“In the 21st century, the database is the marketplace.” Stan Rapp of MRM Partners Worldwide
Brandhacker Digital Infographic Analysis: "Social Media Analytics" www.brandhackers.com
Brandhacker Daily Digital Infographic Analysis: "The Anatomy of Content Marketing" by Content+ www.brandhackers.com
The Reinvented Consumer Lifecycle Model: Keeping Customers in your Brand Orbit http://www.purematter.com/resourc...
RSVP to hear Marshall Sponder plug his Social Media Analytics insights at our next brandhackers: http://www.meetup.com/brandha...
media consumption via devices now greater than TV worldwide: http://www.mediapost.com/publica...
Google's SEO starter guide is informative (and comical). Key for keeping attention. http://static.googleusercontent.com/externa...
I'll be blogging the "BlogWell" sessions today at Columbia. Follow us at blogwell http://www.socialmedia.org/blogwel...
Interacting With Social Media Critics Improves Negative Sentiment: www.brandhackers.com
charlie sheen tickets on sale (Radio City): http://www.radiocity.com/events...
RSVP for the 3/28 Brandhackers Meetup: "Digital Consumers & How to Reach Them" http://www.brandhackers.com/ panel: R/GA, Nielsen, Clickable
Part of the FDA's delay on social media guidelines was "concern social media platforms like Twitter & FB would not B around in the future"
AdAge says "likers" of FB brand fan pages R prone to 2 in the 'nerd set' - easily engaged / instantly distracted. Brand counter-strategy?
In Q1 2010, 22% of apps downloaded in iTunes were used only once. By Q4 2010, it was 26%. -AdAge. Is it b/c these were the free ones?
"(For a small biz) AdWords is like sitting in the cockpit of a 747 when U only know how 2 ride a bike" - Catherine Hillen-Rulloda (in AdAge)
Facebook just became the most popular marketing channel for local businesses, with 70% using it vs. 66% using Google Search -Merchant Circle
Facebook now at 23% of US display ads market share, says ComScore
What do you know about Oreo's social media strategy? http://www.brandhackers.com/
A recent eye-tracking study by www.fortunecookie.co.uk found that consumers are more attracted to video thumbnails on the SERP than text
"This shouldn’t take you very long, I could probably do it in MSWord in an hour."- Clientsfromhell.net
"We are creating a whole video campaign that is going to go viral." - Clientsfromhell.net
join us for a 'Deal of the Day" app assessment on Mon 2/28: http://www.meetup.com/brandha...
SwebApps.com - use this site to build your own iPhone app in minutes (no coding required)
the TV /Facebook channel synergies just keep popping up in print & biz books: See http://www.nytimes.com/2011... and http://www.amazon.com/gp...
Blogging less popular w/young says Pew Research Center study, with the # bloggers ages 12-17 down 50% btwn 06 & 09. http://nyti.ms/i26FBe
the best service for social media analytics is postrank.com. why because of their mashup API
the SEO Industry isn't helping to educate businesses about its power: dotseo.co.uk/nakedseo
landing pages hold a centerpiece in customer conversion; read the 12 step on them: http://unbounce.com/docs...
In the U.S., according to eMarketer, an estimated $1B will be spent in mobile advertising. This will more than double to $2.4B by 2014.
YouTube has 490 million unique users worldwide per month w/92 billion page views. We spend 2.9 billion hours on it/month = 325,000 years.
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