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Richard Hurt

Richard Hurt

CEO & Co-Founder of KangarooBox, "We make IT simple!". If you need a computer server appliance, you need to visit
911 Decision Tree (x-post from r/autos) -
911 Decision Tree (x-post from r/autos)
It's the simple things that make our city unique -
It's the simple things that make our city unique
WDRB's story on the Cahoot's police raid. Contains interview with an attorney confirming that their actions were illegal. -
We did some more research into the history of AWS price cuts—reinforces the idea that "cloud cost war" claims are overblown -
New features in Rails 4.2 -
How Gmail fought spam -
Minecraft to Join Microsoft -
Minecraft to Join Microsoft
High Quality Map Images (Valve+Custom) -
High Quality Map Images (Valve+Custom)
(US) I Know That Voice - A documentary showcasing the famous actors you've never seen, an inside view on the world of voice acting. -
Why does the new mobile version not have a stop-loading/refresh button? -
In light of recent sub bannings: the best write up I've seen about Celebgate, fappening, media & reddit. -
80s Bonk Atomic Punch Advertisement -
80s Bonk Atomic Punch Advertisement
If Rammstein did code -
Congratulations /r/tf2, you're the Subreddit of the day! -
Microsoft Paid The NFL $400 Million To Use Its Tablets, But Announcers Are Calling Them iPads -
Worth learning Ruby before RoR? -
FBI Lied About How it Obtained Silk Road Server Location Says Security Expert -
I can't believe I never noticed this... I'm 21 -
I can't believe I never noticed this... I'm 21
The first episode of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" aired 21 years ago today! (September 10, 1993) -
Hey guys, Eric from Netflix, letting you know we're joining reddit and others for ‘Internet Slowdown’ Day Sept. 10th to protect Net Neutrality. -
My Keybase proof [reddit:RNHurt = keybase:rnhurt] (WXlIdmaJ2FpWds0vu1JhsKtCQpQBX7sHT2H3oD0wN9I) -
Yahoo said the US government threatened to fine it $250,000 a day if the search giant failed to hand over user data. -
Microsoft pays NFL $400 million for product placement of Surface tablets on national TV, announcers call them iPads -
Is LibreOffice 4.0 Better than Microsoft Office 2013? -
Apple Watch with Jony Ives design grid -
The Seatbelts – Tank! -!
菅野よう子 – living inside the shell -
菅野よう子 – Inner Universe -
Daft Punk – Veridis Quo -
RNHurt on Google is rolling out a new Material Design-inspired version of Google Play for Android -
"How does this work with Cyanogenmod? Do we have to install the new one ourselves or will it automatically update?" - Richard Hurt
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