RT @JamieTrex: And Great Britain remains great. #indyref #indyrefallnighter #ScotlandDecides
RT @GormoJourno: BBC just called #indyref as a NO. The dream is over.
RT @ibroxxxx: "@RafHM: A very miserable looking Alex Salmond tonight. https://twitter.com/DailyMa... #indyref" Outstanding
RT @campbellclaret: My Hebridean father would have been particularly happy to hear the first Gaelic announcement (Western Isles) as a NO #indyref
RT @maxethanrodgers: I might be a Tory and he's Labour, but very impressed by @jimmurphymp and his conduct during this referendum campaign
RT @benrileysmith: Hmmm RT @sarah_bloch: Alex Salmond left Aberdeen airport by private jet at 3am accompanied by wife Moira. Destination unknown. #indyref
Celebrating Western Isles voting No in true #bbctw style #indyref Where's choo choo when I need him? https://twitter.com/roadgoe...
Wow. Blue Nun is actually quite nice! @afneil was right all along! Works at 3am with toffee popcorn and rising hopes of a NO #indyref #bbctw
RT @geocham: If Scotland goes independent, WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO CAROL KIRKWOOD? #indyref
RT @MaajidNawaz: Long live our four nations. Long live our Union. Long live our United Kingdom https://twitter.com/MaajidN...
RT @jameschappers: Cameron will not accept devo that creates 'new class of politicians' ie no regional assembles - source. Eng votes at Westminster #indyref
Time I visited the Northern Isles. Feel new kinship with loyal citizens way up there. Many Scottish places reborn in English minds #indyref
Great to see Andrew Marr back to his old self and intelligently analysing he does so well #indyref
Stop calling information "intelligence" pretentious pundits. Doesn't make you sound any cooler. #indyref #ScotlandDecides
RT @SkyNews: Many of you have spotted 'Yes' ballot papers on a 'No' table in Dundee. Here's the response from @YesDundee #indyref https://twitter.com/SkyNews...
RT @BBCPropaganda: EXCLUSIVE: Here is the first draft of the Queens written statement #ScotlandDecides #IndyRef https://twitter.com/BBCProp...
Yay it's Brillo! Time to open the Blue Nun #indyref #bbctw Love @afneil
What happens if a plane carrying ballot boxes from the islands crashes in the mist and the ballots sink in the sea? #indyref
RT @delna_24: While you're following #indyref...."@thehill: BREAKING: Senate approves Obama request to arm, train Syrian rebels"
Thunder & lightning outside: prescient, but whose doom does it auger? #indyref
RT @Number10cat: David Cameron is chain smoking. Nick Clegg is playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos. It's going to be a long night. #indyref
RT @pollycurtis: Ever since the poll came out the streets have got much quieter in Edinburgh #indyref
RT @MrSpindles: Ballot boxes leaving Isle of Bute. Been doing these late sailings for yrs. 1st time ever getting goosebumps. #indyref https://twitter.com/MrSpind...
RT @rorybremner: @rorybremner: BREAKING NEWS: Sunderland South Count Declared. Votes Cast. Yes 0. No 0. Westminster HOLD. #indyref #ScotlandDecides
RT @TimMontgomerie: Twitter giving ten times as much useful info as been given by bbc. Why on earth isn't anyone mentioning the @YouGov poll and just wittering?
RT @sophiequinn0: I 🙏 we don't wake up independant #bettertogether 🇬🇧🇬🇧
RT @Charles_HRH: The Scots are clearly giving 110% to become independent. #ScotlandDecides https://twitter.com/Charles...
Bore off Jeremy Vine. Bring back Peter Snow and lose the self-conscious pointless graphics! #indyref
RT @davidcochrane: YouGov says #indyref No win by 54% with 99% confidence.
Here we goooo! Curry ready, beers in, blue nun on ice. Let the drama commence! #indyref #indyrefallnighter #bbctw
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