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Captain Carrot, people. *Anything* is officially possible. (Except a Wonder Woman movie. That's just…
Why didn't anyone tell me that Bryan Cranston & Aaron Paul have reunited for a new show? Brilliant!
Wow. The next few years are going to be crazy busy at the movies, folks. (via @moviesdotcom)
YES. RT @geekgirldiva: Hot Topic has a licensed "Carry On" Supernatural t-shirt. Must. Have. #supernatural
In this week's @moviesdotcom column, I make the case for a Jim Henson Cinematic Universe (and other universes, too):
RT @nice_mustard: EXCLUSIVE: photo leaked of replacement law enforcement in #ferguson
RT @xeni: Obama's words just now on #Ferguson were the presidential equivalent of a vacation email autoresponse.
RT @occupythemob: Not Egypt, not Syria, not Turkey, not Iraq. This is #Ferguson, Missouri, USA.
RT @Newsweek: How America's police became an army: The 1033 Program
RT @al3x: Police in #Ferguson announcing "your right to demonstrate is not being obstructed" through a megaphone on a tank. America.
RT @BoingBoing: #Ferguson: protesters march peacefully, militarized police aim guns at them pic: @ryanjreilly
RT @danielwcarlson: Reporters detained illegally, released only once police chief realized they were press. Good times:
RT @BFriedmanDC: The gentleman on the left has more personal body armor and weaponry than I did while invading Iraq.
RT @Guerrillascribe: I liked it better when the cop on your block was a friend, on foot, making small talk and making sure everyone was OK.
So crazy. Just... wow. RT @jess_on_ice: Livestream of what's going on in #Ferguson:
Wanted to post an unboxing vid, but I passed out from pure joy. #RomSpaceknight
The return address is "Galador." I wonder what this could be...
I always mistype the movie's title as "Batman V. Superman: Dan of Justice." Now I totally want to see a movie called "Dan Of Justice."
"Swee'Pea's Lullaby" from Popeye. One of my earliest (of many) emotional connections to a Robin Williams performance.
RT @PhilDernerJr: Proud of Twitter for all the helpful comments about depression & mental illness. If only our government & health industry would do the same.
RT @MHJohnston: @rickmarshall happy birthday Rick. You're old.
RT @EDouglasWW: You still have four and a half hours to wish @RickMarshall a happy birthday or else you'll have to wait a year!
So this is happening... #Birthday2014 #DasBoot @ Wolff's Biergarten Friends
My wife's parents *get* me. They really do.
Looking fwd to my annual screening of Transformers: The Movie, which was released on my birthday in 1986: #Traditions
Looking fwd to my annual screening of Transformers: The Movie, which was released on my birthday in 1986: #Traditions
RT @jess_on_ice: Wishing the happiest of b'days to my editor & partner in all things mayhem, mischief and parenthood, @rickmarshall. #happybirthdayRick
RT @mikeavila: AMAZING MT @JohnRiche CBC reporting on the mostly Greek Danforth food festival, has headline of the yr. CochraneCBCNL
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