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Thomas Hawk
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
10 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up for FriendFeed
I wish there was a AIR client for FF though. - barl0w
Twhirl works well for FF and it's an AIR client. - Bob M. Montgomery from twhirl
Great article. I want to learn more about the dumping the RSS feeder part. You should share some tips with that. Good stuff. - Amani
Love seeing FF through the eyes of someone who's not a traditional techie =) - FFing Enigma
Thanks Bob! - barl0w
A big part of why I wrote this post and have it running in my number one photo spot on Flickr right now is because I want more of my photography friends to sign up for the service. I *love* seeing photos here on FriendFeed and there are so many talented photographers who are not here yet who need to be. If we can get more of them to sign up, you guys will love their work. Of course there are many great photographers already on here but still a lot more who could join. - Thomas Hawk
I had to re-share this with all my FB friends. :) - Kelly W.
Still trying to figure out this whole friendfeed experience. I've had the account for a while and see lots of my twitter friends posting via ff - Demetri Mouratis
great piece! - mashable
Hi Demetri =) Different people use FF different ways because they want to get different things out of it. What are you hoping to get out of it? - FFing Enigma
Thanks for the tip. I had FF but really never 'got' what it was for. This helped! - Molly Nichelson from twhirl
Nice post Thomas. - Paul Wade
TH - for those photographers that are not on here, I put their flickr id into my Flickr Imaginary friend and see their images that way. However, it would be nice to get more photographers on here with their reader shares and such... - Justin Korn
This is definitely the best "Why Friendfeed" post I've seen. - Nick in Manila
Justin, agreed. I have a bunch of imaginary friend accounts for Flickr/Zooomr users as well. But it is nicer when they actually have accounts here, their work can be liked and commented to the larger FF community, etc. It seems like a few new people signed up today based on this post so I'm happy for that. Thanks Nick! - Thomas Hawk
I have AlertThingy FriendFeed Edition as well as AlertThingy v2 - Outsanity
Well said, Thomas. :) - Josh Haley
Nice list of reasons, all well thought out. While I'm at it, I wanted to tell you that I really like your new blog design too. - Karoli
Do most folks use FF in Standard or Real-time view mode? - Scott Loftesness
Only ever real-time.. it sits nicely on the second monitor as a Chrome App. - Greg Gannicott
Realtime here... - Chris Gulker
Did you just reformatted your post, Thomas? It a lot easier to scan through now. - Alan Le
Alan, a lot of times I post first and edit later. I probably shouldn't do that, but yeah, after posting I broke up some of the paragraphs better, bolded a few things etc., to make it easier to read. - Thomas Hawk
That's great. Make sure to check out Windows Live Writer for formatting blog posts if you haven't already yet. By the way, I love the new blog design. It's much better than when I helped you with the html way back. http://thomashawk.com/2006... - Alan Le
Y'know... I must've spent two months randomly Tweeting things like "Will someone PLEASE explain to me why I should be using FriendFeed?" ... And then two days ago I start using my account (I'd had one for a while)... and NOW someone finally makes a post outlining why I should be here. You're two days late, Mr. Hawk, two days late. :P - Lou
actually, there's no search for Russian word forms on Frf. For me that looks as if there's no search at all - orie
hmmm.. I didn't know that orie. It seems like there is a lot of international users on FF, that's surprising to me. - Thomas Hawk
I've been trying to make sense of FF for months now, but every time I come away confused. As it is I feel like I'm drowning under all the social networking sites available. I use Twitter, Plurk and Facebook the most, and I use Ping.fm so I only have to post status updates once. How can I integrate FF into this without making things even more confusing? - Chris Taylor
oooh! I found the zooomr version of this post with no formatting and I whined somewhere else in my FF feed. This one with all the formatting is better :D - Tamar Weinberg
I really liked how you did a post on Flicker - MaryAnn Chick Whiteside
All good reasons but #10 is my #1 reason :) - Mark Krynsky
Mark - agreed. Also, Thomas ... very nice blog. I like. - Amani
@Tamar, the unformated text was a problem on the Zooomr image. Kristopher's fixed that bug now so text in descriptions on Zooomr photos should format correctly now. - Thomas Hawk
I wasn't using FF, but signed up after your post. Now let's see if it is really so useful ;-) - Marcel Körner
@Marcel also take into consideration who you are subscribed to. Aside from maybe four on your current sub list, they are not very active at all on FF. This will affect your experience here. - Carlos Ayala
Didn't know there was a "Porn" room on FF (see screenshot)... - David Young
how did you see that they are not active on FF? - Marcel Körner
David, the "porn" room on FriendFeed isn't all that active actually. I'm not really interested in porn per se, just thought it was a good group name to claim in the great FriendFeed land group name grab of 2008. - Thomas Hawk
@Marcel by their numbers, and the fact that i know most of them and can tell you first hand that they are not. (if you hover over people's names you will see their numbers) - Carlos Ayala
still hard to beat 5 years on for speed - Thomas Power
So true Thomas: people still can't as a majority read dynamic feeds. - Zu from AOD
it gives you an easy key to the way back machine - chaz2b
April Buchheit
Thomas School Pictures
The boy! - Paul Buchheit
Wow. He's looking like such a big boy now :) - Jeanette Bosman
Jeanette: I know. It's all happening so fast. It won't be long before Violet's in school. - April Buchheit
Adorable! - Martha
Isn't DDoS illegal?
If you DDOS your own systems, it's not illegal. Also, if you DDOS systems as part of an agreed upon penetration test (although DDOS attacks are not typically allowed in the terms of most corporate pen tests) it's not illegal. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Riiiiiiiiiiiight.... :) - Johnny from iPhone
And thanks for the intro, Akiva. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Of course, if you are referencing the current activities surrounding Wikileaks and their supporters, no, I don't believe any of that is legal, but unraveling the who behind such attacks can be quite difficult, if the attackers are doing things right. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
RT @TinyPrints: Business card orders for #blogher should be placed BY TOMORROW! Get 30% off w/code BLOGHER! http://bit.ly/aofV53 - http://twitter.com/Countes...
If anyone is interested in a last minute order for business cards, let me know ASAP - Rick Bucich
April Buchheit
Blood tests show that I am low on Vitamin D. Translation: eat more ice cream in the warm sunshine. :)
Seems to be going around, my wife and colleague are also Vitamin D deficient. Rumor has it the position of the sun in the Bay Area may be to blame ... seems like a wife's tale to me but ... who knows. - AJ Kohn
35,000 IU's of D3 2X Per Week with a retest in 2-3 months is what I do to get to optimal range. If your D levels don't move very much after getting either sunshine, supplemental or a combination of both. Then get your RBC Magnesium Test done (which should actually be done with D3 when you first get it done) If your Mag levels are low it will be tougher to get your D3 levels up. Many people are deficient in Mag as well. - Adin Smith
Actually the Los Altos Creamery by Andronico's is great and they're very helpful. Gave a free scoop to my son when he was feeling under the weather. - Rick Bucich
So weird that a California resident could have a low Vit D count? But I sure like the ice cream in the sunshine idea!! :) - Susan Beebe
Jessica Rosenberg
RT @DENISE_RICHARDS: doing thank you cards with Sami for her gifts..have the cutest ones from @TinyPrints they match the invites! <Thank You
Erin @queenofspain
http://twitpic.com/2imp1 - Look what I got when I landed!
http://twitpic.com/2imp1 - Look what I got when I landed!
It's Mini-Queenie. Hi! - imabonehead
rofl. she is mini-queenie! - Erin @queenofspain
So adorable it's not even funny. - Ron Bailey
her birthday is Monday. They celebrated at school today and she has apparently not taken the crown off since 9am - Erin @queenofspain
That's really freaking cute - Andrew
and as I noted in Mona's thread (just to annoy her) ...she's wearing CROCS - Erin @queenofspain
Ha-la. NOT hay-la. Ha la ....kinda rhymes with walla walla - Erin @queenofspain
she's a cutie! and for the record, I'm in your camp erin@queenofspain! - Trish Haley
it's a Polish nickname for Helen. My grandmother's name was Helen - Erin @queenofspain
Omg I just want to carbon freeze her and carry her with me at all times. And this is the only time I've EVER seen Crocs... cute. - Mona Nomura
that's unusual, but cute. - Trish Haley
It would've been more bizarre if I said I wanted to eat her. Or turn her into a cel phone strap. - Mona Nomura
So cute. :) - Zach Flauaus
as a mom, they are the best kid shoes. get em wet. they can put them on themselves. my son's are spongebob and I swear it's all they wear in the summer. - Erin @queenofspain
come see her Mona...she'd love to play Mario and Peach with you ;) - Erin @queenofspain
But Erin, I'd rather play with you. At a bar. Sheraton ;) ...couldn't help myself. And seriously? If I go, I'll probably move in and be your Asian nanny hahahaha! - Mona Nomura
rofl. well you are welcome anytime. I'm in DC in April and San Fran every month...so yea..you need to come this way! - Erin @queenofspain
Dude - she is way cute. That little face smiling up at you. Seriously, I am already madly in love. You're gonna be in DC in April? For what? - Mona Nomura
Politics online conference. Am moderating a panel with the secretaries of state of ohio and california... you know, no biggie ;) - Erin @queenofspain
I know that young lady! And she's wearing Crocs! - Louis Gray
Steve Gillmor
Gillmor Gang recording live 1PM Pacific http:www.building43.com/realtime/
On Gillmor Gang in 5 minutes - Kevin Marks
Get ready for today's GillmorGang - http://building43.com/realtime - Cliff Gerrish
feedbacccck!!! ** echo*** - Susan Beebe
Ah, my day just got better. Gillmor Gang is just firing up now. - Karoli
GillmorGang w/ Paul Buchheit, Danny Sullivan, Kevin Marks and Scoble - http://building43.com/realtime - Cliff Gerrish
When is Verizon going to give up CDMA for LTE? - Cliff Gerrish
Danny is missing the point that because it is open and can compete it will force the US carriers to start offering features to compete across the carrier vendors - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
just caught a great screenshot of Steve at his command center. :) - Karoli
Microsoft smartphone maker is HTC - Ballmer had it at CES- not sure of the model either - Susan Beebe
Steve's bank of monitors is cool although he needs liker picture in picture or something. LOL - Jim Turner
I think it was a Ballmer 3.0 - Cliff Gerrish
LOL :D It should say, "Bing, Bing, Bing" every time it starts up - Susan Beebe
HTC HD2 - Rob La Gesse
Funny. We're using Nexus One on AT&T and it's anything but a brick. In fact, I'm not sure I've even noticed that 3G isn't available. I previously had another Android phone from Rogers that supported 3G on AT&T, and they are virtually identical in performance. - Ward Mundy
There is lots of analysis saying the google phone web site is the true game changer and not the phone. Anyone agree? - Jim Posner
Jim, I agree to an extent. Unbundling the phone/carrier is the game changer. no question. - Karoli
Jim, I think that is the sleeper hit for the first quarter. Instead of the arm-twisting that Apple had to do with AT&T to get the network behavour they needed, Google is now going to make it so that the US carriers *have* to change or be left behind as niche phone vendors - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
It felt like a stockholder meeting. - Jim Turner
That's because 'phones' are dead. The devices need to be much more than that now. - Cliff Gerrish
sigh...now i have to choose between this and the President's presser. Perhaps the President could wait a few minutes? :) - Karoli
Karoli, that's what DVRs are for. - Cliff Gerrish
LOL - Susan Beebe
I like arrington's take on the providers needing to step up now. - Jim Turner
Mike Arrington just joined the GillmorGang (live) - http://building43.com/realtime - Cliff Gerrish
Zwpwpwpwpwpol';dkfa;ldfk awesome!! - Susan Beebe
LOL!!!! Voice recognition, FTW - Karoli
Robert they dont work any tme whether geeks in town or not. - Jim Turner
Untrained voice recognition has a lot more to do with the speaker than the phone. - Ward Mundy
On the GillmorGang Tank! =) - Micah
how can we use Google Voice on our iPhones????? - Susan Beebe
Ward, I agree. Using a headset/mic would help accuracy. - Karoli
I think it also helps if you spell out loud everything you want to say. - Cliff Gerrish
Just did a Nexus One Nav demo with voice recognition on YouTube. Had no problems. http://bit.ly/5NSwgd - Ward Mundy
Cliff, I spent 5 minutes training my Mac for MacSpeech, it's about 98% accurate. Amazing technology - Karoli
Karoli, did you train your Mac - or did it train you? - Cliff Gerrish
Anyone catch the Ballmer keynote last night...as a xbox 360 owner I found the natel announce interesting but not much else. - Jim Posner
On Nexus One, try: Navigate to Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. In 15 seconds, you're on your way. - Ward Mundy
Cliff, i don't feel like it trained me... - Karoli
Karoli, then it was very successful. - Cliff Gerrish
Ballmers focus seemed retrospective rather than forward looking. Has MS become irrelevant in terms of tech leadership? - Jim Posner
watching president's presser on CNN on my iphone while watching GG on my laptop. If I mistake Arrington for Obama, just shoot me. - Karoli
Cloud based phones suck when there's no access to the Net. Try connecting in Cambria, CA. - Alex de Soto
If you don't have a Google phone, check out Vlingo. I've got it on my Blackberry and I can do voice input wherever there is text input. It's also server-based - Ted Gilchrist
Uhh. All cellphones are cloud based. - Ward Mundy
"Strategic fear" is accurate label for Apple - Arrington nailed it - Susan Beebe
Apple's too proprietary / closed, could cause them to paint themselves into a corner fast - Susan Beebe
Aren't web apps on the iPhone completely open? - Cliff Gerrish
Google knows how to leverage and guide open source projects well... smart code & resource management - Susan Beebe
Cliff the apps may be open, but the holy Apple App Store is NOT open; highly biased - Susan Beebe
Apple is a consumer hardware company that invested heavily in the OS to help drive the consumer experience - that's a lot different than the Microsoft and Google focus. They all approach consumers from different starting perspectives. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
As a first generation phone the Nexus One is as equally impressive as the first gen iPhone. - Jim Posner
Danny's an Apple fanboi!!! :P - Susan Beebe
Nobody's buying an iPhone because of an app-by-app comparison like that. - Ken Sheppardson
Keep that pic - it's funny watching Arrington get all twitchy!! LOL :D - Susan Beebe
that photo of scoble cracks me up. - Karoli
People are buying iPhone's because it's the default choice at this point. - Ken Sheppardson
The question now is "Why should I buy phone X instead of an iPhone?" - Ken Sheppardson
In the UK the iPhone has banking apps. Property apps. Apps to measure my energy consumption in the home - Jamie
its gone way beyond Twitter and Facebook - Jamie
TMobile is an excellent data carrier but yes, if you live in the boonies you may have issues - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
The days of coverage being local are long past. To be competitive, coverage needs to be there, coordinated across regions. - Karoli
Exactly why it's good that a lot of the apps on the iPhone can be used without the cloud. - Alex de Soto
M$ was very disappointing... yawn - Susan Beebe
every time i've had to contact tmobile for plan changes or questions the folks have been friendly and able to answer/fix the problem. the phone folks are a lot better then the folks in the stores - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Robert is there 'cause everybody else is there. It's like being a Deadhead. - Ken Sheppardson
Robert's at CES because, "There's a lot of parties!" LOL :D - Susan Beebe
HP placing Bing as default search engine is a BAD move for HP... bye bye - Susan Beebe
Bing has an iPhone app *yawn*. It is surprising to see Bing doesn't render on mobiles - Susan Beebe
Paul was ranting a bunch this week on M$ - funny stuff - Susan Beebe
m.bing.com renders fine on my phone - Jamie
google docs rocks - Tim Jones
Google docs is amazing... collaboration is simply fantastic. love it - Susan Beebe
m.bing.com works on Droid, but bing.com doesn't suggest it; flickr.com is smarter - Kevin Marks
Jeffrey Hayzlett uses Google docs too :) Jeff is a very smart cookie, transforming Kodak - Susan Beebe
bing.com redirects me to m.bing.com on the iphone - Jamie
facebook ads are amazingly effective and well targeted - Susan Beebe
very interesting discussion; very insightful remarks especially in the discussion about Apple vs. Google - Jeroen De Miranda
the interesting thing is that with Quattro Wireless, Apple can build in an ad network to their mobile stack to keep developers on the platform - Jamie
and use it as an alternative means of monetisation. - Jamie
targeting? apple ID info. - Jamie
the mono folks have been trying to evangelize the .net/CLR tech and have been berated constantly by Microsoft - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Apple's mobile me is a total failure on Droid too - Kevin Marks
Microsoft is throwing a lot of money at getting Silverlight to stick, but nothing has stuck yet. They have to pay off everyone to get Silverlight in. Once the money stops, Silverlight disappears. - Matt M (inactive)
mobile me uses soo many safari-specific html items it reminds me of how some MS products are tied to IE - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Kevin - haha not surprised! ;o) - Susan Beebe
I think in a year we'll have to look back at 2009 as the year Palm died its final death... sigh.... - Ken Sheppardson
Netflix watch instantly works great -- (silverlight) - Cliff Gerrish
completely agree ken - Jamie
Droid-Nexus One was the one-two punch that finally sent them to the mat. - Ken Sheppardson
I think part of it was self inflicted - Jamie
Interesting that the xbox and mobile teams have be joined at msft. - Cliff Gerrish
todays web os announcements were completely underwhelming - Jamie
Oh, ALL of it was self inflicted, Jamie... in some sense ;-) - Ken Sheppardson
XBox is a strong piece of technology - the only thread M$ has left to hang onto - Susan Beebe
Cliff, I think Netflix is the only big success story I've seen for Silverlight. - Matt M (inactive)
Zune? No mention of Zune when discussing Windows mobile stuff? - Ken Sheppardson
maybe Microsoft can buy Palm and bring their web skills to use - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Matt, how about the olympics? - Cliff Gerrish
"But after the conclusion of the [olympic] games, NBC went back to using Flash. Another setback for Microsoft came when Major League Baseball Advanced Media, the group that streams baseball games over the Web, decided to drop Silverlight." - Matt M (inactive)
bear: I think Palm's taken on too much ex-Apple persona to be a Microsoft target. :-) - Ken Sheppardson
Apps are the KEY game changer in the mobile market. Of course decent signal & data are a must too! - Susan Beebe
Why doesn't Twitter do a camera? - Ken Sheppardson
Does the Nexus One have push technology? - Karoli
Ken - ah, that's a shame - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
Susan, I completely agree. Apps will drive phone decisions, etc. - Karoli
Yeah, and I completely disagree. I think early adopters overestimate the extent to which app selection matters. - Ken Sheppardson
Ease of use, carrier choice, coverage... all trump number of apps. - Ken Sheppardson
Thanks guys :) - Susan Beebe
Ken, carriers need to become seamless. I choose my carrier based on carrier, not based on handset. - Karoli
Bye Steve, thanks for a great show. - Karoli
Which do/did you chose first, Karoli: carrier or handset? - Ken Sheppardson
it's always been handset choice for me - but then again I change phones in 2-3 year cycles so i'm never locked into a contract when I decide to move. - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
I think the typical smartphone decision process these days goes (1) Do I object to iPhone for some philosophical reason or do I so hate AT&T so as to not buy one? (2) if so, which carrier am I on now, (3) what's the best phone on that carrier. - Ken Sheppardson
that was a 2009 era decision tree - I think the availability of android phones on all of the carriers will now change that for 2010. (or at least I hope it will) - bear (aka Mike Taylor)
with android, there are choices. alot of people like a keyboard - Tim Jones
There'll be a point where mechancial keyboards are completely replaced with virtual keyboards. (the physical keyboard becomes an object of nostalgia) - Cliff Gerrish
Nokia files complaint claiming 'virtually all' Apple products, including iPhone, violate its patents http://www.prnewswire.com/news-re...
Looks like Nokia woke up and ate a fistful of crazy pills. This reminds me of when Amazon threatened to sue based on the fact that it invented 'clicking on links on a website to purchase products' or some such nonsense. - Akiva
When you can't compete with products, bring out the lawyers... - Jemm
April Buchheit
My baby sister just became a mommy for the third time at 1:26am PT. Logan Anthony weighed in at 7lbs. 10oz. -- a whopper compared to his older sibs, Izen and Maya Joi, who, at birth, each weighed 4lbs. 2oz. and 4lbs. 12oz. respectively.
Pics or it didn't happen! :) - Gabe
Sounds like third times the charm, April ;) Also, it sounds like Logan shares a birthday with Rob. - Clare Dibble
we can't see the picture, because we don't have permission - Clare Dibble
Robert Scoble
Tour of super stationary maker @TinyPrints - http://www.youtube.com/watch...
Tour of super stationary maker @TinyPrints
I can see scobleizer. - ۳۰ مرغ Loves Y'ALLLLL
there's hulk-obelizer in the back! - Allen Stern
maria i think he says 150 people not 500 people - either way it's awesome i can only hope for that kind of success. - Allen Stern
It's nice to see how great the video turned out. The Canon 5D II did a terrific job, we were glad to have you pay our HQ a visit. - Rick Bucich
Fred's Room
Tour of super stationary maker @TinyPrints - http://www.viddler.com/explore...
Tour of super stationary maker @TinyPrints 1
Scoble's Vanity Feed
RT @Scobleizer: RT @centernetworks: great video with @scobleizer and @tinyprints - http://www.youtube.com/watch... - http://twitter.com/rbucich...
Heather Solos
Tinyprints.com a Review and Giveaway - http://www.home-ec101.com/tinypri...
Heather, you rock! - Rick Bucich
Glad to help, I'm definitely a fan. - Heather Solos
April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Science of Cocktails (at The ExplOratorium, January 20, 2010 7pm-10pm) - http://visit.exploratorium.edu/events...
Science of Cocktails (at The ExplOratorium, January 20, 2010 7pm-10pm)
"There are many cocktail parties in the Bay Area, but the Exploratorium is holding one like no other. Science of Cocktails will present the artistry of master mixologists melded with the science behind the craft. We’ll take an in-depth, hands-on look at the physics, chemistry, and biology of cocktails, engaging guests in an exploration of their favorite libations." - April Buchheit from Bookmarklet
I'm volunteering to help out at this event so I hope to see some FriendFeeders there! :) I'm doing more behind the scenes-type of volunteering (e.g., fund/awareness raising). I'm not going to be mixing the drinks myself or anything like that. Although that does sound like fun. Maybe if I ask one of the bartenders very nicely, they will let me. ;) - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Holiday Card09b.jpg
good choice - VALZONE#SCREWED
Thank you, Tinyprints, for making this possible. Visit tinyprints.com to create your own personalized photo cards, holiday cards, invitations, and announcements. </shamelessplug> - April Buchheit
April Buchheit
Thomas's First (Professional) Haircut Anxiety Fear Acceptance - http://camilla-april.blogspot.com/2009...
Thomas's First (Professional) Haircut Anxiety Fear Acceptance
An Open Letter To Whoever Controls The Fate Of FriendFeed - http://www.johnnyworthington.com/...
To Whom It May Concern, If I was writing a movie based around the current scene at FriendFeed, I would cast you as the big, evil corporation and all of us FriendFeeders as the people at the community centre standing in the way of ‘progress’. But I don’t write movies and, frankly, Channel 7 News isn’t [...] - Johnny
"FriendFeed is more than a few noisy tech bloggers. While I agree that there is thick filling of tech and social media content here, it sits on a delicious base of personalities and personal connections. Over the 18 months I have been here, I have seen births, deaths and marriages. I have watched children grow, others fight cancer, couples fall in love and felt very real support through my own family issues. I have emotional currency in here, and I am sorely in debt." - Roberto Bonini
Well said Johnny. Well said. - Roberto Bonini
You said it much better than I ever could. - Dennis Jernberg
Well said sir. - Simon Wicks
If you agree, sign the petition here: http://friendfeed.com/rbonini... - Roberto Bonini
Bravo. - Iain Baker
thanks Johnny great letter - Stephen Baugh
Thought Provoking. They are making a movie about FaceBook, so why not FriendFeed, that is the one I would rather queue for. - Kevin J Hatton
Robert Scoble's recent words about the future of FriendFeed were meant as a call to arms by him (although that has just become clear). This is my first salvo... - Johnny
Thank you for serving up this good food for thought and call for action! Here is a meme that might be helpful for the effort - while "FriendFeed: the Company" may be history ... "FriendFeed the Concept" may be the future. It may make as good a verb as it does a noun - like "to google" has become synonymous with search, "to friendfeed" can become the core SN function. Maybe some motivation for FF owners to guide their legacy to this logical conclusion. - Dan Freeman
I have a feeling I'm being gently shepherded to Facebook. The problem is, I use Facebook for real ife friends and family, and high school classmates. So I don't quite know how to make the transistion. - Ted Gilchrist
Nice letter - the question is given that it is open source now - should you make your own? - Comics Forge
http://techwag.com/index... Johnny Worthington who is one of the more dynamic and interesting people on FriendFeed issued an open letter to the developers of FriendFeed to find out what is happening with the web site. Many of the FriendFeed users (myself included) have an emotional and time investment in the system that is not easily... more... - Comics Forge
bookmarked - mike "glemak" dunn from iPhone
Speaking of chuckles..... Anyone who goes to my site will still see me in my Hobo State... and anyone who comes here sees me as a pirate....... - Johnny
Johnny, if anyone can pull off "Hobo Pirate" it's you!!! - FFing Enigma
1UP, Johnny. - Rochelle
Johnny - I am new to FF (and most all social media) and arrived only due to the influence of a friend that I wanted to follow (a few months ago I didn't even know what "follow" meant!) ....what I found was an interesting, informative, less commercial site that I now go to numerous times a day. I think your letter precisely expressed the sentiments of most FF'ers new and old....I hope someone was listening!! Thanks for the great effort and I, for one, second that emotion! - Sharland Allen
Because I'm not all scripty and junk the comment I made over on Johnny's blog won't come over here, so I've copied it instead: "Well said, Johnny. I don't think it's unreasonable to ask what the future holds. Paul Buchheit did say things would carry on but the implication was that it would develop into something new. Change is scary, and unclear change doubly so. When Robert Scoble said... more... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
well written good job - WarLord
*applause* - Derrick
+11 on a scale of 1 to 10 - thanks, Johnny. - Micah
Not that it matters, but I "liked" this. I was going to hold steady on 10k likes until my comments caught up, but this was worth it. - Bren
Well said. - John (bird whisperer)
For the record I NEVER have said that FriendFeed is in danger of disappearing. At least not soon. I'm not worried about that. I'm more worried that FriendFeed isn't evolving and will soon be matched by other systems (including Facebook, which is where Paul works now). Because I see that happening I have moved a lot of my time to other systems like Twitter and Facebook because I've... more... - Robert Scoble
If I were worried about the servers being turned off I'd stop using this as an aggregator too. Right now I'm bringing all my Twitter Favorites in here which makes them searchable (they aren't searchable on Twitter). That's a HUGE advantage to FriendFeed for the moment. But I know Facebook and Twitter are working on search and Twitter and Facebook just made a deal with Bing. - Robert Scoble
SuperMassive FistBump to you Sir! Your letter said it all perfectly. - Morgan
I agree with Robert. - Jesse Stay
My hope is that if they do match FriendFeed w/ Facebook that they give us all an easy way to transfer our friends over there as either friends or fans. - Jesse Stay
In case Johnny didn't see this earlier: http://ff.im/af5CI - manielse (Mark Nielsen)
ANOTHER BUMP. (cause that's what we do here on FF) - Derrick
Paul Buchheit has posted a reply to this that is reassuring: http://friendfeed.com/paul... - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Johnny, you're poignant as always. - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
Well put, sir. - Chieze Okoye
Excellent post. Expecting Zuck's response posthaste - TheIndustryStandard
Good shout dude. - Keith Bennett from BuddyFeed
If FF goes away, Johnny wont be in my bowsr lukin at wut i'm duin. and that can't be good. Well said, JW. - scherbi: bottom dweller
Thank you sir. - Dennis O'Neil
{{{ HUG }}} for Johnny - thanks!! :) - Susan Beebe
I know I'm late to this post, but all of what you said is true. I tried, but couldn't say it as well. I just pissed people off. Bravo to you and I hope someone is listening. - Eric - Final Countdown from iPhone
You didn't piss me off, Eric! - WoH: Professor MOTHRA
Eric, sometimes passion is an unsteady rudder :) - Johnny from iPhone
Louis Gray
Family Togetherness Time
Look at them sleeping. So daggone cute! - Hutch Carpenter
Looks like Dad got a bit of schwag, too... :) - Mark Dykeman
awesome! - Thomas Hawk
The FF onesies are way too big. My "biggest" kid is five pounds. When these guys get 3-6 months, let the schwag wagon roll. - Louis Gray
Link bait! :) - Andrew Baron
awwwww - Michelle Trent
Do they have FF accounts yet? - Johnny
aww gorgeous :) and the babies too! - Allison
LOL that is alll kinds of win - Mona Nomura
I've always thought it's important to establish brand awareness early on. Good job ;-) - Jonathon
So, what are their domains and RSS feeds? I need to add them as imaginary friends for now. - Rob Diana
Peace. That's the word that comes to my mind :) - directeur from NoiseRiver
good thing they are always this happy. right! - Tim Connors
I want that shirt! - James Hull
totally got a cool idea for new schwag... two items: for new Moms, a friend feed shirt with slots for easy feeding of infants... and for new Pops like Louis, nipple with bottle attachment inserts with one nipple coming out of the first f and the second nipple coming out of the second d... saweet! - Rob Reed
FF schwag and twins! best picture of the day! - Sarah Perez
Cute as a button. Akiva you crack me up. :) - Mathew A. Koeneker from fftogo
@Rob Reed: Awesome! - April Buchheit
Kinda wished I had some FF schwag to wear with the newborn on the way. - Randy Hall
The first marriage on FF cannot compete with this. - Russellreno
Congratz. - Bill Bittner
Mega awesome ;) Congratulations to you and your family, like the Friendfeed t-shirt ;) - Mario Olckers
Tiny... little... eentsy... lumps of yum. There, my estrogen has officially shown itself. - Carla Thompson
No way - they have FF onesies??? How do I get my hands on one of those? - Jesse Stay
The Gray family Babies!!!! Sarah and Mathew look sooo cute in your arms! and sooo tiny my goodness!!... still LOL @ Rob's wacky comment..whoa! - Susan Beebe
cool beans! workin on those biceps! - Melissa Davis from twhirl
bring on the schwag, very cool pictures indeed - Dobromir Hadzhiev
Bump for good times - Jesse Stay
Paul Buchheit
Text books seem generally expensive and insipid (http://friendfeed.com/paul...). Are there any promising open-source textbook projects? (high quality content and likely to see actual use)
http://twitter.com/bookmaid - RIT Rochester Institute of Technology has their own text book exchange on Twitter :) - Susan Beebe
Obama's chief technology dude (can't remember his name) headed a project like this before taking the cabinet position. The folks at Buzz Out Loud (@acedtect @Mollywood @raygun01) would know about this as he recorded a message for their 1000th episode last week and we were reminded of the program (somewhere on the east coast). - Kevin Arth
paul - Literacybridge.org is a great non-profit focusing on this issue. there are numerous issues here in terms of language localization, cost of print and transport of books, ability to have access to and understand content, etc. many textbook programs also assume one basic fact that is not necessarily true - literacy. although i am a fan of building schools and education, the reality... more... - Joyce
IMO, most textbooks betray a massive bias of quantity over quality, in part because quantity is confused with depth. If professors were doing their jobs (some are of course), they'd concentrate on distilling out the key points rather than partake of the laziness/spoils of the rigged textbook market... most textbooks are the equivalent of a public works program. - Alex Schleber
I am planning on using an open-source book for the intro programming class I am teaching next fall at Colorado University - http://www.greenteapress.com/thinkpy... - Robert Felty
Doesn't the Wikimedia Foundation have a project for open source textbooks? EDIT: Why yes, yes they do, although YMMV. http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki... - Chris Charabaruk
I agree with Alex. Sometimes a good curriculum or at least a lesson plan is more important than a textbook. That's why I think a great project is Curriki.org. It is an online community, where educational resources can be created, shared and re-used in an open license environment. They concentrate mainly on K-12 curriculum, however it seems like it can be a great tool to share the... more... - Maciek Zielinski
Paul I agree that textbooks are way too expensive. As you may know, because of the way textbooks get adopted by some states, most of the kids in the country end up learning from books that were specifically designed to get approved in Texas and California. So how's this for an idea of how to give away your "lots of money": fund the development of a complete set of textbooks through an... more... - Peter
Flat World Knowledge: Check it out: Professors donate time to produce textbooks. Students get them for free. - http://www.flatworldknowledge.com - scott willeke
Note the importance of audio to building literacy - http://literacybridge.org/talking... - Ed Dodds
Consider also that if a person "open schools" all the way up through university material, there is no way to CLEP a degree. The US Department of Education should issue guidelines for the degrees where this makes sense. - Ed Dodds
...i suspect that the textbook business is terrifically profitable for publishers, and that they'll fight any move to displace them tooth and nail. - .LAG liked that
There's also http://ck12.org/ They make it easy for teachers to put together custom textbooks by reusing existing pieces of content (chapters and such). - Meryn Stol
The South African "Free High School Text Book" project has a reasonable reputation: http://www.fhsst.org/. There are a lot of free non-textbook resources available through OERCommons (http://www.oercommons.org/) - Nick Lothian
@Peter - curriki looks pretty interesting. Do you have any kind of harvesting facilities? - Nick Lothian
@Nick. Yes. Curriki provides several ways to export materials from the site. Each of the 30,000 free and open source resources can be downloaded on to your computer, where they can be printed. You can also get the XML data for any resource. In both cases, you just have to mind the specifics of the Creative Commons license requirements. You can also embed a widget for any learning... more... - Peter
Here is a project that I have tried to contribute information to and one of my websites is actually listed there because at their request, it was easier for me to start a site of my own with the info I gave them, than for them to list all the book titles and links I provided them with. http://textbookrevolution.org - April Russo (FForever!)
Curriki is a knowledge exchange which is the 21st century textbook. EVERCHANGING, always adding, always collaborating. When I see this, I don't just see worksheets... I see customizable games- good easy to change content. I see LEARNING ACTIVITIES, best practices, I see collaboration, I see a whole curriculum FOR TEACHER INSTRUCTION- on learning how to use and implement different... more... - Sharnon Johnston-Robinett
Ditto on Flatworld, but @scott, profs are not donating their time for free -- basic web-version of text is made for free, with chapters, learning materials, etc. available for fee-based download -- don't have to use the fee-based material, but is very nice to see business model that offers a good hybrid between paper-only and web-only content. In my classes, students often print out material because they want to work on their computers and have something "hard" to refer to. - Mickey Schafer
Check out my new blogs on Curriki, we address this issue and hope the community will make sure we are sustainable. - Bobbi Kurshan
Is it October yet? Yep.
Each Halloween these people in the neighbourhood try to out-do what they did the previous year. But no one expects a front lawn hearse. Photographed earlier this evening. - Micah
Before reading your comment, I thought a hearse hit the house and caught it on fire. - Anika
What Anika said. - Spidra Webster
I know, I know. - Micah
Awesome! - Penny
I like the hearse, but the rest of that shit is just absurd. - Hookuh Tinypants
Paul Reynolds
Sorry @heathersolos! Had to be done. Let's hear some captions in the comments.
"Yo Kanye, I'm happy for you and Ima let you finish but CREATE South is the best conference of ALL TIME" - Paul Reynolds
Yo Heather, I'm happy for you and Ima let you finish but Nadya Suleman is the BEST MOTHER OF ALL TIME! - Jared Smith
"Oh say can you see..." Yo Heather, I'm happy for you and Ima let you finish but Roseanne Barr sang the national anthem the best ALL TIME - Rick Bucich
Yo Heather, I'm happy for you and Ima let you finish but Betty Crocker is the best cake baker of ALL TIME! - Paul Reynolds
waiting for a @heathersolos solo here, where's the contrib? - Rick Bucich
HAHA...that is great. - Kreg Steppe
photo on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - http://www.flickr.com/photos...
photo on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Josh has my account blocked on Flickr. Johnny is the drug pusher. - Louis Gray
Oh my goodness, everytime I see a picture of your little girl, the first thing I think about is, "Hey Paul must have posted a picture of Camilla." But then I realize that it's not Camilla. This picture is a little more tricky because Camilla had the same pajamas. - April Buchheit
ADORABLE!!! Love! :-D - Ordinarybug Heather
I'z so zsleepy... sooo sleepy... zzzz - Fossil Huntress
Thomas Hawk
Adobe Releases Final Camera Raw 5.5 and Lightroom 2.5 - http://thomashawk.com/2009...
If you haven't gotten them already, these free updates are available now. - Thomas Hawk
Wahoo!!! \m/ >.< \m/ - Johnny
Louis Gray
Apple Tablet Rumors Revived: February 2010 Launch? P.A. Semi Processor? - http://www.macrumors.com/2009...
Loic Le Meur
playing with the new Google fast flip browse news fast I like it http://fastflip.googlelabs.com/
Somehow I went from Monday Night Football to Gossip Girl. Don't ask me. I'll return to the game when it's over. Maybe.
Justin Korn
Being locked up in an office sucks compared to drinking a margarita on the beach! #comingbacktoworkaftervacationblows
Maybe having a margarita at work would help? - Justin Korn
Well how was it? I expect we'll see pics? - Derrick
It was awesome! Just unloaded the 500+ pics last night. Tried to keep the camera at bay so I could actually vacation and relax most of the time. Will be sorting through them over the next week or so. - Justin Korn from IM
I hate desk jobs, just want to go cycling, walk the dog and go out photographing all day. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
If only it was that easy :) - Justin Korn
I know, will keep dreaming. :-) - Kol Tregaskes
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