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Someone on this Amtrak train is *begging* to be trolled
Are you an engineer in NYC looking for your next challenge? Give these ex-Googlers a ring:
Really inspiring retrospective from @jedc on launching Seed-DB 2 years ago:
RT @Amtrak: @rklau It's a woman thing! Nothing like an awesome pedicure, polish job and design! It's being posted as we tweet!
OH MY GOD: "All of the original Firefly stars will reprise their characters for the online game!" #Firefly
RT @hemos: Today's reason humans are great: in the grim future of Hello Kitty there is only war: #warhammer #hellokitty
Woman sitting across from me in the Amtrak waiting area is taking a picture of her toes with her iPhone
RT @johnrlyman: @rklau, pretty sure @nytimes hired the same guy to implement their "remember me" function. He's got a nice little business going.
Ate at Carbone in Manhattan last night, already planning to come back to NYC to eat there again (and again).
RT @steveobd: @rklau it's the elevator close button of the web
8 straight years of clicking 'remember me' at, 8 straight years of being forgotten. Admirable consistency.
RT @AafkeBrons: #MH17 Day 2: The sight of 74 hearses is heartbreaking
Today in social media: my pastor just posted to Facebook about the 50 Shades of Gray trailer.
RT @jodiolson: Modern heroes: @natsturner & @zachweinberg use big data to fight cancer at @flatironhealth. Great feature by @mhelft
RT @kennethn: My new article on @TheNextWeb: 12 things product managers should do in their first 30 days at a new company
Of everything my kids saw in NYC, I'm certain the thing we'll be talking about years from now is the naked painted woman in Times Square.
Sign I've failed: tonight @SwiftKey tried to autocorrect "pinot" to "pilot". NOT OK, SWIFTKEY.
So @joemarchese knows how to pick a restaurant. OMG.
Persistent Uber notifications on Android are great - show driver ETA to pickup, driver's name and license plate during trip. Nice additions
RT @jonwiley: Ok, my Reddit AMA is up and running. Ask Me Anything!
RT @john_dingell: Staff has now informed me of what a Kardashian is. I'm only left with more questions.
"If they are in fact a couple, they’re the Beyoncé and Jay Z of YouTube."
"What state of mind do you have to be in to want to Google 'Sublime tattoos'?" -- @jonahray on his hatred of Sublime
Weird Al at Google LA last week:
RT @mags: A few years ago, I searched for a new set of dishes and stumbled upon something much more valuable: a personal hero.
FTFY MT @AP: BREAKING: (Dutch military plane) carrying (bodies from Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 crash) *lands* [safely] in Eindhoven.
if someone's not working on a fake @AP tweet storm that mimics Patton Oswalt's faux-outrage tweet fragments, now's a good time
RT @DaveStroup: Have you seen a comma? If so, the @AP wants to talk to you.
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