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Oh, no.
RT @nowgroup: The Day Obama's Facebook Page Went Down, and Other Campaign Security Lessons From 2012 | @TechPresident
Dream realized. RT @hughlaurie: Since my earliest memory, I have dreamed of being a content provider.
From the @NToS vaults: "…passengers with small infants, and passengers whose names don't rhyme with 'Bottingham'"
From the @NToS vaults: "For even less information, let's go to Mark, live at the scene."
From the @NToS vaults: A line I try to cross regularly.
From the @NToS vaults: A little guilty satisfaction for you.
From the @NToS vaults: A market report I'd actually listen to.
Oh, get over yourselves. There isn’t THAT much difference between a sunset and a half-decent gradient fill.
FYI, if you tweet “Great hanging w. so-and-so”, it momentarily makes me think you and so-and-so just enjoyed an execution.
"We need a real digital public square, not one hosted by Facebook, shaped by Google, and monitored by the NSA." -@Mlsif, The Big #Disconnect
RT @nowgroup: Fantastic: Lorem ipsum for the social change set. All the jargon your placeholder text could ever need!!...
“Uh, no, sweetie, as a matter of fact @Gingerhazing didn’t update Nimona this week. What do you say we check in on Tuesday, huh?” #suspense BOOKMARKED emphatically: Social Good Ipsum: Smart dummy text for people who give a damn by @hyperakt
Just can't get the hang of this "selfie" thing.
So what if hotel wifi is the most first-world of first-world problems? I still think Hotel WiFi Test is brilliant.
Ah: I didn’t number those correctly. :) Tools/collaboration is no. 3 & the big-mouth-two-fist body politic is the upshot. #disconnect
2) (cont’d) Result is a body politic w a “gigantic mouth & two huge fists, left and right… swinging at each other” #disconnect
2) Online better at “stop” than “go” energy, weak at building strong local chapters; tools don’t favour real collaboration. #disconnect
1) (cont’d) independence isn’t as economically viable as thought, and web is becoming less open #disconnect
(Just deleted two erroneous tweets. Transparency, y’all.)
3) the Web is becoming less and less open, turning “netizens into eyeballs" for advertisers #disconnect
“Occasionally thwarting powerful overlords is not the same as transforming the system” - @mlsif #disconnect
Oft-cited success stories= "a dispersed network saying no to a more concentrated and powerful institution's yes": @Mlsif, The Big Disconnect
This just arrived at @nowgroup - and I snatched it away eagerly to get the first look over lunch. #mwahaha
Enabling “” was what fixed @buffer for me after lots of fruitless searching. (I felt kinda dumb, to be honest.)
Using @EFF’s Privacy Badger and finding some plugins don’t work (e.g. @Buffer)? Click the PB icon and check what it’s blocking.
Judge dismisses Hootsuite conflict case against Mayor Gregor Robertson /Scathing: "an abuse of the Court’s process"
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