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Rob Diana

Rob Diana

Author of and Founder of, a social media monitoring and tracking tool. Setting up a ruby development VM with Vagrant, Chef, and rbenv | Martin Fowler RSuite CMS Success Stories: MarkLogic, Diane Burley | RSI Content Solutions Raking through the parallelism tool-shed: the curious case of matrix-matrix multiplication | MSDN Blogs Animating Without jQuery | Smashing Magazine What is Syslog? | Javalobby It takes more than just an idea | Alex Meyer The three sins of software development | ionel's codelog Dew Drop - August 19, 2014 (#1837) | Morning Dew Tips For Mastering A Programming Language Using Spaced Repetition | Smashing Magazine Agile Decompiled: In Conclusion | Javalobby An Appetite for Change | Javalobby The Internet of Things Protocol Wars | Javalobby Math and SQL, Part 4: Basic Data Types - Sets, Tuples, and Bags | Javalobby Dealing with Testing Times | Javalobby Things to Remember About Information Security | Javalobby Using AngularJS to Extend Your Code Quality | Javalobby Managing 50K+ Redis Databases Over 4 Public Clouds with a Tiny DevOps Team | Javalobby Targeting a Device Type with Cordova Emulate | Javalobby Why I'm Watching Deep Linking In Mobile | John Battelle's Search Blog Troubleshooting, when F5 debugging can’t help you | Ayende @ Rahien
Geek Reading August 19, 2014 Introducing Splainer - The Open Source Search Sandbox That Tells You Why | OpenSource Connections Java 9 features announced! | jaxenter Atomic operations and contention | The ryg blog This Real-Time Projected CGI Makeup Is Beautiful And Terrifying | TechCrunch 1 Aerospike server X 1 Amazon EC2 instance = 1 Million TPS for just $1.68/hour | High Scalability Chinese Hackers Stole Info on 4.5 Million U.S. Hospital Patients | Re/code Double Shot #1400 | A Fresh Cup Lorem Ipsum: Of Good & Evil, Google & China | Krebs on Security Test-Driven Development (TDD) Shines with Mocking | Javalobby
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