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Lauren Bacon can help you ask the right questions. -
Maybe it's not a crappy WiFi signal. Maybe it's... A SHARK!
RT @embeedub: Here's a better version of that New York Post story. via @TheOnion
RT @Jezebel: Gamora not included on Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt because "it's a boys' shirt"
RT @nowgroup: Could you turn a viral moment into real engagement? @care2frogloop on the ALS Association's next move:
From @ZachWeiner, how to NAIL your next job interview:
Hey, Kamloops: Fundraising dinner and dialogue on voting and democratic engagement, via @arjunsingh:
RT @hardlynormal: Aug 24th, 1995 was my last day homeless. In 9 days I will celebrate 19 years sober
RT @nowgroup: Making a joke? Remember the audience you can't see from the stage
Music exec: “Just what we need, another date rape song.” The story behind @kira_isabella's ‘Quarterback’
RT @jowyang: Things Personal Drones could do for you: Charge phone, take pics, live video, con calls, run errands, deliver many things, security, navi
This Christmas, I'm telling @Bouletcorp's story to my kids.
RT @suzboop: Hey @united my plane, scheduled for 8pm now leaving at 12:30am, 4.5 hours late, I arrive in SFO at 3am, & I have a busy day tomorrow. #LAME
Finally, the adapter @awsamuel's been waiting for.
Get the hard-data scoop on how social media builds media audiences. Help bring @awsamuel's panel to SXSW:
Diversity in the late-night writers room inches forward. (That said, hats off to John Oliver and @NellSco!)
"JOHN VENN: How Google artist Mike Dutton overlapped artistry + concept for birthday Doodle"
RT @Kimli: I really wanted a @oneplus phone, but this is making me change my mind: .. no thanks, asshats.
Any interest I might have had in @oneplus just went right the hell out the window.
RT @KarenERiggs: Remind you of anyone you know? Thanks, @RobCottingham #SocialMedia #Humor
Oh, no.
About that presentation… -
About that presentation…
RT @nowgroup: The Day Obama's Facebook Page Went Down, and Other Campaign Security Lessons From 2012 | @TechPresident
Dream realized. RT @hughlaurie: Since my earliest memory, I have dreamed of being a content provider.
From the @NToS vaults: "…passengers with small infants, and passengers whose names don't rhyme with 'Bottingham'"
From the @NToS vaults: "For even less information, let's go to Mark, live at the scene."
From the @NToS vaults: A line I try to cross regularly.
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