The Order: 1886_20150222153150 -
The Order: 1886_20150222153150
The Order: 1886_20150222163525 -
The Order: 1886_20150222163525
Grand Theft Auto V_20141216131359 -
Grand Theft Auto V_20141216131359
RT @billrobbins: This is why you need to test edge use cases in your designs.
Watch Dogs: Suspicious NPC - online hacking -
Watch Dogs: Suspicious NPC - online hacking
Fascinating: How to Tell Someone’s Age When All You Know Is Their Name
Perfectly Age Your Face Through 80 Years Based on a Single Photograph
Mad Lettering Skills (via @Pocket)
"Everything You Hate About Advertising in One Fake Video That's Almost Too Real | Adweek"
Trying this out: Velositey - a simple website building extension with tools for Photoshop. #velositey
Stunned hummingbird gets un-stunned. -
Stunned hummingbird gets un-stunned.
"Amour" looks like the bummer to end all bummers.
RT @steveisaacs: Whatever Nashville is, I'm never letting it near my eyes again.
Super handy option in the PS History panel “Make Layer Visibility Undoable”
RT @jayrobinson: Photoshop Tip: You can test your mocks with the most common forms of color blindness from the View Menu.
RT @phtshp: Create new text box near existing text box
RT @cherrycheva: Everything is a vagina. There, I just saved you the headphones rental at the modern art museum.
Quick photoshop tip to set Global Light to every new document
RT @KarlRove: Christmas is around the corner. Looking for the perfect gift? Find it at
RT @st_vincent: Best musical advice ever given to me, courtesy of my Aunt Patti: "All the baddest mother______s play behind the beat." @TuckandPatti
RT @gruber: Patience, everyone. You’ll be assigned your new Muslim name when the Feds come to your home to collect your guns.
RT @kpereira: Yeah, yeah... O-blah-blah-bama... congrats and whatnot. BUT DENVER JUST LEGALIZED MARIJUANA!! #Amendment64
RT @davepell: Horrifically backwards and weird ideas about rape have taken a huge blow at the polls.
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