Re: Ten tips for wonderful bash productivity -
"I really like your dur function. You might want to improve the comments though, there is a copy pasta in line #15." - Richard Metzler
Re: Lets review.. Docker (aka useless hype) | Cal Leeming Blog -
Re: RIP Peter Dean Rickards: Jamaica just lost its most important artist -
"I never had a chance to met the afflictedyard, but I love his pictures and funny stunts he did. Like when he moved the Banksy wall in his backyard. RIP" - Richard Metzler
The Oatmeal explains Net Neutrality. #important
RT @janl: We have a new website: I’m unbelievably grateful for the amount of work the community has put into this <3
The Ideal Length for Online Content. - The Buffer Blog shares some statistics.
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325,5 USD · Preev -
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rr: lightweight recording & deterministic debugging -
Vim After 11 Years - Ian Langworth's Things of Variable Interest -
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ArangoDB - the multi-purpose NoSQL DBArangoDB | the multi-purpose nosql database -
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