Rob Diana
Technorati is down, and very few people seem to care. Interesting.
Technorati now down for an estimate 13 hours. No comment from them. - Rob Diana
In their defense Rob, they did note it on Twitter immediately. - Louis Gray
Typical Google "lack of" response to an outage of any of their services - acedanger
I forgot Technorati still existed. - Nathaniel Payne
Louis, it is more of a curiosity at this point. Given the early tweet, I figured they might be keeping people updated. - Rob Diana
I can't see how they're even relevant at this point. Stuff linking to my stuff is 50% scrapers. Good way to find scrapers?! - Charlie Anzman
:: expresses surprise :: - Mark Dykeman
As far as I've noticed it was only the sign-on. - Daniel W. Crompton
looks like it is back up. I just find it interesting that technorati being down generated so few tweets or general buzz. - Rob Diana
back to your original point: nobody cares :D - Stepan Mazurov