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RT @MaioccoCSN: #49ers CEO Jed York and Jim Harbaugh spoke yesterday. They agreed to postpone contract talks until after season.
Looking forward to trying out @forageco. Cook the best recipes from restaurants in 20 min.
You'd think they'd A/B test some subject lines, but you'd be wrong.
RT @SFist: The worsening drought, illustrated.
Thanks for sharing this, Máire! I've been overwhelmed at the positive response to the video; appreciate you helping …
RT @kabam: Kabam and Alibaba Group Team Up to Bring World-Class Mobile Game Titles to Players in China
RT @JasonLeopold: CIA OIG report says 3 IT staffers “demonstrated a lack of candor about their activities during interviews"
Mobile app developers, I beg of you: do not make me create a new account/password. Login w/Google, Facebook, or Twitter.
My 12 year-old wants to learn how to sing. Any tips for getting started? Anything to avoid?
Board/advisors should never be listed above the actual people building the company on a company's About page
Wow, this a/b feature request competition (after submitting support request) at Revolv is really smart.
RT @zephoria: Goodbye @Avis, Hello @Uber. Reflections on my customer service nightmare:
Been waiting for this for a while! Revolv smart home hub now supports Android via @producthunt
#NowPlaying "Palm Trees" by @DaneDrewis on @Sonos
RT @dannysullivan: It's the rare sequel that's better than the original. Aliens, Terminator 2 & now #Sharknado2
Stay classy, Yahoo adserver!
Finished Horns by @joe_hill today. Dark, hugely entertaining. The film w/Daniel Radcliffe looks like it'll be crazy!
RT @MikeIsaac: "...says the document, which the White House accidentally emailed to an Associated Press reporter."
RT @BryceStrand: In honor of Sharknado 2 let's remember this happened
.@parislemon "We will work with the customer to give that customer the change that he or she needs."
Metallica album got its name from The Stand; @StephenKing listens to Metallica while writing. #kaisawheel
YouTube star pays off his parents' mortgage: WOW. /via @harto
RT @Veronica: If you’ve been looking for a SFF community, join mine! @swordandlaser is only 30 peeps away from 20k members!
Congrats @VinnyLingham and the @gyft team - have loved working with you!
RT @bwhalley: imagining @rklau option-clicking random stuff on his computer for the rest of the morning, looking for new settings.
RT @jackiebo: Engineers: So your PM sucks? Here's how to fix it. | Ellen's Blog
RT @MeltingIce: @rklau hold down option while clicking the icon
RT @Microsoft: @levie - Biding my time. Waiting. Planning.
Why Apple does not include a link to audio prefs from the speaker in the system tray I'll never know
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