Here the founder, Stephane Doutriaux is demonstrating them. - Robert Scoble
My Poken is the pink one. You hold it against his. They automatically have "poken sex" and trade your information, which you can then see up on the DoYouPoken website. Very cute and would have saved me a lot of money in scanning business cards in. - Robert Scoble
That is, if everyone had them. Right now they are too expensive to go really viral, though. - Robert Scoble
Most stupidest thing ever IMHO. - Peter Kruit
12 of them costs about $189, which is way too much. If they can get the cost down to $1 or $2 a piece, then I could see them taking off. Until then, they are fun game if you get one for free at a conference or something like that. - Robert Scoble
in italy poken is amazing and overbooked !!!! - michele ficara 
This is hilarious! Poken sex is better than no sex! I actually heard something about the iphone app that sort of does this by exchanging info as you get close to another iphone user who also has the app. I do think physical cards will go away. - Sheryl
I would get one seems like fun - Matt Bebich
probably wont catch on here in the states, but cool idea - sean percival
It's a cool technology, though, and lots of fun to do at a conference if everyone has them (they are building them into badge holders, too). - Robert Scoble
Way too expensive, and would you really ask a client "Do you Poken"? - Bruce Fraser
They need to make one of those with "The Big Blue Monster" from GapingVoid on them :) - Sean Kearney
If I asked questions like that in some of the pubs I go to it would be the last question I asked :-) - Gordon Wheeler
What happens if someone just walks by and they have one do they automatically get your information - Matt Bebich
Gordon: I wouldn't advise using that as a pickup line! :-) - Robert Scoble
Matt: no. They have to touch to exchange information. - Robert Scoble
I have one but at the moment not so many people have a Poken! - Michela Cimnaghi /cimny
Oh, and they have "executive" versions coming out that don't look cartoonish. - Robert Scoble
embed this tech into a mobile and you have a winner - Richard Spalding
I just checked them out... The price for one isn't ridiculous. Under $20. I've spent more on memory keys and Walkie Talkies in the past. :) - Sean Kearney
Business cards can be used with everyone, these things can't (yet) Cards are still king. - Bruce Fraser
I like the idea. It's definitely neat. I would pay for a "Poken" with a custom logo on it. It definitely is unique. - Sean Kearney
FireBox sell then here in the U.K. - Bruce Fraser
This won't even last as long as sending vcards via IR. - Hartley Spurlock
Would love to have one but can imagine me never encountering anyone to Poken in my world. At least not in the near future. - suecosby
We do Poken Robert! And we also organized a Poken Party for the launch of the new FIAT 500 Cabrio in Milan: http://www.flickr.com/photos... - Marco Massarotto
If they are going to replace business card maybe they should not make them look like something that comes with a Happy Meal. - Brendan Clancy
Maybe they should give them away with Happy Meals, then we'd all have one... - Bruce Fraser
There are new models coming that look very "executive." - Robert Scoble
And if they really went viral, and someone Pokened profligately and started spreading PSTDs that ruined your Poken's ability to replicate... - MiniMage
Scoble: $1 or $2? $10 seems worth it, the savings in business cards alone could justify the expense. executive would be a plus... (i'm picturing a monkey in a suit.) - Marco
Saw these about six months ago and thought it was a fart in the wind. Can't believe this is still around. - Chris Menning
I'm all for adding a bit of fun to productivity. We take ourselves so freaking seriously all the time. This seems like a useful step away from somber zombiefication. Now for the corporate types who want faceless uniformity, surely custom Poken with suitably unremarkable appearances and all the functionality could become reality. Am I FFing myself out of my next job? Maybe I should go for a ride. - MiniMage
Robert -- i've got a cute little Geisha girl one. They're up to cool stuff. The cool thing is, the info isn't stored so if you lose it, you don't give up info. It's just an exchange of ID's. I love them. Ok, i'm partial. Had dinner with Renate and she rocks. Don't write cuteness off just yet guys. They're up to stuff. :) - Christine Lu
I have one, KPMG gave some Poken at a professional forum for my school. I think, there are two problems. First it really doesn't look business, but as you said, a business version is coming. And, it only works with another poken, it should works with Iphone or blackberry using the bluetooth and a free application we can download for Iphone or Blackberry. - tristan
I still have a few Pokens that I'm willing to give away... Read: http://www.aadjemonkeyrock.com/2009... - Aad 't Hart
Yeah, I still remember when Palm's IR beaming was going to kill business cards... - Joel Bennett
This is the most bizarre idea I have ever heard of, but I like it. I doubt this will ever catch on though, unless it becomes cheaper and more "professional". I can't see cute little avatars being taken seriously in real world business. - Angus Burton
they could be free and then it would be possibile to buy and exchange virtual goods. I do not see any future for business card: it is something that you can do with your mobile phone and I wonder why it is not yet implemented in the address book. - Nicola Mattina
you can get them in States at www.startpoken.com - Roger Huitt
I really think that business card will go digital. - Keven
I do poken. It's been a while :-) - Paul Papadimitriou
If u meet a sexy babe in a club, a sure way to turn her off is to pull out your poken. - Tokyo Dan
I met a girl. I gave her a good poken. It was her first poken. Now she gives every man a good poken. - Tokyo Dan
If you want to get arrested in Japan, walk into a police box and pull out your poken. - Tokyo Dan
I like this. Even tried to buy a 12-pack. Link is broken. This does not bode well for this company. - Leo Laporte
Once they get Poken with a bigger size limit (I think you can only store the contact information of 12 contacts at one time), maybe add a few more useful features in there as well, then we'll have a good product. Make them look like real high-tech business cards and THEN it will really catch on. - Malcolm Bastien
Cute and all but seriously, no businessman outside silicon valley is going to carry one of these things around. - David Jacobs
Good point tristan: "it should works with Iphone or blackberry using the bluetooth and a free application we can download for Iphone or Blackberry". - Jadito
Reminds me of that line from Singles when that once character is trying to convince everyone that they will want to ride the train but everyone answers, "but i love my car". People love business cards for better or worse, it's a way to be a designer without being one. - adolfo foronda
You can store 64 identities on the current model. Once you reach that limit, it erases the first one. The device signals you at 60. I have three poken, just in case, but most of the time, I don't reach that limit. As soon as I go to my Mac and connect with doyoupoken.com, contacts are saved. - Paul Papadimitriou
Note: beware of putting multiple pokens in one pocket: they talk to each other ;-) - Paul Papadimitriou
I love the idea/bought 12 and have tried to push them a bit with my networking group however the lack of effort on the companies part to promote them in the US is really slowing things down. Adoption will not come with out some serious evangelism and seeding on the companies part. - Joel Ordesky
Poken are doing great here in Japan. I helped the launch at a blogger event a couple of months back and there's been steady progress since then. I'm helping evangelize Poken here. The company has really done a lot of thinking in order to make Poken a success. Will definitely be interested to see whether they can get to a critical mass. I certainly hope so as they are are a huge time and cost saver. (If you think of the cost of one business card, one unit will pay for itself in a short amount of time). - Andrew Shuttleworth
Always happy to pimp a good thing :-) - Andrew Shuttleworth
The Poken are clearly conspiring against me :-) Hey, I'm the official evangelist along with Andrew, so I had to test things out for you all ^^ - Paul Papadimitriou
Had a nice chat with Robert Scoble a few weeks back where I offered him a Poken by mail. He didn't know what I was talking about at first but then realized he had forgotten he had received one at SXSW. I mentioned how popular and relevant they were becoming and didn't receive a response. Wondering: what has changed to make them interesting now? - Robert Sanzalone
Poken hype or no hype ? In the Netherlands it's a great success and Belgium is following. - Mike Verdugt
robert do you remember when i first showed you that at last LeWeb08 in Paris in the cab? - Ouriel Ohayon
No I don't (yet), what about you? - Gianluigi Cuccureddu
I have one but I haven't met anyone else with one yet in the UK. Think it's a great idea and reckon it won't be long before businesses are using them. - Lindsay Davies
what do they say about a fool and their money? - Gee Ranasinha
Why can't this just be on a phone, seems like a waste of money to have a separate piece of hardware - Ben
Complete waste of space. Buy a Poken but nobody has one. Pointless. Should be a phone as everyone else says. It's been said over and over with this product, why don't they just patent the technology and sell it to a mobile phone maker? Job done. Tired of these bullshit Web 2.0 gimmicks... - Andrew Eglinton
I actually think http://www.mynameise.com will appeal much more to people actually using business cards. The connector is coming and brings much more than people giving each other an online card to look at. They did not win The Next Web Award for nothing :) - Ruud van Wijngaarden
There's a free app on the IPhone called 'Bump' that does the same thing as far as I can see. - Rob Bell
They have been available in the United States for 2 months at www.startpoken.com - Roger Huitt
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