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Flowchart Helps You Determine What Crap to Eat -
I'm going have to try this next time I'm hungry. - Rich Bragg
I'm surprised to see a lot less options if you go through the west coast route. But I guess one could always skip that. Also, it completely neglects ethnic fast food. - April Buchheit from iPhone
What about Taco Bell, huh? (Also, this reminds me of a crack I once made about how some place was so backwards pizza was considered ethnic food there...) Also, I would prefer to forget Panda Express exists. - Andrew C (✔)
Rich Bragg
Tech Support Cheat Sheet -
This is probably my favorite XKCD ever. - Rich Bragg
Louis Gray
Would You Night Owls Pay a Premium for 24-Hour Commerce? -
I have had this exact thought many times, and keep hoping that eventually everything will be 24 hours... As a long time night owl, it is extremely frustrating that nothing is open when I am most awake and available. It isn't just stores, I tend to do all my personal financial stuff (banking, bill-paying, etc) late at night, and always get stuck and frustrated if I need to make any related phone calls and I have to wait for M-F 8-5. - Rich Bragg
No. I grew up in a small town where the walmart was closed on Sundays and you couldn't get a hamburger after 9pm. I now live in Houston and miss the slower lifestyle. - Hunter
Bret Taylor
Holding in the endzone counts as a safety?!?! A penalty can cause a score?!?!
play of the game! - Jason Salas from IM
when the penalty results in a loss of down and there are no more to lose too - Michael W. May from twhirl
Thank you for explaining - Micah
It's just one particular rule - holding in the end-zone = safety - Christopher Galtenberg
Intentional grounding from the end zone is also a safety. - Rich Bragg
Yep. - Sean
Jim Norris
Obama Staff Arrives to White House Stuck in Dark Ages of Technology - -
Obama Staff Arrives to White House Stuck in Dark Ages of Technology -
"Two years after launching the most technologically savvy presidential campaign in history, Obama officials ran smack into the constraints of the federal bureaucracy yesterday, encountering a jumble of disconnected phone lines, old computer software, and security regulations forbidding outside e-mail accounts." - Jim Norris from Bookmarklet
I'd love to see pictures of the "rat's nest" that run's through the White House in before and after shots. I'm sure that pictures of those networks would get a lot of hits. - Rob Thomas
Dear Anybody on the Obama Staff, I will happily come and upgrade all your stuff for you. Just let me know. -Erica - EricaJoy
"In addition to having their own cellphones, they set up Gmail accounts, with approval from the White House counsel, so they could send information in more than one way." - Rich Bragg
yeah, but that was just teh press office - j1m
I love how the writing in the article talking about 6 year old microsoft software forgets that macOS X is also 6+ years old - this mac vs pc stuff is so silly. If you don't know how to do the basics of your work on both a mac and a windows pc and possibly if put on linux too, then perhaps you're not as "up to date" as you think yourself to be ;) - Iphigenie
Rich Bragg
63 hours, 4 minutes, hunt ended
Did you find Waldo? How about the beef? Where was it? - April Buchheit
Ha, it was the MIT Mystery Hunt. Start Friday 9am (PST), ended Sunday night just after midnight. - Rich Bragg
Yes. I've read from your past status messages. So how did it go? Where do you stand compared to other team's completion times? - April Buchheit
We had a great time. Not sure what our standing was, but I'm not too concerned about it either. We solved tons of puzzles and enjoyed ourselves immensely, which was the focus for our team. - Rich Bragg
Rich Bragg
MIT Mystery Hunt
good luck! - Private Sanjeev
thanks! still going strong, now into Sunday... - Rich Bragg
Louis Gray
Texting while driving: everything you need to know about the new law -
I think the obvious question here is: how will it be enforced? Won't everyone just switch to their maps program when they get pulled over, and claim they were using the GPS functionality, which is legal? - Rich Bragg
Benjamin Golub
Google's holiday decorations are up
Patri Friedman
This was pretty interesting... I was curious, and found this article that questions some of the claims: - Rich Bragg
Here is another related one: - Rich Bragg
Rich Bragg
Man Almost Loses Penis Humping Steel Bench | Weird Asia News -
"Xing, a 41 year-old man, was calling from LanTian park in the middle of the night. The lonely and disturbed man had apparently thought it would be fun to have sex with one of the steel sit-up benches around the park. The bench has numerous small holes in it, which Xing used to attempt to satisfy himself. However, once he became aroused he found that he was stuck and could not get his penis out of the small hole." - Rich Bragg from Bookmarklet
Wow, the article actually has pics. (He's tastefully draped, you don't see the penis.) - ⓞnor
Video: (he's tastefully draped and sounds like he's not very comfortable). - gburd
Flying Spaghetti Monster @ Fremont Summer Solstice Parade -
Flying Spaghetti Monster @ Fremont Summer Solstice Parade
Finally, irrefutable evidence of a higher power -- sign me up!! - Rich Bragg
April Buchheit
Hello, world. Unnamed baby boy Buchheit arrived ahead of schedule this morning at 9:54 am. He weighs 4 pounds, 6 ounces, and seems to be doing well. -
Unnamed? What, you don't want to name him Beavis? - Gabe
Heh heh. - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
Two years ago, the wives of two of my co-workers gave birth at about the same time. Over the last few days, both the Grays and the Buchheits have welcomed new family additions. Interesting coincidences... - Ontario Emperor from fftogo
4 pounds 6 ounces matches my birthweight. He also weighs less than Matthew, but more than Sarah. Lots of teeny babies! Congratulations. Looking forward to more excellent updates and playdates. :-) - Louis Gray
Oh wow!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! - niniane
wonderful photos!! Congrats to all! - Rachel Lea Fox
I'm so glad you seem well, April. - Clare Dibble
Congratulations! Give that boy a name already. :-) - Leeann Bent
Maybe "Unnamed Baby Boy Buchheit" really is his name. - Gabe
Congratulations! - Susan Shepard
Congrats Paul and April! - Rich Bragg
Adam Kazwell
Despite having no basketball playing ability or experience, college -
Damn, I didn't know you could do this....I should have declared while I had the chance. - Adam Kazwell
This is great. I use to joke with my college roommates about doing this all the time, glad to see someone actually pulled it off. - Rich Bragg
Kevin Fox
"Get a TiVo. If you get your cable co's PVR and never use a TiVo you won't know that your PVR sucks, but get a TiVo anyways. Love yourself."
I use a DVR at home, albeit barely. What're the core differences? - Adam Lasnik
"bong bong" and "badupe a dupe" .... music to my ears. - Erin "Wifey" Johns
badup badup badup! - Kevin Fox
things Tivo can do that other PVRs can't: 1.) scheduling from the web. 2.) TivoToGo 3.) network and stream content from other computers in your house 4.) keyword search for programs. The list goes on, but these are the most important to me. Also, I'm not familiar with other DVRs besides what Comcast provides, and Tivo. I've used both extensively. - Nathan Johns
I don't use any of those features but still love my TiVo. I've heard horror stories from friends who use the cable companies DVR and missed shows because of it malfunctioning. TiVo *never* makes a mistake. It isn't even very expensive when you consider that getting one from the cable company usually costs $10/month anyway. - Benjamin Golub
Ah, thanks for the clarifications. I watch very little TV, so for me the distinctions are minimal (and I don't *want* to know about other awesome programs I should be watching; I want to spend *less* time in front of glowy things :D). - Adam Lasnik
Just remembered, though... I got my parents a Tivo a year ago and they still have 2 years of prepaid service on it. But they just bought an HDTV, and I bought them a non-HDTV Tivo, so they plan to get a DVR via their cable company and move the Tivo into the bedroom (with the older TV). Might it be more cost effective over a few years for them to get a newer HDTV Tivo, since I'm understanding they could use it for both TVs? EDITED TO ADD: Nope, just called Tivo. One box per TV required :( - Adam Lasnik
Adam, for better or worse, my TiVo has helped me be oblivious to most new shows. It's seriously cut down the amount of TV I watch, and every minute is stuff I very much want to see. It's awesome. - Kevin Fox
I definitely watch less TV now too. Because I won't sit and flip through the channels. I also like that I don't feel pressured to watch a show just because it's new and on right this instant...I'll watch it when I feel like it. - Benjamin Golub
Kevin, Benjamin... that's surprising and reassuring :-) - Adam Lasnik
Adam, the most cost effective route is to get the two tuner HD DVR from your Cable provider (usually ~$9.95/mo). What you get via TiVo is a better user interface and the ability to do keyword records. for example, if like Uma Thurman's stalker, you want to record everything with her in it, including appearances on David Letterman, or all movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock you can do... more... - Robert Seidman
Robert, I respectfully disagree, but as a designer I'm probably more finicky about the look and feel of the product. Season passes are nearly all I use my TiVo for but I wouldn't trade it in for a Comcast box if you paid me. I've used my mom's a bunch and she misses shows and generally trusts the experience a great deal less. It's also just not as friendly, more like a RAZR UI than an iPhone (okay, maybe the TiVo's not an *iPhone*, but at least a *Blackberry*). - Kevin Fox
Alas, in this case, Tivo is shooting themselves in the foot. I called them and they said: 1) Can't transfer the remaining 2 years on the prepaid service plan to anything other than a retail box (e.g., can't purchase a web special). 2) Can't use a rebate unless opening a *new* plan. 3) Can't use a Tivo for more than one TV. So given all this and given that my parents basically just do "season pass" stuff, a Tivo is just way too expensive for what they need, and it's clear Tivo doesn't care about loyalty :( - Adam Lasnik
Kevin, I have had a TiVo (or four) since1998, so you're preaching to the choir kinda. But more people are clearly voting for generic DVR due to cost. TiVo's share of the market has dipped to around 20% of all DVRs and it will sink lower. If you have $200 extra to spend AND you don't mind paying 3 years worth in advance to get down to $9.95/mo., then sure -- go TiVo. But many people factor cost into the decision. Most people, really. Edit: including Adam, who apparently was commenting at the same time! - Robert Seidman
If you know your way around Linux and have time for a project, you can build your own open source TiVo for a couple bills and some change. It can do everything a TiVo can do and a whole lot more, as it's infinitely hackable. One year of XML program listings costs $20. Google "mythtv" - Larry Rubin
Adam, as an 8 year TiVo owner I've always had the impression that TiVo is *all about* customer loyalty. You find very few people who have used TiVos and have then ditched them for other PVRs (Robert being somewhat of an outlier), and TiVo's made an effort to let users transfer their lifetime service to new boxes in my experience. TiVo may be more expensive and not for everyone, but it's... more... - Kevin Fox
Kevin, I'm not an outlier, I still use TiVo, but I'm a realist. It's hard to compete with "free" and TiVo is not actually competing very well in terms of adding new subscribers. Edit: *every* quater for like 7 quarters now TiVo has lost more subscribers than it added, though this was due more to DTV bolting from the TiVo deal and not really supporting the existing boxes than a loyalty issue. - Robert Seidman
I happily display an Apple sticker and TiVo sticker on my piece of junk car. - Louis Gray
I was orginally a Replay TV fan, when they went out of business and almost immediately got a TiVo, what my local cable company, Comcast offers doesn't interest me at all. - Kim Landwehr from Alert Thingy
With TiVo, you can now listen to almost any song ever made (thanks to Rhapsody) and watch practically any show ever aired (thanks to Amazon Unbox). These are just two of the many many features TiVo has that are superior to our competition (yes, I work there). Plus it's actually cheaper than most cable offerings -- despite the box being "free" many cable companies charge you a box rental fee, a DVR fee, and additional fees, all of which are add up to something much higher than our service charges. Get TiVo! - Stephen Mack
I couldn't agree more, Kevin. I've been using TiVo since it first came out and cannot live without it. Recently, I got a DirecTV DVR and a Comcast DVR, and I can't believe how completely unusable and crappy they are on so many levels. But you are right, if either of those were my first experience with a DVR, I would never know how so very much better it could be. It is sad to me that TiVo isn't doing better. - Rich Bragg
Sanjeev Singh
Is friendfeed too noisy for you?
Does most of the noise come from (a) friends of friends entries, (b) people you don't know commenting on stuff, (c) subscribing to too many people or (d) other? - Sanjeev Singh
c...but I can keep up. The layout is clean enough that I can sweep a page and decide quickly what to read. If I have time I it's no problem but if I don't I glance over users that I don't find super interesting. - Benjamin Golub
no. Right now on day 2 it is just about right. - Janet Tokerud
yeah, it's a bit noisy for my taste. the main reason is a) - Dmitry Skavish
I wonder if friend of friend entries could be a preference. They are great when you are a newbie but present clutter perhaps once you get lots of qualified friends in tow. - Janet Tokerud
a and b. - David
I like the idea of Friend-of-a-friend entries as optional, maybe on a per-friend basis? I've noticed the friends of some of my friends are worth following, others not so much. But overall, I'd agree that the f.o.a.f. entries can be a little too much clutter. It also might make sense to make comments muted by default, and only "un-mute" when requested, or after you've commented or liked something. - Sage LaTorra
a. but the noise level ain't too bad yet - Adam Kazwell
Yes. (a) is the best thing about FF, i.e. discovering new things. (b) is bad. (c) is my responsibility. (d) I would like a 'mark as read' so I only have to see things once. Rock on. - Nivi
Jeremy, thanks for jostling me into the realization that I would be happier if I muted that thread. - j1m
Yes, mostly due to a&b, but I feel like I'm lucky to have seeded with an interesting group of friends (mostly FFers and Googlers or ex-Googlers) so their friends tend to have interesting things to say as well. It's not as personally relevant since I don't recognize some of the FoaF's names, but the level of discourse sure beats the crap out of Slashdot etc. - Chris Beckmann
Yes: With an increased population I can't keep people straight in my head so it's hard to tell who is worth subscribing to and who is not. (User thumbnails in the list would be great, far better than service logos I think.) I really like it when people add snippets or descriptions, it makes scanning way easier. I wish I could put a blanket mute on some services (Twitter, unless there are comments. Also, dupes. - ⓞnor
Being able to delete certain feeds for a particular friend would be great. Maybe I'm into their photos but don't have similar interests so am not interested in their links. Or someone puts up 40 pix a day and I'm not a photo buff but I love their tweets and blog posts. - Janet Tokerud
You can, it's under "Options" ("Hide entries like this"). - ⓞnor
Some people are extremely active, but it's not difficult to hide their stuff. It's just a matter of optimization. ;) - sebmos
(a), definitely. - Wojciech Polak
well, (b), but probably because it's too hard to control (a). I'd like to have a knob on every friend that says how closely I follow them. Some friends go to 11 -- their single comment on a thread is enough to make me want to see it again, immediately and through several following replies by people I might no know. Other friends only go to 6, or 2: if a few of them comment on something,... more... - j1m
Would it be better to have lots of knobs, or a magic do-what-I-want system that learns from your behavior, or some astonishingly simple heuristic that's both very direct and easy to understand and also gives you what you want in the vast majority of cases? Facebook is a nice example of magic gone wrong. - ⓞnor
I wear ear plugs while viewing, so no, it's okay... - David Bradley
What ⓞnor said. - Kevin Scott
i like fof. my problem is that certain people i have subscribed to are too prolific :( - Neha Narula
Totally wish FriendFeed would copy Jaiku and enable us to unsubscribe from PART of a person, not the person themselves. I want to read a lot of shared items, blogs, flickr photos, but not Twitter spam. Please, friendfeed, copy Jaiku! - Eric Rice
All in favor of simplicity. However there's a group of users that strongly feels that the foaf entries are a bit much. I've have even stronger feelings, but of the opposite type: what makes ff cool is that it let's me see all of my friends' comments, wherever they may be. If ff can capture that difference between user preferences with artificially intelligent nanorobots (awesome!), or with a single slider or checkbox (still pretty cool!), then great. - j1m
I definitely feel like I've never finished reading friendfeed... would be nice if it was like my inbox that would be cleared at some point :). - Michael
I'd say no, there are a lot of items funneled through my stream, but I use it similar to Twitter and have adapted to fast-changing information streams. - Rick Mahn
I don't think so... I've been complaining that we need the "great web 2.0 presence aggregator" and this is it. the activity isn't bad (actually the email daily option has a killer feature for me). - Sean Reiser
If some users are overwhelmed and not likely to find the Hide Entries Like This link under Options, and you don't want to put a HELT link beside every entry (understandable) how about a link that shows up randomly (more for new users as they get more and more content?) asking "Do you like this kind of content?" If they say no, guide them to the Options setting. - Edward Zwart
Maybe foaf items should only come to the top under some circumstances? e.g. if a new comment (1) is by a friend (2) is immediately after your own, or (3) mentions your name? And it really would be nice if the thing that hides the middle comments were smarter. I can never tell whether I need to open it or not. - j1m
I think making the existing mute options more visible would go a long way. - ⓞnor
I am starting to feel like it is getting too noisy, but only because I'm likely subscribed to too many people. I'd like to have different friend groups, so if I don't have much time, I can just start with a feed of the people I find most interesting. I'd also like a way to know which stuff I've read already, so it doesn't feel neverending, but I see that some people like that it feels that way. - Rich Bragg
Noisy? Actually, it's signally! LIke @Beckmann said, in ways it's better than SlashDot. I also agree with @Jim4's suggestion for a smarter automated “show more comments” especially for feeds and with NetNewsWire. In addition to @e3r suggestion to make the mute more visible, please also thread and let us also collapse the comments, a la Digg. Allowing paragraph breaks in comments would be nice too. - John Lam
In way of an original suggestion, how about groups, like @Rich Bragg says, but instead of a priori categories plus arbitrary groups like, use the social graph to magically group friends. - John Lam
I am not sure if I will term it as noisy. I may find the information overload overwhelming sooner than later. - Krishnan Subramanian
Not yet ... plus you have the option of removing someone's Twitter stream if you are already following them on Twitter and they Tweet a lot - Deepak Singh
Need ways to mark a story as read, no matter what comments later pop up - Huy Zing
been thinking more about this. Where it's not noisy there are things that could be added to FF to cut down the noise. I've blogged some if it here ( - Sean Reiser
Much noise,but sometimes great signals - Igor Poltavskiy
No, I have my computer set to mute. But seriously, it's all about your connections. I don't mind my FriendFeed-stream at all. It's nice that I don't see all of Scoble's tweets :) - Mike Reynolds
Both a and b, but only through you and Paul. You guys are high profile, so the set of your friends is a huge crowd of strangers drowning out people I actually know. - Seth
muting all sounds on my windows computers is the only way i can coexist with them, so...what friendfeed sounds? - edythe
oh, ha! you mean "noise," not sounds. - edythe
(a), though it's not that noisy yet. - Ruchira S. Datta
No. There's usually plenty of interesting stuff in the first page of my feed. I use the "hide" and "unsubscribe" features quite a lot. - m13a
you bet...but I find twitter way noiser - viki saigal
Wow! This was fantastic. Sorry if it's yesterday's news for you old FriendFeeders. I just saw this today. What a great "noisy" discussion. :-) - Mitchell Tsai
Yes. Mainly for a. and then b. - Aditya Kothadiya
(a). Might be nice to have a way of only showing friend of friend entries that pass a certain user-defined threshold. For example: "only show me friend of friend entries than have more than N likes or comments". - Simon
I think I've mentioned this before, but I think services should adapt based on how long it's been since you last looked. If I look every hour, I want more detail than if I look every week. If I spend an hour on FF every visit, I want more detail than if I spend five minutes on FF every visit. Combine expected time I have with what's changed since the last visit to generate the list. Friends, commented, liked are ranked higher; friends-of-friends, duplicate, and similar posts are ranked lower. - Amit Patel
FriendFeed is no more noisy than the Sunday Los Angeles Times. I don't care about 50% of the LA Times, and I never read more than 10% of the LA Times, but I don't complain that the Times is "noise." I don't complain about noise on FriendFeed (or Twitter) either. - Ontario Emperor
friend feed too noisy? not a chance! - Chris Jones from twhirl
not really, I just scan. It would be nice if I could identify the hot spots in 5 min or less though. - engtech
The real question is how relevant is FriendFeed. - Mike Reynolds
I love the fact that an item about "noise" has generated 60+ comments. :) - Ontario Emperor
I feel like the value of Friendfeed is your ability to manipulate, interpret, and communicate through that noise. Web 2.0 is about channels, fields, lines neighborhoods of communication and the more you survey what is out there, the more opportunity you have to see. - Anthony
Oh yeah! Too much!! We need a very good client app! - Jigar Mehta
no, not at the moment at least. i enjoy reading public feed of the service. - Jansen Lu
I notice that Sanjeev has unsubscribed from me. So I guess the answer is "yes" for him, and "no" for me. :-) - Robert Scoble
Sanjeev never subscribed to me. He is one of the quieter FriendFeeders, which is fine. Everybody has a role. - Louis Gray
Robert, I still get your stuff through friends-of-friends. :) - Sanjeev Singh
You too Loius :) - Sanjeev Singh
@Louis I think Sanjeev is the only FriendFeeder not subscribed to me yet. Gotta catch em all! - Benjamin Golub
Not too noisy, but too repetitive. How many times do I need to see that Google has Notes? - TranceMist
Repetetive indeed, how many times do I have to see this old thread revived with no way of me telling quickly how many comments are new. (ok ok, m'ing now...) - j1m
Maybe comments can be DATED/TIMED? - Mitchell Tsai
It is sure noisy (repetitive & low quality contents). There are various ways they could rank the contents. Probably they are working on it as they have not announced anything new for awhile & they are hiring. - Nikpay
Yeah, it is. I used Yahoo Pipes to separate out direct friends from indirect ones, but still I find it to be too much. - Robert Konigsberg
Rich Bragg
Yankees Bury Bernie Williams Under New Stadium For Good Luck | The Onion - America's Finest News Source -
""By giving Bernie this chance, we have once again proven why we are the classiest organization in all of sports," Levine added. "Lesser teams would have overreacted to this whole curse thing and buried Derek Jeter."" - Rich Bragg
Paul Buchheit
oh no. Now the gas station plays commercials at me.
You must be at a Shell station. I wish there was some way to mute those things. - April Buchheit
I saw this at a gas station in L.A. I was horrified. - Mike Doeff
Considering you pay anywhere from 3-7x the price of a movie ticket, I'd hope at least for better programming, or the ability to choose my own channel. - Louis Gray
actually, i thought this was a great example of when advertising is ok...if I'm going to be advertised to it might as well be when I've got nothing else to do (how productive can you be pumping gas?)....and the movie/tv previews after the ads aren't so bad. (also, what if the ads are successful and help to reduce gas prices?) - Adam Kazwell
Not recommended (!!!), but one person reported squirting some gasoline into the speaker grill, which apparently disabled it nicely. Did I say "not recommended"? - ⓞnor
@ⓞnor: lol. Methinks that would pose a risk of fire. - dgw
Seconding Chris's request for punishment ideas. The best one I can come up with is to boycott the stations doing it. - dgw
tape over the speaker grills to muffle them? (like, with packing tape or something) it's not permanent vandalism, but it would send a message and also help your fellow motorist. - ⓞnor
How about taping over the speaker grilles in the middle of the night (if feasible in your neighborhood, e.g. considering crime rates and such) and then boycotting the station, but checking back every day or two to re-tape the grilles? :D - dgw
Simple: don't go to Shell. Tell all your friends not to go to Shell. - Amit Patel
Yes, no more Shell for me. - Paul Buchheit
I filled up one late, cold, empty night when the commercial started talking to me. I just about threw the pump in the air and ducked into my car. - Daniel Ha
This kind of reminds me of the Cabs in NYC...they put screens in the back seat that <i>could</i> do useful stuff, but instead blare out mostly Ads. You can turn them off, but they automatically come on when you start your ride. My friends and I have a race to see who can hit the off button first - Nathan Manley
Perhaps the least they can do is make the pump recognize your credit card and target you more effectively. This, along with a mechanism on the touch-screen to opt-out of advertisements, and presto! "You seem to purchase pornography and Skittles when you buy gasoline. May I recommend these products?" - Robert Konigsberg
I'll go hide now. - Robert Konigsberg
Wow, I must really be a different breed. I actually intentionally go to Shell when given the opportunity, because I think the TVs at the pumps are actually pretty cool. So, please, all, go ahead and boycott, I'll get to be entertained and have a shorter wait. :) - Rich Bragg
I actually first saw this when I moved to Spencer. I don't typically go to the Crystal Flash (the gas station with the ads), but occasionally it is the closest one. The thing that really bothers me is the volume... I wonder if typical residents are half deaf or something because I have to park a little crooked to tolerate the noise. - Clare Dibble
Why? I do... - dgw
I thought you were saying that was the point of the ads: To prevent people from conversing at the gas pump. :D - dgw
Indeed. I've heard about some discussion regarding adding a flag to television signals that would prevent fast-forwarding through flagged sections of the content. I don't think it's under consideration, it's just a rumor I got somewhere. - dgw
Rich Bragg
Stan Honey revolutionized TV football, but first he confused the heck out of everyone -
When I was job hunting in 2002, Sport Vision was my #1 choice, but they weren't hiring, so I ended up at Google... - Rich Bragg
I've thought about this a lot, and the answer I've come up with has changed over the years. I think my most current answer at this point is "maximize happiness". That covers a lot, from doing things in the moment that make me happy, to treating others well to increase happiness around me, to making choices for the long term that ensure my future happiness. Of course, that is assuming that there actually is a "point" of life at all, which is a different discussion. - Rich Bragg
I recall that it has something to do with the number 42... It seems like it also has something to do with helping people out and accepting whatever happens. - Paul Buchheit
"This reminds me that I need to write a blog post about how Chinese mothers need to stop forcing their kids to play the fucking piano/violin." Laughing at this one. Every time I see a Chinese (or Japanese) kid playing an instrument, it is indeed one of those two. Might be something to do with Suzuki...? (Suzuki is Japanese, but still...) - dgw
If we want to discuss it here, I should add: the point of life in equal or below 400 characters. But perhaps that'll force us to find something everyone finally agrees on. Imagine the headlines: "Meaning of Life Uncovered on Social Feed Site -- Mr. Buchheit, site co-founder, calls it quits and moves to the Fiji islands after having succeeded in providing a tool that finally solved the age old ..." - Philipp Lenssen
My caucasian mother forced me to play the piano as a child. I love playing now, and I'm very happy that she did. :) - m13a
I'm with m13a, mostly. And Niniane, I still am amused when I reminisce upon my many piano performances. Typically, me and an Italian kid were the only non-Asians in the recital hall, and we'd look at each other, both a bit puzzled and bemused. - Adam Lasnik
On the plus side, disproportionately many of the Eastman violin students are Asian. Perhaps the maternal insistence is having real positive effects? - j1m
positive for who? - Jim Norris
(that's probably grammatically incorrect, but "whom" just sounds wrong and looks out of place with my lack of capitalization) - Jim Norris
Some of my more profound existential ponderings have come in the Wynn and other buffets..... But the true answer is there isn't one. The point of life is what you make of it. - Chris Reed
The point of life is to share things with others. Using FriendFeed. - Amit Patel
Positive as in leading to an actual career, as opposed to a punitive hobby. - j1m
niniane, that is so interesting: i remember at Caltech my friend was referring to you as the girl who walked around parties wondering what the meaning of life is. yay, that's the niniane i know! glad to see some things haven't changed. cheers, love ya :P - Huy Zing
@Amit: Exactly. :-) - dgw
re: Huy Zing. Oh, you made me laugh so hard. - niniane
re: all the people who said they're glad they were forced. Damn you! You're the justification parents use when they force their children to play instruments. - niniane
"to crush your enemies, and drive them before you; and to hear the lamentation of their women." Conan the Barbarian - Stowe Boyd
My chinese Mum forced me to play the piano. After struggling valiantly, I said that I wanted to quit. She said, fine, here's your violin. To bring the universe into balance, I'm going to force my kids to play Aussie rules. - Nigel Tao
Surely the best way to bring the universe into balance is to force your kids to play Guitar Hero. - Stephen Ma
Tudor Bosman
Jeanette and I are engaged!
Congrats Tudor! - Rich Bragg
Congratulations! - Paul Buchheit
Congrats! - Sanjeev Singh
Congrats! - Philip Z
Thanks all! Side note: a few months ago, Jeanette said that she'd kill me if I proposed with "I can has wife???!" - Tudor Bosman
April Buchheit | 02/22/2008 | MIDWEST VOICES: Let us bow our heads in thanks for atheists -
"Atheists don’t take up much space. In fact, they only comprise 0.4 percent of the U.S. population, according to the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey, conducted through the Graduate Center at CUNY. (Agnostics would add 0.5 percent, the nonreligious 14.1 percent more.) A total of 900,000 people isn’t even enough to fill 10 football stadiums, but evangelical leaders insist the godless are behind the decline of a whole nation. Uh, okay." - April Buchheit
Strange that "nonreligious" is a separate category from "agnostic" and "atheist". I would have assumed that "nonreligous" == "agnostic" + "atheist". So what then do they mean by "nonreligious"? - Rich Bragg
Rich Bragg
Humans Marrying Robots? A Q&A with David Levy: Scientific American -
"His basic idea is that, for humans who cannot establish emotional or sexual connections with other people, they might form them with robots." - Rich Bragg
Rich Bragg
Playing the ballplayer market -
" entrepreneur who's offering investors a small piece of his (potential) future income. Is this the wave of the future?" - Rich Bragg
Reminds me of Bowie bonds. No relation to Barry. - Seth
Paul Buchheit
It looks like Camilla's going to be a big sister. -
It looks like Camilla's going to be a big sister.
Congratulations! :) - Dan Hsiao
Congratulations! - Bret Taylor
Congrats! There had already been rumors of this, thanks to FriendFeed :) - Ana
Congrats! - Derek Collison
So happy for you all! - Karen Padham Taylor
Alright! That's great stuff! I think FriendFeed should start helping to pick names... - Louis Gray
Congratulations! - Susan Shepard
Congratulations! Gmail, Camilla, Friendfeed; how many children are you going to have? :) - Tudor Bosman
Congrats! - Phillip Kast
Congratulations! - Kevin Fox
Yeah, we need help renaming Camilla's blog since it won't be about just her for much longer. - April Buchheit
+1 - j1m
congrats! - Sanjeev Singh
congrats paul! - Harjeet Taggar
Congratulations! - Rob Schonberger
Congrats Paul and April!! How about BBB: Buchheit Baby Blog - Rich Bragg
Congratulations guys! - Misha
Congrats! - Mustafa K. Isik
hooray hooray hooray! What terrific news! - Jane Manning
Congratulations Paul! - who's this
Congrats!! - Jing Lim
Congrats!!! Thats really wonderful!! - Rachel Lea Fox
Paul Buchheit
NPR : Hotel Maids Challenge the Placebo Effect -
NPR : Hotel Maids Challenge the Placebo Effect
"So the idea that the placebo effect applies only to subjective things is really one that we have to dismiss." - Paul Buchheit
How to implement this? - niniane
Well, it turns out that if you chew your chocolate really well, you can actually burn more calories than you are consuming. Trust me. - Rich Bragg
I was under the impression that purely psychological therapies having objective physical effects was already established, such as guided imagery and immune system cells. see - Karl Rosaen
I'd be happy to subject the finding itself to skepticism, but is the distinction the critic makes about subjective/objective effects of placebos even coherent? Even if it was, aren't all the classic demonstrations of placebo curing of illnesses, which, you know, are examples of objective phenomena? - j1m
niniane, just pay your friends to dupe you, Bulworth-style. - j1m
Rich Bragg
"When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much, the daddy wants to give the mommy a special gift." - Rich Bragg
Rich Bragg | Flatulence expert defines 'normal' output rate -
"Levitt's research suggests women's flatulence is more ... aromatic." - Rich Bragg
"the colonic calliope". he says the sugar in beans is indigestible; I thought it could be with the right enzymes, which can be produced if you have the correct intestinal flora. hmm - ⓞnor
Bret Taylor
It's beginning to look a lot like... -
We will be performing of Festivus Feats of Strength at the FriendFeed holiday dinner tomorrow :) - Bret Taylor
So... is this FriendFeed holiday dinner open to the general public? - Louis Gray
...Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday (doesn’t rhyme all that much but i like it) - sahu
More interesting will be the Airing of Grievances... can you guys record that and post it on YouTube? - Rich Bragg
Also, you just reminded me to order a Festivus Pole too -- I was already meaning to do that this year... - Rich Bragg
Unfortunately, no (it is at my house, and we didn't cook enough!). But we will be having a FriendFeed party in the new year, and you will be invited :) - Bret Taylor
Wow, a FriendFeed party! I look forward to it. - niniane
Rich Bragg
'Could a morbidly obese goalie shut out an NHL team?' - -
I've always wondered about this: "Because of the geometry of the game, the potential for one mammoth individual to change hockey is staggering. Simply put, there is a goal that's 6 feet wide and 4 feet high, and a hockey puck that needs to go into it in order to score. Fill that net completely, and no goals can possibly be scored against your team. So why hasn't it happened yet?" - Rich Bragg
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