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Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins

Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins

Editor-in-Chief at SiliconANGLE | big.kahuna at studio.rizzn | Dallas, TX
Tagged! "Date night while Grandpa John Hopkins watching the boys yay!"
Never got the actual Glass, though.
Smoke free for 2.5 years as of today.
RT @BertLatamore: Bill Inmon, the "Father of the EDW" & President and Chief Technology Officer, Forest Rim Technology LLC liv... #CDOIQ
RT @furrier: Standardization is very important for Chief Data Officers yet it must promote innovation not a growth killer #CDOIQ
RT @furrier: During the Lehman crisis; there were many Leman entities yet no standards so exposure was unknown; that is ... #CDOIQ
It's an interesting revelation, in light of the fact that according to Blaszkowsky's statement, there was a... #CDOIQ
(David was a regulator during the financial crisis). According to Blaszkowsky, the crisis wasn't a failure... #CDOIQ
Minutes away from kickoff on @theCUBE on location. Looking forward to another great day of content. #CDOIQ
It's been nothing but high quality guests on @theCube today. Everyone has a fascinating perspective on the ... #CDOIQ
RT @SiliconANGLE: Pamela Wise-Martinez, Office of Dir of National Intelligence, visiting #theCUBE at #MITIQ
Naomi Brockwell is the Bitcoin Girl (Video)
RT @WalshFreedom: Baba Booey! God bless Howard Stern fans via @NoahCRothman
RT @OrwellForks: Banner week for leftwing media RT @FreeBeacon: ICYMI: Prank Caller Destroys MSNBC's 'The Cycle'
RT @OrwellForks: Banner week for leftwing media RT @FreeBeacon: ICYMI: Prank Caller Destroys MSNBC's 'The Cycle'
Tagged! "Me: "That's me. Circa 1999 or so." Wife: "Wow. What happened?" #tbt #throwbackthursday"
Tagged! "Last train switch of the day."
I love polka. ♫ NOW That's What I Call Polka! – "Weird Al" Yankovic #NowPlaying
RT @DIVADallasVball: Only 5 days left for the early-bird registration rate for the fall season! Make sure take advantage of the discount!
RT @cambeck: How to fight desertification and reverse climate change
RT @josswhedon: A female Thor? What the hell makes them think THAT would be cool?
RT @Ihnatko: I’m not against a female Thor. I’m just tired of “let’s put someone else in the costume” as Marvel’s monthly creative breakthrough.
RT @Qthrul: During the 1980s did any US states ban the use of calculator watches while operating a motor vehicle?
No OTOH I seldom needed square root of 17 while traveling at 75 miles an hour - WarLord
RT @joef_3: @jephjacques Coming soon to Kickstarter: Jeph Jacques' Riding in Cars with Cartoonists.
Raspberry Pi B+ model takes the original and makes everything better
Wonder what the number looks like now.
RT @SeinfeldToday: Kramer rents out his apartment every night on Airbnb & lives in the hallway. K:“I’m making cash hand over fist, Jerry!” J:“You’re homeless!"
RT @mickmcavoy: The last time I saw a Brazil this bleak it was getting directed by Terry Gilliam
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