Not That Rochelle
Comparing friendfeed and Twitter. Anyone with strong opinions? Why one and not the other?
Yeah, I can see that making sense. I feel kind of badly that everything I do on twitter comes into FF, even when it's...kind of irrelevant. :/ - Not That Rochelle
It's all about the community. My local network is on Twitter, so I enjoy it more. I connect with librarians on friendfeed, though so that's my "mode" when I'm here. It's less about the interface for me, and more about the connections. (Primarily) - ɥsıuɐʎɹ
To me it feels like trying to compare apples to apple pie. Twitter is cool, and has its fans. Friendfeed combines the cool of twitter with a bunch of other ingredients to make something else. They're both awesome and tasty, but it depends a lot on what you want. - Jennifer Dittrich
Still learning about friendfeed - but like Twitter better currently due to apps that let me read twitter in my Gmail window. - celticlibrarian
I prefer the World Wide Web as a tool. It's got so many features - especially services like "Google," "twitter" and "friendfeed" that help me connect with so many people and ideas. :) - ɥsıuɐʎɹ
Twitter is simpler. They broke replies recently which can be a good reason to move to FriendFeed, but otherwise I find myself using Twitter more than FF. - Uldis Bojars
A part of the reason pro using Twitter is its great application ecosystem. For example, Twitterrific for iPhone/iPod touch provides very good user experience. Can anyone recommend an iPhone application for FriendFeed which provides the same level of functionality and aesthetics? - Uldis Bojars
FF does allow the option of hiding "types" of a friend's feeds, so you do have the option of hiding say, all of a person's delicious feeds but keeping the others available to you. I prefer Twitter to FF myself, largely b/c that's where my friends are. - copystar
Strong opinion? Maybe not. Twitter didn't work for me, but that was more than a year ago. FF currently does work for me. "For me" is a key here. (Maybe I'm verbose? 140 words is 500% more than 140 characters.) - walt crawford
Twitter vs. Friendfeed: 1. Friendfeed is good for conversations. 2. Friendfeed has a relatively small user base and its growth seems have been stalled for some time. 3. Many Friendfeed conversations tend to be shallow; most of the best minds out there in the real world aren't Friendfeed users. 3. Twitter feels more dynamically diverse than Friendfeed, and less ingrown and cliquish. 4. Twitter is significantly superior, crisper and brisker for reading news: larger feedbase; no swamp of comments to wade through. 5. There is good reason to use both services in tandem. Use Twitter to find the best news quickly; use Friendfeed to discuss the news that most interests you. 6. Really smart people can make really smart use of Twitter, and they are doing so and expanding its usefulness in new ways every day. - Sean McBride
Just noticed again: a page of Twitter blows away a page of Friendfeed for useful news. 20 really strong news items per page, easy to absorb almost instantly. 5 seconds of scanning, and I am much better informed about the world. If one wants to discuss a Twitter item, just push it over to Friendfeed. - Sean McBride
Given the, um, neutral nature of Sean's comments, it's worth pointing out that both of them far exceed Twitter's limits. ("Most of the best minds out there" may not be Twitter users either...) - walt crawford
Many very smart people, like Tim O'Reilly and Jack Welch, hang out on Twitter You need to know how to find them. Regarding the character limit: I often post my tweets from Friendfeed. :) Another feature in Friendfeed's favor. As I said: use them in tandem for best results. - Sean McBride
I agree with Sean as far as using them in tandem for best results. - Laura Norvig