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Robert Hof
Kind of strange how hard it is to check in to Foursquare with a laptop vs. phone. Laptops are mobile too, you know?
It's not that hard any more, with TweetDeck. - Louis Gray
True, but strange that you can't do it from the Web interface. Anybody who's checking out Foursquare from the Web must wonder what the heck they're supposed to do. - Robert Hof from email
Robert Hof
It's a done deal--Bloomberg has acquired BusinessWeek.
Was a price revealed? - Louis Gray
Not announced, but my colleague Tom Lowry says $2 million to $5 million---plus liabilities like subscriptions, severance, etc., which are MUCH more than that, no doubt. - Robert Hof from email
Robert Hof
Amazon buys Zappos. Great match. Only surprise: Why didn't Zappos IPO instead? If OpenTable can... Any ideas?
Margins aren't high enough? - Robert Scoble
Yeah, that was my guess. - Robert Hof
I got a job!! After over three months of trying I've finally landed a job! It pays well under what I was making in my last position six years ago, but the benefits are great and the environment is a good fit for me. This good little Catholic girl will be working for nuns! :)
Congrats! - Craig Eddy
You're a Catholic? Oh dear god. Not another one. I should have known. :) - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Oh and congratulations on getting a job! - Scoble, Alex Scoble
Congrats on your new job! - Chris Charabaruk
The idiot in me wants to know, though: Do they sing? ;) - Chris Charabaruk
Of course, Chris. :) All nuns sing, though not all nuns sing well. I don't know any who fly. :) - Dawn
Thank you, Everybody! I don't start till May 4, so the next couple of weeks will feel like a vacation! :) - Dawn
Congrats to you, Dawn! Great environment with lower pay has always been the better choice (at least, judging from my past jobs). I hope it goes great =) - FFing Enigma
You got a job! ;)) - John Flynn
:) Thanks so much, Guys! It does feel really good. I was getting scared. It's TERRIBLE out there! When my husband was alive, he made good money and I just did accounting temp work off and on for years. In 2000, I was making $22 an hour and never had trouble getting work when I wanted it. Now, you can't expect more than $16, and I couldn't even land one of those, they are so few and far... more... - Dawn
Congrats, Dawn! :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Thanks, Kol. And thanks again to everybody else. With the unemployment rate here in Oregon at 12.1% - second worst in the nation! - even though I am "underemployed" I feel lucky and grateful to finally have a job. - Dawn
Congratulations, Dawn. Great news! - Robert Hof
Hi Rob! Good to see you here! Thanks! :) - Dawn
Congratulations, Dawn - Louis Gray
This Rocks! I've been looking for forever, and just this past 2 weeks really started seeing action. Great news Dawn!!! - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Thanks, Louis. Now if I can just get my children married and having cute little babies like yours, I'll really be a happy camper. ;) - Dawn
Same for me, Rob...I actually got two job offers the same day. I didn't even get close before then...I've only had a total of three interviews out of the dozens of resumes I sent out! it's really odd that I got two at once. Wasn't a hard choice though...I knew which one I wanted. I'm glad things are picking up for you. Good luck!! - Dawn
Congrats on the job! - Anne Bouey
Great news. Congrats, Dawn. - Micah
I so hope that happens for me too (thanks!) - And you have no idea how many twits thought I got one when they saw the "Liked" tweet. heheh... - guruvan (Rob Nelson)
Congrats on the new job - rob
Robert Hof
Maybe I'll wake up Fri. feeling stupid, but I'm not taking Google-Twitter buyout to the bank yet. Pricey even for GOOG.
Robert works for BusinessWeek. I thought it was a low price, which shows what I know about acquisitions. But if Skype went to eBay for $4 billion you'd think Twitter would get at least a billion. - Robert Scoble
I just think it's different times today, even for Google. I think it could, maybe even will, happen. But I'd bet both would prefer some kinda search/tech deal first. Antitrust may be a concern too, if only optics. - Robert Hof
Robert Hof
Hey, my video of Sergey is gone from YouTube. Just gone, no reason given. Any way to know if you've violated some terms of service? Weird.
Rob works for Business Week. - Robert Scoble
Did you get a takedown notice? Upload it again. And again. - Andrew Feinberg
Just browsing FF and happened to see this. What happens if you go to the url? 404 error, or do you get some kind of message? - Matt Cutts
Matt and all, thanks. I get a message that says "We're sorry, this video is no longer available." I see no takedown notice and got no message to that effect. - Robert Hof
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