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RT @JulieSLalonde: I just put a dead squirrel in my green bin. In three days, it's gonna resurrect, right? That's how Easter works?
Half an hour ago it was a mere tweet. Now it’s a cartoon. (Thanks, @RedAloud - and ours are the GOOD infographics!)
What happened next will restore your faith in linkbait headlines.
I just taught spell check to accept the word “infographic.” A small part of me has died.
From the @NToS vaults: Spot the business error.
When did “competitively priced” start meaning “so expensive we don’t want to tell you right away”?
RT @PegHosky: Author FLAT ARMY: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization @dpontefract speaks on #DigitalGov:
A beautiful, passionate, progressive soul. Read @IanVancouver’s obituary… and the wisdom and insight on his blog.
Haven't done fan art in years. But @Gingerhazing's Nimona today ( made it irresistible.
Good eye, @MacleansMag - and congratulations, @trevorloke! Very well deserved.
I love the way a bowl of miso looks alive, rolling and breathing. And then the bowl Ouija-boards across the table.
Up To 1,000 Times More Methane Released At Gas Wells Than EPA Estimates, Study Finds
From the @NToS vaults: Still think you don't need to be on Facebook?
Pastor Hagee: "God is literally screaming at the world, 'I'm coming soon.'" 12-year-old me: *snicker*
The bald truth about what big data can't tell you, from @tomfishburne #cartoon
RT @cabel: Idea: get a camera crew and crash the filming of reality TV shows. Claim you're filming a Bravo reality TV show called "Bullshit Detectors"
Sooo... have they pre-empted the eclipse for exciting stock animated footage? ( @nasa_marshall live at
Apple's iPad cover has not held up. It started splitting about a year after I bought it, and now it's practically fallen apart.
Today has been a great argument against automatically displaying photos in the Twitter stream.
How do I deactivate Twitter’s “Repeatedly Show Airplane Pornography" setting?
RT @counti8: Someone asked me if IT issue I was fixing was related to Heartbleed ‘virus.' “No,” I said, “Heartbleed is like the leaky condo problem.”
RT @JeffHurt: When Even Your Friends Go Silent http://meetingeventlead.greenf... via @dashtonwagner
.@drfyzziks I can picture Picard with a whole greenhouse, operated by androids. His command for the seed-planting android? “Make it sow."
Should College Rankings Reflect How Schools Are Handling Sexual Assault?
Lots of tech boards have weapons industry types. So why is Rice on Dropbox's worse? @BodyofBreen has an answer:
Watching Zombieland. They pull off a reveal that I’ll admire for its brilliance as soon as I’ve stopped crying.
There's a fine line between vindication and loss. Another fine cartoon from @Bouletcorp
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