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Driver ticketed for smoking with child in car, police say | Local News - WCVB Home -
Police generating revenue, their major purpose not to keep the kid safe. - Rixar13
Car crashes into Dunedin business, multiple injuries - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Deputies say there are multiple injuries. - Rixar13
Accused DUI killer due in Pinellas court today - WFLA News Channel 8 -
No Soup for you.... - Rixar13
Organizing Paperwork in Your Home Office | -
A must do...! - Rixar13
Facebook request cost NC woman hundreds of dollars - WFLA News Channel 8 -
If it seems to be too good to be true, in most likely is (too good to be true). - Rixar13
McTear trial continues to stir emotion in Tampa jurors - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Curtis Reeves released from jail in Pasco movie theater shooting - WFLA News Channel 8 -
“Sorry, if he walks on this, then Florida should be designated a Lawless Land, where you travel at your own risk. The same understanding that I have, no more movies for me or my family. - Rixar13
Supermoon rises bigger, brighter - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Wife and I were observing this tonight... - Rixar13
Curtis Reeves released from jail in Pasco movie theater shooting - WFLA News Channel 8 -
"Attorneys representing the victim's wife, Nicole Oulson, say, "This is a dangerous man." A Serious Mistake...! - Rixar13
Fwd: Is That a Dangerous Spider? | - (via
Is That a Dangerous Spider? | -
Is That a Dangerous Spider? Black Widow Brown Recluse The Hobo Spider - Rixar13
Where Are the Bugs Hiding? | -
Where Are the Bugs Hiding? Bed Bugs Ants Ladybugs Bug-proofing - Get Rid of Bugs - Rixar13
Out With the Bad, in With the Good: the Top 5 Bugs to Defend Your Yard | -...
Ladybugs Ground Beetles Daddy Longlegs Assassin Bugs The Preying Mantis - Sold at Home-Depot? - Rixar13
Elizabeth Warren for Senate -
Happy Birthday Senator Warren, Today is my Birthday too.. IB 58 today. - Rixar13
Trademark board rules against Redskins name - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Do you think the Washington Redskins should change the team's name? Yes, to the Washington Rednecks. - Rixar13
We Come To You Computer Repair -
Thanks Ron, - Rixar13
Failed Candidate Romney Blames Obama For Bush Failures -
Willard Romney, the next man that will Never be President... Ever...! - Rixar13
4 Steps to Patch Drywall | -
Thank you, now all I need is ambition.. ¿ - Rixar13
CONTEST: Win your mortgage or rent for a year! - WFLA News Channel 8 -
fingers crossed... ¿ - Rixar13
POLL: Which First Lady Has More Class? -
Michelle Obama - Rixar13
Man, 20, drowns off Clearwater Beach - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Whoa, that sucks. - Rixar13
Local Arizona Television Station Becoming a Major Patient Advocate In Battling Denied United Healthcare Insurance Claims For Consumers…”Healthcare Nightmares” (Videos) - Medical Quack -
Your comment will be visible after approval. You see this $hit??? - Rixar13
Open Thread–6/2/2014 -
" Faux "news" regular Liz Cheney - - Warning, Warning, Warning bull $hit alert…! :-( - Rixar13
New victim in case of former Polk teacher accused of sex with st - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Just as I opened this email "Breaking News" on NBC, I hear the story in the living room... rolling eyes - Rixar13
Rays Don Zimmer passes away at age 83 - WFLA News Channel 8 -
Don Zimmer has died, He was 83. - Rixar13
WDEL 1150AM - Contractor says he feels bad about bridge closure -
"James Thomas Jr. of Wilmington said Wednesday he feels bad about the situation" No he don't...! - Rixar13
Pull Up a Chair: iDIOTS -
Keep the lights on... - Rixar13
House Republicans Vote Down Amendment Aimed At Curbing Wage Theft -
House Republicans continue to prove that they have no interest whatsoever in looking out for the average working American out there with this latest maneuver. - Rixar13
U.S. Supreme Court overturns death sentence of intellectually disabled killer -
Good News... "someone is too intellectually disabled to be sentenced to death — an IQ of 70 or below — is too rigid." - Rixar13
Editorial: Tallahassee stubbornness keeps 800,000 uninsured -
This makes me Very Angry... - Rixar13
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