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Had an awesome time last night with @thenorahbird at @theRMG watching @abarazi win @artbattlecanada #20minpainting
Had an awesome time last time with @thenorahbird at @theRMG watching @abarazi win @artbattlecanada
Watch @abarazi compete in artbattle painting in just 20minutes! #artbattle186 @ The Robert McLaughlin…
RT @gabypeacock: .@artbattlecanada @thermg. @abarazi is working it!
RT @BenBalter: 15 rules for communicating at @GitHub
RT @johnpapa: I'm too busy to watch this right now. HT: to @rida
So proud of my brother @abarazi tonight! The winner of @ETAAwards 2014 Absurd Expression category #emergingartist
Officially landed in Canada as a permanent resident! What a wonderful 5 years and a lifetime to come :)
RT @thenorahbird: Today's Chicago theme: Deep dish, public art and glass floors! Not all at once or @rida and I would be woozy!
RT @thenorahbird: Favourite Chicago find yesterday was a Belgian bakery! Chocolate and cherry are meant to be in a…
RT @thenorahbird: Road trip today to check out @SpiritTreeCider with @rida tasting the applelager and draft cider! DELISH!
RT @Brilliant_Ads: 40 Of The Most Powerful Social Issue Ads That’ll Make You Stop And Think:
RT @WaveHQAPI: #Payroll Compliance Testing with Cucumber - A blog post by @vpuz #ruby #wavehq
RT @paulcoxon: Twitter for the next 3 weeks:
RT @zakkates: @WaveHQ's customer service and support is top-notch! I'm a proud user of their online accounting software! :)
RT @ashchristopher: Are you interested in working with cool people like @_AlexTucker @mdibernardo @rida and @jfilipe? Join us at @WaveHQ
RT @thenorahbird: Visiting Buffalo with @rida and taking in all the #outdoorart @AlbrightKnox Can't beat the sunny day! #publicart
Who said you can only raise money? Time is as good, if not even better! What a wonderful time at #timeraiser #toronto tonight.
What an awesome night“@thenorahbird: Nothing like a #selfie with @rida at #timeraiser for the #win #toronto #awesome”
RT @mhodgson2: Valid ruby: class Fish; def 🔪; puts "🍣"; end; end 🐟 = 🐟.🔪 => 🍣
RT @WaveHQAPI: Clean Angular - the missing manual for @angularjs - an initiative by @_AlexTucker. Contributions welcome!
RT @Brilliant_Ads: Vintage ad of the day: Whiskey Toothpaste for $1! 1961
Technology.. all the way in your mouth! Wait until your dentist actually asks for the report :)
RT @thenorahbird: From the beaches of Cancun to an Irish Yurt @TheCeiliCottage with @rida
Create Passbook passes and Manage your own custom Apple iOS 6 Passbook passes for Pass Kit for free for your iPhone -
passbook iOS pass maker - Rida Al Barazi
What Most Schools Don't Teach
Ready to host our first family dinner with @thenorahbird Happy family day everyone!
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