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RT @michaelnevensen: Just published a case study outlining the process behind designing @SoundCloud's iPhone app.
Just registered for hack.summit(), a virtual conference of top developers. Check it out!
RT @viticci: Engineers from Spotify and Facebook go out for drinks. At 2 AM, the FB engineer says "dude, that's totally a 2.0"
RT @yukihiro_matz: link: How we've made Raptor up to 4x faster than Unicorn, up to 2x faster than Puma, Torquebox -
RT @melbatoastmarie: More Americans have been married to Kim Kardashian than have died of Ebola
RT @holly_cummins: L1 cache is a beer in hand, L3 is fridge, main memory is walking to the store, disk access is flying to another country for beer. @net0pyr
RT @HistoryInPics: Recording the MGM Lion's (Leo) roar, 1929
“If you love football, you will love this app!” @Gofuzz @
RT @TsukAfonso: Hey! Finalmente! Temos Full:Time V2 na apple store! Nova cara e novas funcionalidades :)
RT @rubygems: ios-devices (0.0.1): With this gem you can read the device type that every iOS device can send and translate it…
If you ever had to deal with Apple device types (like ‘iPhone6,1’) I just published a simple gem for you:
I love freckles!
The case against time zones: They're impractical & outdated
Sublime Text Giveaway via @@sublimetxttips
Eu até gosto de francesinhas. Mas a ETERNA discussão de qual é a melhor ou a pior... Que valente seca! Chega disso! #francesinha #best
RT @langalex: My proposal for HTTP 3.0: Unicode status codes. 200: 👍 201: 👪 302: 💨 403: ✋ 404: 🙈 500: 💩
Watching DHH, Martin Fowler and Kent Beck on "Is TDD dead?"
Any iOS developer willing to work with awesome people?
Isla Fisher e Amy Adams são irmãs gémeas!
Obrigado SIC por trazerem a nossa Ivete outra vez a Portugal! #RIR_SIC
A Ivete está gorgeous! #RIR_SIC
Quem me dera estar na festa do ano! Que show incrível! #RIR_SIC
RT @seriouspony: re: yesterday's RTFM discussion, I found this photo of me from a long-ago conference talk. (I don't know who took it)
RT @parislemon: Instagram's decision to use Facebook's much worse place database over Foursquare's has made the product worse. Stupid.
RubyWeekly I loves you so much! <3
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