Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins
FriendFeed: Like Most Things, Good in Moderation [Scoble’s Intervention] -
Very thoughtful and insightful article... - Atul Arora
... thanks. I forgot to include the thoughts rattling around my head with regard to Mike's statements that the content can't be monetized. I had FriendFeed inline on my site (not as a widget), and had ads running around it. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins from IM
Also monetization may not happen on Friendfeed but if it drives traffic to the original post, it does get monetized. Blogs all over the place use twitterfeed to drive traffic to their site (techcrunch included). - Atul Arora
+1 Atul right on! - Susan Beebe
indeed, though I'd argue that the traffic driven is more effective for folks who actively participate in conversations like us, rather than people that use it to syndicate like TC. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins from IM
Mark - exactly! that's the whole point of FF...sharing / conversation. BTW, good to see YOU back :) - Susan Beebe
Welcome back:) - K.D.
Good to be back. I'm feeling more plugged in already. - Mark "Rizzn" Hopkins from IM