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Rick Liebling

Rick Liebling

PR/Branding/Marketing/Social Media/Strategy at Coyne PR. Big believer in listening.
Re: Should Your Media Agency Be Your Lead Culture Agency? -
"In fairness, I didn't read Ray's piece, but that we're still impressed by articles suggesting "Hey everybody, I just had a real insight, culture is important" speaks volumes to the slow movement of ideas in the marketing world. I was probably a little late to the party when I started focusing on culture about four or five years ago." - Rick Liebling
Re: Is it time to re-evaluate your social strategy? -
"Thanks Stefano. That's something we say at Unmetric all the time, "We can do anything, we just can't do everything."" - Rick Liebling
"Richard is a smart and funny presenter. Always great take-aways for the audience." - Rick Liebling
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Re: Why Are P&G’s Blades Growing Dull? -
"Something you said there reminds of a scene from World War Z. The Israeli guy is telling Brad Pitt how Israel was able to survive the Zombie apocalypse. He explains how in Israel they have this thing called the 10th (11th?) man. If everybody else in the room agrees that "something" can't happen, it is the job of this 10th/11th guy to assume that IT WILL happen and plan accordingly. If everyone in your company says, "razor subscription service will never take off" you better have somebody working on two plans: 1) What if it does and, 2) How can we make it work so we disrupt ourselves" - Rick Liebling
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Re: Here’s A List Of The Least Despised U.S. Brands -
"Thanks for the note Sam, you're no doubt correct on the methodology. While I certainly don't expect brands to be scoring in the 80s, it still seems like the volume of negative perceptions is high. I suppose the interesting bit is in the year to year change, where even the brands with the best scores seem to be headed in the wrong direction, As you pointed out, it's also interesting to look at brands slowly creeping into the positive side of things." - Rick Liebling
Here’s A List Of The Least Despised U.S. Brands -
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Re: Culture As Medium Redux -
"Refracting, but sometimes magnifying or perhaps clarifying. Culture as a lens is certainly an interesting metaphor, but a nuanced one. Warrants further discussion." - Rick Liebling
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