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RT @TriniD4: #30for30badboy great doc with probably the best ending line ever. Great stuff.
RT @KingJames: Great 30 for 30 on the "Bad Boys"!!! S/O that whole squad mostly because the brotherhood they had for one another no matter what!!
RT @desusnice: The 30 for 30 on the BasedGawd curse with a 60 year old ringless Kevin Durant is gonna be such a tearjerker yo
RT @rupertmurdoch: Yesterday saw mind blowing demonstration of virtual reality developed by Oculus, snapped up for $2 bn by Facebook. Congrats, Mark.
RT @engadget: Titanfall pushes Xbox One sales to 5 million total, but it can't pass PlayStation
Not sure why Google keeps serving me "lightweight" YouTube pages, and why I can't opt out of it
RT @InEyeAleE: Beyonce really needs to do a collab with Ikea for a Surfbört line.
RT @DanJacobsen: @rjcc Mall Rats was on HDDVD but not Blu-ray. I know, because I own it
RT @jonshiring: For the record, the two "ugliest" dev cycles I've worked on were Call of Duty 4 and Titanfall - the two games I'm most proud of working on.
Sony pumps up its PS4 update with game pre-loading and SHAREfactory video editor via @engadget
RT @engadget: Engadget HD Podcast 394 - 4.16.14
Sony sold seven million PS4s already, beating its own predictions via @engadget
RT @DeePhunk: I promise you've never heard @Pharrell's "Happy" like this. Has @OGKeithSweat heard this yet?
... RT @TwitterMusic: Please welcome @PrasMichel - founding member and 1/3rd of the Fugees to Twitter! cc/ @wyclef @MsLaurynHill
RT @Grady_Booch: I am such a geek. I thought you meant Access Control List. “@rjcc: @fmanjoo why are ACLs even a thing if all we're going to do is tear them”
Sometimes I kinda forget Google is an ad company
RT @MartyTheElder: I'm saddened to say that Bungie's board of directors terminated me without cause on April 11, 2014.
Halo, Destiny music composer Martin O'Donnell fired by Bungie via @engadget
Join the Engadget HD Podcast live on Ustream at 8:30PM ET via @engadget
Google's Project Ara wants to revolutionize the smartphone industry within a year via @engadget
RT @2DOPEposts: Jaded Incorporated (@MayerHawthorne & @14KT) release their second single, "People Change"
RT @davely: "Day 692 without the new Twitter profile. I think I'm finally starting to lose hope of rescue. I wonder if they've forgotten about me..."
RT @SamNazarko: I forgot to add the link. Here it is: #raspbmc #update
RT @SamNazarko: New #Raspbmc update: bringing AirPlay iOS 7 fixes, external sound card support, performance improvements and more!
RT @cwarzel: had to issue a VERY troubling correction to my RTs/endorsements post…
RT @xChaseMoney: I'll buy DLC for COD when they fix hacking on COD 4, WAW, MW2, Black Ops 1, and Black Ops 2. You don't support after launch, then I won't.
RT @googleglass: Yikes, we're out of Cotton. If you want to #GetGoogleGlass, hop to it because we’ll be closing up shop tonight.
RT @lauwiley: half the people I see speaking on Pharrell weren't even born when "Lookin at Me" came out but swear they an expert. lolol. okie dokie.
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