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remember the Port 32764 Backdoor in your router? The firmware 'patch' ... doesn't... really... patch it...
I just learned about the OS X sysdiagnose shortcut Control-Option-Command-Shift-Period. By accident, actually.
OpenSSL Valhalla Rampage
RT @jan: Updated my "How to build an 8 TB RAID5 encrypted time capsule for 500 Euros" blog post after 3 years running 24x7
Dear Amazon, some of your mp3 preview players doesn't work in my Chrome on OSX. Why?
RT @CloudFlare: Results of the CloudFlare Challenge: Based on the findings, we recommend everyone reissue + revoke their private keys
RT @FiloSottile: You know what? I’ll stop predicting when the #Heartbleed check peaks. 20,000 checks a minute.
Detectify Blog – How we got read access on Google's production servers
RT @shariv67: My neighbor has an unsecured, wireless printer. I just sent this document to it.
Drew Houston: Drop Condoleezza Rice or I will #DropDropbox! I'm serious.
RT @zachinglis: Condoleezza Rice Joins Dropbox’s Board
RT @FrozenFire: an all too familiar pattern in software engineering
RT @GitHubAPI: In response to the Heartbleed vulnerability, we recommend resetting the API tokens for your OAuth applications:
NoSQL Meets Bitcoin and Brings Down Two Exchanges: The Story of Flexcoin and Poloniex
RT @BernardKeane: Blair knew about CIA torture and kidnap. Time for ministers and senior spies to be prosecuted & jailed for this:
How I Hacked Your Router
RT @j4cob: I just wrote about why you need a 'www' for better web security:
RT @RobertReiz: Version 2.0.1 of versioneye-maven-plugin has been released! Grab it now from #bintray!
Verifying myself: I am rmetzler on 0iJ6abF7tUZV-EwuZeG-7HsWv5Z6sB5BEn_s /
I am rmetzler on 0iJ6abF7tUZV-EwuZeG-7HsWv5Z6sB5BEn_s /
RT @RobertReiz: DuckDuckGo supports now direkt search @VersionEye. Try this query @duckduckgo "!veye log4r"
RT @ioerror: Help Support the Little-Known #Privacy Tool That Has Been Critical to Journalists Reporting on the #NSA: #tails #tor
RT @JohnKiriakou: CIA agents who tortured were promoted or protected. Only the whistleblower is in prison. #FreeJohnKiriakou
RT @scottjehl: "Require Congressmen & Senators to wear logos of their financial backers ..., much like NASCAR." via @Joshua_Ariza
RT @daleharvey: And for the europeans, a new @pouchdb release with a new site + blog :)
RT @jmazzi: Ruby OpenSSL question: Is there a way to validate that the CA bundle for a given SSL certificate is valid for said SSL certificate?
RT @jquery: jQuery core browser support changes are coming! Goodbye IE6 and IE7!
I really wonder why I see failing Ajax errors to http://localhost:4752/morpho on an Amazon site. But only get these in Chrome. Forgot smthg?
RT @anttilk: Where did the now ubiquitous hamburger menu icon ≡ come from? Xerox—already in 1981 by @geoffa
Turkey Hijacking IP addresses for popular Global DNS providers
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