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So I've sworn off the NFL for the time being, but I'm in a bar and the Thursday Night Football game is on. Atlanta might score 100 points.
Thanks to @IrishImpact_SE for hosting me today; really enjoyed spending time with students and local entrepreneurs. Great energy on campus!
RT @glichfield: CNN wins again RT @jaredbkeller: Today in math RT @finansakrobat: Now this is a poll you can trust. #ScotlandDecides
RT @shivar: @rklau does this mean it will now require 14 months to install TripIt on my new iPhone? #asifihadthespace
SAP now owns TripIt. What. RT @danprimack: SAP wants in on all the fun: Buying Concur
Android app Facer ( enables lots of watch face hackery: Love it. #AndroidWear
If it's not Scottish it's crap!
A modest proposal: we should just Mirandize our governors when they're sworn in. Saves everyone time.
Many thanks to @techstarsjohn and the entire @techstars team for inviting me to #foundercon! Amazing energy, great community of founders
Dedicated waiting area for Treo users @ Austin-Bergstrom International Airport
RT @stirman: Want a CS degree? Don't bother. Instead, send me 50% of the tuition cost, and I'll teach you how to search Stack Overflow. It's a win win!
RT @sharonschneider: Fantastic session on OKRs from @rklau of Google Ventures. Ideas flooding, can barely write fast enough. #foundercon
RT @TerryMoran: James Foley, an American journalist kidnapped in Syria in 2012, has been beheaded by ISIS.
RT @stevekovach: Probably a good time for everyone to listen to Carl Sagan’s “pale blue dot” again
RT @mkhammer: RT @mpoppel: BREAKING: Islamic State, in video titled "A Message to America," beheads American journalist James Wright Foley...
Just got email, subj line "Unsubscribe", from co. who's never emailed me. Body of email was a link to unsubscribe from their list. Bizarre.
Congrats Nathan! » @nathandaschle Raises Half A Million To Remake Into The Kickstarter Of Local Politics
RT @travisk: big day today!! - @davidplouffe and I teaming up to lead the @uber campaign!
RT @benhuh: My weather forecast for Seattle this week: Sunny, 32 degrees with sudden downpours:
Inspiring post-game speech by coach David Belisle after his team lost in the Little League World Series:
RT @gpanger: "Between 2010-2014 the police of one small American city, Albuquerque in New Mexico, shot and killed 23 civilians."
RT @chchien: this is happening right now in a major American city. #Ferguson
RT @marcambinder: If you can't sleep because of #Fergsuon tonight, don't sleep anymore, because this stuff happens all to frequently in the US.
RT @ChrisWarcraft: Isn't this what all those "militias" have been training for? Keeping the jackbooted gubmint thugs at bay? Come on down, boys!
RT @perlapell: God bless Don Pardo's sweet and legendary voice and soul. He will be deeply missed.
Actual faves from @hunterwalk feel extra special now.
RT @shellen: Let's build @Drafty together!
What I Did After Police Killed My Son Read more:
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