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Open Thread–12/19/2014 -
Impressive "Some of the last-minute bills were even for things other than naming buildings and giving symbolic honors to dead people." - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/15/2014 -
"Citigroup executives can be right on the floor with them, handing them legislation and telling them how to vote." Corporations are people… NOT…! - Rixar13
St Pete woman's car insurance canceled after paying bill - WFLA News Channel 8 -
State Farm is Not a Good Neighbor. - Rixar13
Police: Clearwater woman assaults grandmother over Facebook frie - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Face-crack causing problems... snicker - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/18/2014 -
"16 of the 17 properties on this block have been tax foreclosed in recent years." Something is Wrong with this system. - Rixar13
Tampa Bay residents divided over new relations with Cuba - WFLA News Channel 8 -
" Perhaps this will be the end of the career of their poster boy, Marco Rubio." I sure hope so Ken... It's time to let this old Shit Go. I've been to Cuba twice drinking beer at Gitmo. It's time to lighten up and help the citizens on both sides... - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/17/2014 -
I became No Party Affiliation after this last election... Don't ask me for any money. - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/17/2014 -
Real Time with Bill Maher: Democrats Are Assholes Too ... Video for democratsareassholestoo► 1:46► 1:46 - Rixar13
Happy Hanukkah to my friends and Doctors. - Rixar13
UMA a Top School in Military Advanced Education 2015 Guide - University of Maine at Augusta -
This is Good News. I am a Veteran Peer Support Technician at the James Haley Veteran's Hospital in Tampa Florida. - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/16/2014 -
Senator Bernie Sanders I - Vermont is an advocate for Veterans and Working Americans. I am thankful that he addresses the true problems with our system of Government... :lol: - Rixar13
Poll Results–12/16/2014 -
1. Make a Shorter Season. 2. Get rid of Gift Giving. - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/13/2014 -
From Upworthy: It’s The 4th-Biggest Illegal Industry In The World, And In 11 Years, It Will Destroy Itself So Very Sad. - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/12/2014 -
"Although he denounced torture during his 2008 campaign, he has resisted pressure from activists to pursue those responsible." Evil deeds seem to be just a distraction to slip in dangerous financial liabilities (Too Big to Fail). - Rixar13
Stephen Colbert schooled Fox News hard: Comedy, Bill O’Reilly and the exposure of right-wing patriotism lies -
Stephen Colbert is my favorite news station... smile :-) - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/11/2014 -
Sherwood F. Moran, Major, USMC "For those of you who missed the memo before, never knew it existed, or simply need a reliable guide into the foreign land of "the Past", let me offer you a "man ahead of his time"….Read it, take what is useful to you and pass it on. " Wow, wow. - Rixar13
Secure Florida - Identity Theft -
My Social Security Check was stolen and I need a Law Enforcement number to identify that I have reported this crime. I have submitted a report to the Social Security Administration, F.B.I. and the FTC. Please respond to this with a case number to obviate the need to call you via Phone... Thanks - Rixar13
Open Thread–12/4/2014 -
"Watch this short video to see how Fox News impacts local stations:" Fox is just a mouth piece for wealthy conservative nut jobs. I believe Faux is not allowed to brodcast in Canada due to truth issures... - Rixar13
More Corporations Flee as ALEC Rolls Out Its Legislative Agenda -
ALEC - "Anal" Legislative Executive Counsel. - Rixar13
President Obama: Veto the Keystone XL Pipeline -
No Keystone Soup for you Bitches. - Rixar13
My old Boat, I like it. - Rixar13
BUSTED: Sharyl Attkisson's 'Hacked' Video Made Nine Months After Alleged Hack -
She is just incompetent on technical issues. - Rixar13
Richard McGinnis commented on Santa Fe sheriff’s deputy charged with fatally shooting partner after alcohol-fueled fight: reports - NY Daily News -
I am glad Alcohol is allowed while on Duty, I think you would need to be loose to generate all this needed revenue.... - Rixar13
Tampa Fl - Boston Scientific Jobs -
Little help here. - Rixar13
The “Secret” Media Training School For Republicans -
“GOP’s secret school” 1. Don’t Treat Reporters As Your Enemy 2. Think Twice Before Holding Press Conferences 3. Remember That Dull Can Be Good 4. Maintain a Bit of Healthy Paranoia 5. Don’t Chase Every Story - Rixar13
The Affordable Care Act and the New Economics of Part-Time Work | Mercatus -
Such Horse $hit. - Rixar13
Mother Blames Son’s Death on GM Defect -
She has also gathered thousands of petition signatures calling on states to require car dealers and motor vehicle departments to share recall information with customers and owners. - See more at: - Rixar13
Capital Punishment, Personhood Grab Spotlight In Governor Debate « CBS Denver -
“Do you really want to support executing people who have mental illness?” Hickenlooper asked. “It’s a valid question to be asking.” Beauprez, who is pro-life, wants to put a mentally handicapped man to death?¿ - Rixar13
Secret Service chief resigns amid security lapses - WFLA News Channel 8 -
The first of many I infer, wow. - Rixar13
Man with implanted horns gets life for 3 killings - WFLA News Channel 8 -
"Veiovis has a 666 tattoo between two rows of forehead bumps." Must be a Republican... /s - Rixar13
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