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Richard Frisch runs RHFtech providing tech support to small business & residences, & specialist services for digital home entertainment. He is a tech addict.
Thank the IT Gods for the recycle bin!!!!!
Artificial Intelligence: What is it? What is it becoming? Exploring its promise and its perils. -
“@mkashman” Pricing for SPO storage vs. OneDrive for Business totally out-of-whack. Needs fixing.
Computer Eyesight Gets a Lot More Accurate #AI
Community Health Systems data hack hits 4.5 million #Security
Hormel's bacon-powered motorcyle #hmmmgood
Google Translate used for covert spy communication?
Systems of Neuromorphic Adaptive Plastic Scalable Electronics (SYNAPSE) #AI
Machine Learning and Text Analytics
RT @hmason: Amazing early 70s Godfrey Reggio ad for the New Mexico Civil Liberties Union on technology and privacy:
DARPA considers vast ocean network
RT @superwuster: President Obama: No Internet Fast Lanes, via @nytimes
@yahoomail I don't want notifications about sports teams. How do I disable this unwanted "feature"?
Fascinating to read these types of stories. Non-Chromebook users are clueless about Chromebooks.
The WordPress Database Demystified
Microsoft Research NYC open machine learning workshop 8/22
RT @jrbarrat: intelligence becomes a utility - meet Siri's replacement #AI
RT @dannysullivan: Want to watch the flight map on @united? That'll be $8. Of course.
@allaregreen Kudos. Great idea. Follow money in politics.
RT @inZania: Why Older People Go To Bed And Rise Earlier
Office 2013 - add Dropbox or Google Drive as cloud storage
Machine Learning, meet Computer Vision #AI
The hidden perils of cookie syncing #Security
Senate 'Local Choice' plan would let subscribers decide whether to pay for TV stations
Chromebooks best iPads at schools
Singapore, the surveillance state
@wynnschwartz Being half a worm might be worse.
Workers driven mad by machines
Workers driven mad by machines
‘White Label’ Money Laundering Services #Security
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