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RT @NotoriousJLD: @rjcc Or why don't Yahoo/iTunes post embeddables? Reeks of stubbornness standing in the way of MILLIONS of impressions. (So very Hollywood.)
RT @AmericasPregame: Announcement from Stewart-Haas racing regarding Michigan this weekend and Tony Stewart
RT @NotoriousJLD: Studios: When you give your trailer/clip "exclusively" to 1 outlet, others immediately rip it, which the rest of us embed. This hurts you.
RT @AntonioFrench: After a night in the #Ferguson jail, I'm free. My staffers who were also arrested last night are also free. Thank you for all the support.
RT @ChelseaVPeretti: HI🎈Excited to announce my hour stand-up special ONE OF THE GREATS is going be avail on @netflix starting NOV 14 ❤️🙌🎉🎉I love it
RT @daveweigel: It’s early, but this is the tweet of the day. RT @XaiaX: Looters stealing camera equipment in Ferguson:
RT @mathewi: Smart piece from @ethanz: "I have come to believe that advertising is the original sin of the web"
RT @LaurieSkrivan: Antonio French released just now #Ferguson
About that "the revolution will not be televised" tweet you're going to send later: Make sure you know what that was about first
RT @GovJayNixon: Canceling all appearances at the @MoStateFair to visit North #STL County tomorrow. Statement to follow.
RT @desusnice: The unmitigated caucasity in this arrest story tho
RT @evanchill: Twitter: Oh my God, Ferguson is like the Middle East. No, it's actually pretty American.
RT @WesleyLowery: Thank you, @NABJ: #NABJ Statement on the Arrests of @WesleyLowery and @ryanjreilly #Furguson
RT @L_Rocks_Well: "@joshsternberg: A U.S city is under martial law & CBS is airing drama called Extant; ABC is airing Motive; NBC is airing Taxi Brooklyn."<=!
That answers that question
I wonder what the police in and around Ferguson have been up to when national media and the internet were looking elsewhere
RT @nickdepetrillo: Massive security breach! Book of thousands of names, phone numbers and addressed carelessly left at my doorstep.
RT @jonswaine: Two reporters just cuffed and put in cop can outside Ferguson McDonald's where @WesleyLowery said he and @ryanjreilly were working
RT @AP: BREAKING: Tiger Woods removes himself from consideration for US Ryder Cup team because of back problems.
Nice that Microsoft has its own 2FA app for Android now, not nice that I can't keep using the Google Authenticator for Live like I have been
USPS dropped my roommate's golf gear at the door but left my @OnePlus One in the box up the street
RT @AntonioFrench: State Senator asks the #Ferguson police chief if she's going to be gassed again.
RT @romenesko: NYDN memo: Be sure to use "buzzy search words like dead, death, suicide, etc." in Robin Williams stories.
RT @DanaWollman: If you're a PR person thinking of piggybacking on the Robin Williams story to promote your client, don't.
RT @Variety: #Rogue Renewed for 20 Episodes on DirecTV
RT @Techmeme: Amazon's $10 mobile card reader arrives, undercutting Square and PayPal transaction fees
Amazon Local Register: Amazon undercuts Square and PayPal with its own mobile card reader via Engadget Android
The O'Bannon Ruling and the Beginning of the End of NCAA Inc. via @BW
RT @engadget: .@oneplus has issued a statement apologizing for the (now cancelled) sexist 'Ladies First' selfie contest
Those 2011 MBPs are lemons
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