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Rob Diana

Rob Diana

Author of and Founder of, a social media monitoring and tracking tool. Nifty Architecture Tricks from Wix - Building a Publishing Platform at Scale | High Scalability Utilities for C/C++ Android Developers: fplutil 1.0 | Android Developers Blog Introducing Polaris Privacy Initiative to Accelerate User-focused Privacy Online | Mozilla Privacy Blog Open Source + Hosted Containers: A recipe for workload mobility | Google Cloud Platform Blog Obama backs net neutrality, says the internet should be classed as a utility | The Next Web Celebrating 10 Years of Firefox | The Mozilla Blog Finding Bieber: On removing duplicates from a set of documents | Steve Hanov Plotting Data Online via Plotly and Python | Python Zone Networking's atomic unit: Going small to scale up | Server Zone Man, Woman, Dog: A Task from the Past | Javalobby The Pervasive Inbox | Javalobby Dew Drop - November 10, 2014 (#1893) | Morning Dew The Mystical and Magical SemVer Ranges Used by NPM and Bower | Javalobby reproducible builds - a month ahead of schedule | Christophe Rhodes Java EE 7 / JAX-RS 2.0 - CORS on REST | Java Code Geeks Building Microservices with Spring Boot and Apache Thrift. Part 1 | Javalobby Missing Stack Traces for Repeated Exceptions | Javalobby Five Reasons Why You Should Keep Your Package Dependencies Cycle Free | Schauderhaft R: dplyr - Group by field dynamically (‘regroup’ is deprecated) | Mark Needham
Geek Reading November 10, 2014 -
Geek Reading November 10, 2014 A Look at Nanomsg and Scalability Protocols (Why ZeroMQ Shouldn’t Be Your First Choice) | Brave New Geek Rust and Go | Adam Jacob Google Brings Its Dart Programming Language To App Engine | TechCrunch Jeopardy! clues data | Flowing Data Pulling JPEGs out of thin air | lcamtuf's blog Hue - A Web User Interface for Analyzing Data With Elastic MapReduce | Amazon AWS Sketching API Connections | Javalobby Using Viper For Some Go Basics | Javalobby A Good Programmer: Why You Need to Avoid Being One | DZone
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