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Just received a birthday message from @MarkAndrewSmith, who's in Asia, where it's apparently tomorrow already. Time Zones are weird.
Yes. RT @ErikDavis: If Chris Pratt were to play Indiana Jones. You know, I can actually see this.
RT @mikeryan: Your move, Gold Key Comics film department.
Wow. With @TheScottAdkins & @tonyjaaofficial joining the cast, the Kickboxer reboot actually looks super-cool so far.
In this week's @moviesdotcom column, it's Cap's shield, cute Groots, Judge Dredd, and @GeorgeTakei! Oh, my!
So many crazy photos from yesterday's storm here:
Also, people were apparently tubing in the streets in downtown Albany, not too far away from us:
Following up on last night's update re: flooding in our basement (and sewage), here's a pic taken down the street:
Remember when they didn't call them "reboots"? They were just sequels that had nothing to do with the other movies. *shrug*
Crazy storm caused basement toilet to spew sewage all over the bathroom. I will never be clean again. Note to self: Buy hazmat suit.
Anne Hathaway as The Vulturess? *shudder* "Sony's Spider-Man plans include female superhero movie and Venom Carnage"
Like! "Chronicle writer to adapt Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently novels for TV" via @DigitalTrends
For those who missed it, here's the story that @jess_on_ice filed for NPR's "All Things Considered" today:
Correction: @jess_on_ice's report will probably be near the end of "All Things Considered" on NPR, probably closer to 5:45pm ET.
Just a reminder to tune in to your local NPR station for @jess_on_ice's report on this weekend's "All Things Considered" in a few minutes!
RT @boxofficemojo: 'Godzilla' has now earned over $500 million worldwide:
Only 5 days left 'til my birthday, folks. If you're stumped re: gifts, remember: A man can never have too much ROM Spaceknight in his life.
So many things that spin... @ Hoffman's Playland
My big regret about Guardians of the Galaxy is that the post-credits scene was spoiled for me. It would've been such a fun surprise.
Prepping for next wknd's annual birthday screening of Transformers: The Movie by listening to soundtrack while making pancakes. No shame.
Even w/ all the hype & jerks happy to spoil stuff, Guardians Of The Galaxy was amazing. It rivals Avengers as my favorite Marvel movie.
Tickets purchased for tonight's screening of Guardians of the Galaxy... or as a certain Flora Colossus would say, "I AM GROOT."
RT @GeneralsJoes: @rickmarshall @TIME The fact that this article needed to be written in the first place is a sign that there is still a ways to go
This week's @moviesdotcom column: "The Geek Beat: The Biggest Hits, Misses & Lingering Questions of Comic-Con 2014"
A good thing to keep in mind, parents! RT @tortoiserescue: @rickmarshall #TMNT movie can be bad news for live turtles
Hey @robertliefeld, you were right about the Deadpool footage. It's great! NOW LET'S SEE THAT MOVIE, FOX! ;)
That Deadpool movie test footage we've heard so much about is indeed super-cool: #Deadpool
That Deadpool movie test footage we've heard so much about is indeed super-cool: #Deadpool
Comic-Con: Robert Kirkman's 'AIR' Teaser, Star Wars Comics, Hulkbuster Armor, And More You Might've Missed From Day 3
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