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Rob Diana

Rob Diana

Author of and Founder of, a social media monitoring and tracking tool. State of Rust 0.11.0 | Rust 'n Stuffs When a race condition is what you want... | Ayende @ Rahien The Daily Six Pack: July 16, 2014 | Dirk Strauss How to use bloom filter to build a large in memory cache in Java | Java Code Geeks Top 6 worst bugs ever | CommitStrip
Geek Reading July 16, 2014 -
Geek Reading July 16, 2014 Announcing Project Zero | Google Online Security Blog Generalists and specialists: thoughts on hiring | NCZOnline HBase: Generating search click events statistics for customer behavior | Java Code Geeks Dew Drop - July 15, 2014 (#1814) | Morning Dew Double Shot #1384 | A Fresh Cup Simple MySQL Master HA with mysqlnd_ms | PHP Zone Why Couchbase Chose RxJava for the New Java SDK | Javalobby Java Debuggers and Timeouts | Javalobby First Adafruit NeoPixel Blinks with the FRDM Board | Javalobby Is agile transformation at risk? | Javalobby Google I/O 2014: Building Sourcegraph, a large-scale code search engine in Go | The Sourcegraph Blog From Taxonomies over Ontologies to Knowledge Graphs |The Semantic Puzzle The Daily Six Pack: July 15, 2014 Strategic & Tactical Dashboards: Best Practices, Examples | Occam's Razor Toward a Theory of Design as Computation | Dorian Taylor How to save smartphone battery: Researchers use beach sand | BGR Store and Monitor OS & Application Log Files with Amazon CloudWatch | Amazon AWS Bitly: Lessons Learned Building a Distributed System that Handles 6 Billion Clicks a Month | High Scalability Dissecting DRIP - the emergency Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Bill | Cyberleagle
Geek Reading July 15, 2014
Geek Reading July 15, 2014 - Click to Deploy Apache Cassandra on Google Compute Engine | Google Cloud Platform Blog Dew Drop - July 14, 2014 (#1813) | Morning Dew
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