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Rick Liebling

Rick Liebling

PR/Branding/Marketing/Social Media/Strategy at Coyne PR. Big believer in listening.
Re: Culture As Medium Redux -
"Refracting, but sometimes magnifying or perhaps clarifying. Culture as a lens is certainly an interesting metaphor, but a nuanced one. Warrants further discussion." - Rick Liebling
The “C”-Curve of Social Media Campaign Awareness -
#TrendSpire2013 – Four Ideas For The Future of Television -
#AWX Recap 1 – Considering the Client-Agency Creative Partnership -
Focus On Human Behavior, Not Media & Tech Trends -
Re: Focus On Human Behavior, Not Media & Tech Trends -
"Love the idea of reflection and germination. I think it's important when doing the work, but also taking the time to think about how we are thinking. When you stop to think about that, and adjust your way of thinking/working, then you can have some breakthroughs. Thanks John!" - Rick Liebling
Re: Focus On Human Behavior, Not Media & Tech Trends -
"Thanks for leaving a comment Thom. I love "Herculean challenge - and Midas opportunity," nice mythological turn-of-phrase. I also think you make a great point, neve forget that the data is connected to humans." - Rick Liebling
7 Reasons to Vote for 7 Panels at #SXSW -
5 Painfully Obvious Arsenal Facts Exposed During Aston Villa Loss -
Re: Hunger Games: Why I’m Boycotting Hunger Games -
"Aaron, I think you misinterpreted my humor (or it wasn't that funny). The 'fun for the whole family' line was just a joke. But I don't recall seeing a lot of disclaimers for this movie saying young kids should stay away, or at least be warned." - Rick Liebling
Orwell’s Legacy, Advertising and the Death of Narrative -
Re: Oreos Forced This Man to Quit Advertising -
"Thanks Chuck, I'll add that to my list." - Rick Liebling
Re: Oreos Forced This Man to Quit Advertising -
"I was just thinking about "The Oreo Tweet" this morning as I've started reading Douglas Rushkoff's 'Present Shock.' He talks about the death of narrative and I think the Oreo tweet is a perfect example. Real-time marketing sets aside the traditional narrative format and with it, we lose something. We lose context, insight and I would argue the ability to really connect with consumers. Sure, Oreo can do it, they've got decades of equity built up. But I think a lot of brands are doing themselves a disservice with the focus on real-time." - Rick Liebling
10 Ways the Omnicom-Publicis Merger is like #Sharknado* -
Re: Do Real Journalists Write for Brands? -
"The notion of journalistic integrity has always been questioned. Here's a couple choice A.J. Liebling (no relation) quotes to ponder: "Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one." "The function of the press in society is to inform, but its role in society is to make money." Are people who write for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer and Lulu Lemon any more suspect that someone who writes exclusively for a Murdoch-owned paper? Surely the reporters who worked for William Randolph Hearst back in the day were doing so under orders to advance his political agenda. The world of "straight" journalism long ago lost the authority to be a moral arbiter on this subject." - Rick Liebling
#PSFKhome take-away – Connected, Mobile, Customizable & Multi-functional is the Future -
The Importance of “Makeable Ideas” -
The Death of Protest Music; The Emergence of Black Twitter -
Re: Op-Ed: Is it Racist? -
"Hmm, a lot to unpack here. I think there are differences between racist, offensive and more subjective issues of good and bad. I'd say this one lands in the offensive category more than the racist one. I'd also say it's more bad than good, but that's just my opinion. Now, is there a difference between racism and racial stereotyping? It's certainly not true to say that all Asians are good at math, or that Jews run Hollywood, but would it be racist to say those things? Creatives, especially those working with brands, are in a very difficult position right now. How do you make something compelling and unique without offending? It's not easy, but it's not impossible either. Thanks for starting the conversation AS and Gitamba." - Rick Liebling
Social Media Influence + Contextually Relevant Content = Compelling Engagement -
Digital Measurement Is About To Flip TV On Its Head -
Hey Advertisers, What’s Your Post 30-Second Spot Plan? -
Re: Here’s how Netflix sees the future of TV -
"Quality of the content is not the issue. People are either watching YouTube or they are not (and they are). MSFT is probably in as well, if you consider Xbox a content creator and/or distributor (and I do). Apple is the unknown, but I don't think they are looking to be in the content business. But with iTunes they certainly have the platform/infrastructure. Would be little stopping them from contracting original programming, and you figure it would be of the HBO/Netflix calibre." - Rick Liebling
Re: Here’s how Netflix sees the future of TV -
"Disagree. Netflix knows what they are doing in terms on curating the right content for their consumer base." - Rick Liebling
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