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60 seconds with the tracker that proves how close you got to the edge via @engadget
RT @darlingchuck: If ur in SF 2nite check out my fave dudes @trackademicks @1oakALLDAY @mkbkrthebkmkr 💕 performing @ybca
RT @NotAllBhas: Snoop Dogg has repeatedly thrown up gang signs while cooking (something illegal) with a convicted felon #pointergate
RT @ScottDibble: Turns out the campaign to defeat the anti-marriage amendment was a ruse to promote gangs in Minnesota. #pointergate
RT @fwmj: we aint lose Big L for this man
RT @ChrisDStedman: I was born and raised in MN; so disappointed in @KSTP. #pointergate via @ShaunKing
"Really, it's about ethics in games journalism."
RT @wmsteele: A functioning @ProjectAra prototype on stage at #ExpandNY. Kinda nuts to see in person, even from a distance.
RT @NASCARONFOX: Kurt Busch is under investigation by the Dover Police for alleged domestic violence. #NASCAR
Gordon Heyward apparently believes he was worth that big contract
RT @nikelab: Introducing the Nike Lunar Force 1 X UNDFTD. Coming November 14th. #NikeLab
RT @InEyeAleE: "Go get my checkbook. I wanna see which one of the bills YOU payed in here this month."
RT @desusnice: "LL Cool J, the Black KKK. Accidental racist, I'll blow off they faces"
RT @rachelhaot: .@EngadgetEvents Thanks for having me - was an honor to kick things off! So proud to have @engadget in NY.
RT @OaklandElle: The feds are apparently onto me, so I guess I should just come out and admit it. I am the Dread Princess Buttercup.
I'm at #ExpandNY -- Engadget Expand in New York, NY
Plastic Plates feat. Sam Sparro - Stay In Love (Official Video): via @YouTube
Plastic Plates feat. Sam Sparro - Stay In Love (Official Video): via @YouTube
RT @SarahKauss: Watching a terrible fire on the runway at #jfk airport. Prayers for wherever is going on.
Aereo tells Boston employees it's shutting down November 12th -
RT @NBA2K: Learn how to perform the advanced “SHAMMGOD” dribble move in #NBA2K15. #brokenankles
RT @mmurraypolitics: Remember when Ebola was a big national/political story? Interesting what appears/disappears when the campaigning is over
RT @mattblaze: Wait, the (alleged) SilkRoad2 operator registered the server under HIS OWN NAME?
RT @desusnice: "In 2014 you tweeted that Migos were trash. Care to explain?" - 2064 Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing
RT @desusnice: "Its nice we can get together on holidays. Be even better if we were getting together for a wedding" - some hater/family member
RT @ProfJeffJarvis: BTW will Silk Road 2.0 still fulfill purchases made before the acquisition?
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