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RT @iankennedy: Daniel Suarez, prescient once again. Prediction: Reality:
Voted for "The Martian" in the Semifinal Round of the 2014 #GoodreadsChoice Awards via @goodreads
Love getting an alert that a new Story has been built from images I uploaded to Drive, complete w/geo tags & labels w/o any effort from me.
Google+ Stories has to be my favorite product of the last couple years. Astoundingly delightful.
RT @itsDanielSuarez: #INFLUX made semifinal round of #GoodreadsChoice Awards. Still time to vote -- and thanks to all who did. @goodreads
RT @SenTedCruz: "Net Neutrality" is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.
Cards Against Humanity, you're adorable.
Cutler interception coming in 3, 2, 1...
Watching this game is like watching my kids play my Dad on Madden.
If there's a way to give up a touchdown *during* halftime, this Bears team is going to find a way.
.@ZacMoffatt wow, that whole piece by @BillGates was incredible. Hadn't heard of Smil before; putting him on my reading list now. Thanks!
RT @ZacMoffatt: Amazing: China used more cement in 3 yrs than the US used in the entire 20th century
Happy birthday to @drew, who is awesome. To many more, buddy.
RT @siddharth3: Sweden has provided one of the most epic burns in diplomatic history. It first formally recognised Palestine. Then:
RT @tedr: I'm surprised one cant browse a list of live performances, buy a ticket, watch the livestream. I'd pay $$ to watch a good show right now
Just tried @ThinkUp's latest iteration, it's pretty great. Nice job @ginatrapani @anildash
Scanning ~10 year-old photos that were printed at Costco. Seeing datestamps on back of MM/DD/YYYY instead of actual dates makes me stabby
.@hunterwalk things my kids have learned b/c of Minecraft: console commands, VNC, router config, port forwarding, IP addresses
From Too Many Cooks creators' AMA: * took a year * they thought 100 people would see it * many, many easter eggs
Anyone know how to find the Too Many Cooks track in the #SXSW Panel Picker?
RT @mortenjust: iPhone 6's 240 fps slo mo video mode is great for filming and debugging UI animations, btw
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: too many cooks kde too many cooks gnome too many cooks xfce too many cooks fluxbox too many cooks cinnamon too many cooks unity too many coo
RT @WSJGraphics: 2014 is on track to add the most jobs since 1999
So excited about this album. 47 year-old Dylan lyrics set to music for the first time by variety of artists.
Classy RT @RoKhannaUSA: Thanks for everything. I'm so proud of what we did together. Read my full remarks here: #CA17
RT @GermanyDiplo: Tonight #Berlin is divided again… balloons lighting up route of the former #Wall via @schmidtsdorf #Lichtgrenze
RT @thekin: The Kin has a show on 11/09/2014 at 06:30 PM @ Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco, CA #concert
RT @McAndrew: Whoa, another fantastic read! "Who The Hell Keeps Calling Me? When Gamergate Hits The Wrong Target" via @Digg
Whoa (also my reaction). - Micah from FFHound(roid)!
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: PGP email day 1: "NSA can't hack this shit I am a god." PGP email day 2: "This UX is terrible." There is no PGP email day 3.
Very important post by my friend @ericajoy. Met her on my 1st day at Google; she’s awesome. Be aware of others.
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