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Preparing the glaze for a baked ham. It requires an impressive amount of bourbon. We have that in common, I guess.
This is the Easter basket my in-laws give me every year. They get me. They really get me.
It's not really a "working web-shooter" but this guy's Spidey-themed invention is still pretty amazing:
1984 Crossgates Mall promo -
1984 Crossgates Mall promo
RT @jameslsutter: I hereby propose Henson's Law: Even the best CGI will look crude in 10 years, but awesome puppets will always look like awesome puppets.
This 1984 promo for Crossgates Mall has me feeling all the nostalgic feels:
This 1984 promo for Crossgates Mall has me feeling all the nostalgic feels:
An important reminder re: "free speech," courtesy of xkcd:
I crunched some numbers to find out where Captain America: The Winter Soldier *really* ranks in Marvel's movie-verse:
Wow. This really *is* how Frozen should have ended:
Wow. This really *is* how Frozen should have ended:
An interesting profile of the woman who inspired Laura Prepon's character in "Orange Is The New Black":
It's days like today that make me happy I'm not watching Game Of Thrones. So many spoilers everywhere I look!
RT @zipyrich: Really wish Carlin had lived long enough to read Twitter—social media as social entropy would've turned his dials up to 11.
A pub conversation re: "Titanic" inspired my latest article for @mental_floss. Never underestimate the power of beer.
Nice explanation of the Heartbleed bug via xkcd:
Curious about what the Amazon-ComiXology deal means for creators, but loving what it should mean for making comics more ubiquitous.
Wow! Amazon acquires ComiXology. This is HUGE! Fascinated to see what comes of it.
R.I.P. "Joust artist and Williams pinball machine designer Python Anghelo has died" via @Polygon
Many thanks to @mikeryan for asking the MOST IMPORTANT question for Marvel Studios: #RomSpaceknight
RT @jess_on_ice: OMG attention @rickmarshall RT @thinkgeek: Fried over the fires of Mount Doom, the One Donut to rule them all:
Today's big news just confirms my belief that Archie Comics has become The Most Interesting Publisher In The World.
RT @ronmarz: I mean, if a 10-year-old understands "no spoilers," what's wrong with the rest of the internet?
RT @ronmarz: Son: "Dad, 'Captain America: The Winter Solider' came out, and I know who the villain is. I mean, his SECRET identity. Which I won't say."
RT @caseyseijas: @rickmarshall Co-signed. And I'd also like to add live-tweeting TV shows. Always HUGE spoilers no matter how vague they try to be.
I'm a big believer in not putting spoilers in tweets, memes, hashtags or headlines w/in 72hrs of a movie's premiere. I'm so old-fashioned.
FINALLY! RT @DragonXVI: A million people complained, yet only one man would see it fixed. #ComicSans
RT @geektrooper: Should have done this a long time ago. Unfollow @mtvsplashpage.
RT @geektrooper: Fuck! You can always rely on @mtvsplashpage for fucking spoilers in their shit.
Yup. "The Marginalization of Dad"
Hockey this morning, and now off to the Albany Toy Show! (It's a pretty sweet Sunday.)
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