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Digital #Podcasting Magazine "Podertainment" is out with the July Issue 5 - My article "To Podcast Network or Not"
You a Pro Wrestling Fan? @PodcastOne has some great shows about it -- Read more about it here -> #podcasts
Comedian Marc Maron’s ‘WTF’ Tip of the Spear to Podcast Revolution « #podcasting -> It is one of many spear tips.
Dan Franks of gives a complete update on the #podcasting event in Aug - Watch Now! #podcasts
New Overcast podcast app squeezes silence for faster listening #podcasting Very cool app indeed!
RT @libsyn: Got a piece of #podcasting history wrong and @robgreenlee set us straight #TheFeed #podcast
RT @Paula_White: This weeks AWESOME show!! #HopeForToday podcast- interview w/ special guest @realDonaldTrump
The rebirth and enhancement of is getting interesting. Shows leading and breaking article topics from across the net
RT @UberGeekGirl: @robgreenlee totally agree, hope I can contribute to the good things happening!
SiriusXM Just Made #Podcasts More Relevant by firing Opie & Anthony --> #podcasting
No "New Media Show" this week again tomorrow. Todd is traveling with his family still. Back the following Sat.
We meaning @PodcastOne pushed out v2.0 update to iOS/Android Apps this week. Bug fixes & UI changes w/ more to come->
The Clark Howard Show Podcast is now a @PodcastOne program -> Great daily consumer tips show ->
Kathie Lee Gifford #Podcast with Ricky Gervais and Dennis Miller at @PodcastOne Listen here-
Tablet sales are declining because most have them and smartphones are becoming tablets or phablets ->
CarPlay and Android Auto Look to Become Standard in New Cars. #Podcasts are looking to be an important part of them
New 2014 Dodge 'Cuda is coming soon at $60,000 - see it here. I owned an orange 1972 'Cuda back in 1978
Is the case at every very large industry leading company. Employees work in a bubble - Google, Microsoft and Apple
This is some uplifting news about the next generation of young people called "Generation Z". Born after 1990 -->
Good list of the 20 Best Smartphones -->
Travel back in time to Oct 9, 2004 to hear an episode of my WebTalk World Radio Show. We discuss podcasting!
RT @lapodfest: Just added some great podcasts to the site: @jaymohr37 @aishatyler @Apey @howardkremer @jonahray @Kulap @nottjmiller
RT @YoGeek: If you know of a lady #podcaster that's just starting out, share this #podcast about podcasting for women with her!
RT @Rlan2: 4th of July means a severe lack of podcasts to listen to today. Argh!
"CarPlay and Android Auto Look to Become Standard in New Cars" #Podcasts are looking to be an important part -->
Headed back from LA to home Seattle now... from lax
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