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Twitter Down: Twitter Doesn’t Know Why -
isn't a joke!! - abdellah
Glad we can talk about this and see the info via FriendFeed - I almost resorted to my bookmarks to check out Mashable and TechCrunch :) - Robert J Taylor
reboot - Kevin Norman
Is it inevitable because of their architecture that they will continue to have these problems until a massive rewrite? - Dusty Edenfield
i dunno - they were coping quite well with all the growth. They did do a lot of work after thier last set of probloms. Pesonally i think its a data centre failure. Enough of the system ( or just the important bits) got taken down that its useless. - Roberto Bonini
there's always - Imabug
Facebook is having issues for me to post, could it be some form of ajax update that was posted that broke things? - Thomas Vincent
it caused by unfollowing 106,000 people by Robert Scoble))) - obolonskyi
Scoble with his mass unfollow created a "disturbance in the force"..Twitter's servers had gotten used to that load profile and went insane upon the recent change :) Looks like Twitter took down FF with it for a moment as well (for me at least). "Twitter is down" shout outs overload? Or something about the feed input to FF hanging/bursting/etc. ?? - Alex Schleber
It's been having reporting problems for the past week, for me at least, unless I missed some new decision to reset the tweet clock. my 9000+ tweets and dwindled down to just the most recent ones - Melanie Reed
i'm feeling really bad for the bots right now, since they are 25% of Twitter's traffic - Kevin Norman
@cerveau / obolonskyi Haha - we were thinking the same thing simultaneously.. - Alex Schleber
Twitter's blog does mention the reporting problem. I guess this implies I don't have a legitimate account?! ;) - Melanie Reed
Twitter/status reports they're fighting a DoS attack. - Roger Jennings
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