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RT @dansinker: Publishing is weird: YA author was replaced by a ghostwriter. Now she's writing sanctioned fanfic *of her own books*:
RT @Uber_SF: Today marks the launch of our 100th city! Check out where people ride in the Bay and around the world: #Uber100
We are all going to be so embarrassed at how long we relied on passwords for "security". #passwordsmustdie
Sounds like @actuallynph is transcendent in Hedwig: Also, we should totally Kickstarter "Hurt Locker: The Musical"
Andy Weir, author of The Martian, in his talk at Google: If you haven't read The Martian, find it and read it. Now.
Downloading Github for Mac. About to make production changes to a site. My liberal arts degrees and law degree have prepared me well.
RT @neiltyson: An hour on @NatGeo Channel carries fewer commercials than @FoxTV.  So Cosmos there contains 2min of behind-the-scenes footage
RT @tedr: RT @InVenture is looking for awesome data interns! Come apply at [Great data training that will lead to great jobs]
RT @epeckham: Just got referred to the GV Library. Fantastic starter kit for founders. Great contributions, @GoogleVentures!
At @united boarding gate, "momentarily" is apparently measured with an NBA clock. At the end of the game. With aggressive refs.
Looking to get started with z-wave at my house. Anyone have a preferred primer to learn what's what?
On page 41 of 369 of The Martian, by Andy Weir: this book is a thrilling read. as much fun as I've had reading a b...
The replies to @sacca's tweet are priceless.
Driving out of Death Valley this am, learned that a 9% grade while towing 30' trailer is kinda scary. Oh, and the wildflowers are gorgeous.
Vacation pro-tip: if you go off-roading while wearing your Fitbit, you'll get 10k steps by lunch *and* climb 225 flights of stairs.
RT @steverubel: Re Field of Dreams - did you know there was a real "Moonlight" Graham?
RT @stjamessgate: @rklau I have tried every variant of Pizza Hut and can't get into your Orkut account
Now's a good time to share this primer on getting set up with @LastPass I wrote a couple years ago: #heartbleed
That awkward feeling when you get an out of office reply from your tax preparer a week before tax day
RT @JohnnotJon: Whoever came up with the @GoogleVentures @Uber PR move should be promoted. Every entrepreneur I know heard about it.
RT @Homejoy: Thoughts from CEO Adora @nolimits on @Homejoy launch in the UK.
RT @hunterwalk: Gil Penchina’s Army: How @AngelList’s Largest Syndicate Plans to Lead A Rounds, Hire An Associate & Keep VCs Honest
RT @hunterwalk: if you know someone frustrated with the “inside round” offer they get from their VC’s, tell them to contact me
RT @jmcdannald: With the recall of the Fitbit Force, we’ve got a new fitness tracker pick over @wirecutter:
RT @SwiftOnSecurity: I patched OpenSSL and due to the nature of the bug had to tell my old SSL cert that we are never, ever, ever getting back together.
RT @ScannerSays: SFPD units update re: the sinkhole on the Bay Bridge, Caltrans tells them it will not be repaired until 1am. Major gridlock issues. #sf
RT @SF_emergency: Bay Bridge; In eastbound direction lanes 1 and 2 are shutdown due to a sink hole.
RT @Uber_SV: #UberPITCH was a big success! We heard great pitches today & big shoutout to @GoogleVentures!
RT @gramkumar: @rklau @Jason @TWistartups Cool, among the first @SwellApp shares from an Android device. :)
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