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Kol Tregaskes
How can anyone live like this? (pics) - -
How can anyone live like this? (pics) -
the computer looks like it would be tough to friendfeed with - Pete D
WHATABURGER! Yeehaww! Gotta love Texas. I can only aspire to this level of slobbery. - Josh Haley
That person has a serious problem of some kind -- I am not a neat freak but that is disgusting - Brian Sullivan
and i no longer feel bad about how dirty my place is right now. at least i have the excuse of being sick the last week. - Anika
Looks like a hoarder. I have several clients like that. It's really sad and nearly impossible to treat. - Rochelle
and now i've clicked through the link and OMG...i smoke, but get techy when my "ashtray bucket is more than 1/5 full. the most jarring thing was the pieces of "cleanliness' among that nasty, like all the cleaning supplies adn shampoos in the bathroom. the iron in the kitchen. they'll probably find the tenant under all that trash next to the bed. GROSS> - Anika
Oh my god I am going to vomit. - Jennifer Leggio
Things could breed there. Nasty things. - David Young
Rochelle: yuck, yuck, yuck. Tell us you don't have to make housecalls and see this kind of stuff on any regular basis. I get a little ill just looking at this, and I am a bit of neatfreak, so yeah, it kind of ties my stomach up in knots looking at it. - Pete D
Pete, I do, all the time! I'm a social worker. :) - Rochelle
OK, whoa, just looked at ALL the pics. That's tough to see. Not safe for the vomit-fragile. - Josh Haley
Reminds me of a place I was shown when I was looking for my first apartment out of college. I didn't rent the place. It was too scary. -
I get sketchy when I have more than a couple of days worth of laundry to do or if I have dishes in the dishwasher, already pre-rinsed, that haven't been run through the cycles yet. I would have a seizure if I walked into a place like this. - Jennifer Leggio
i am not a neat freak, but that is just disgusting. - Heidi Blanton
I have just cleared my desk :) That's awful! - Vicky
what's a landlord to do with a place like that? - Jasmin Smith
Jasmin, there are professional companies that specialize in industrial/heavy duty waste cleanup and such that can be hired to come clear out everything. I've priced a few and they're ridiculously expensive. Of course, there's then an issue of pest control if there are bugs, mold control if there is mold, etc. - Rochelle
This is pretty vile stuff and it says they people *live* here, its not just been left like that. - Kol Tregaskes from twhirl
Someone has a serious psychological disorder. - ·[▪_▪]·
That's not funny. Someone is really bad sick and needs some help. Looks like some form of depression. - iTad
Tad, for younger people, it's usually depression combined with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. Schizophrenics can also end up with homes like that due to the utter lack of organization in any part of their life. In older adults, it's usually depression combined with dementia. - Rochelle
wow Rochelle, I'd say it's worth every penny. - Jasmin Smith
Jasmin, it would be worth if for sure if the person was moving out. But to do a cleanup for someone who will continue living there, it's not worth it unless they're also being treated for the problem. Otherwise, they'll fill the apartment right back up again in no time. - Rochelle
Rochelle's right, but I don't think this person is a hoarder. Usually hoarder's houses are full of stuff that are somehow meaningful to them like old newspapers or magazine and other stuff which is often stacked relatively neatly. A friend's mom was a really bad hoarder, but she didn't have ANY food or other unsanitary stuff laying around. Her house smelled fine - it was just full (to the ceilings) of junk (newspapers, mail, etc) - iTad
Tad, there are different types of hoarders. Usually seniors with dementia are the type to keep meaningful items. Those with schizophrenia end up with homes like in the article. - Rochelle
That definitely did not go with my lunch. I thought MY house looked bad. My thought was, "There's someone who has completely given up." Maybe this will give me the impetus to get back to getting stuff in order around here. - MiniMage
The support talk of other sufferers that started on Reddit was uplifting (especially for those of us who *think* we might have a touch of this). - Adam Turetzky
Let's face it: it's not really 'living' is it? - dkb
This hits pretty close to home. My dad is borderline with hoarding. It's probably why I went in the opposite direction with being a neat freak. He doesn't keep food, but seemingly everything else. I dread the day he dies and I have to deal with his house +5 storage units of stuff. - Heather Solos
Seriously, hoarding can get pretty awful. It's not uncommon for them to keep things that healthy adults would consider garbage, like fast-food wrappers, already-opened envelopes. There are people who even store all their stool and urine in baggies and in cups. - Victor Ganata
Bump - Josh Haley
Oh, I'm totally late in responding to Trish R's question. But yes, Trish, that's very common because people with hoarding problems generally have coexisting mental illness, which goes hand-in-hand with neglect of personal health care. - Rochelle
I just don't understand. I just don't. - That's So CAJ!
1 year old post. Wow. - Josh Haley
A&E is currently running a show on Hoarders if anyone is interested. - adf
Holy moly - Rodfather
this is OLD. - Big Joe Silenced
speaking as someone who spent over a decade battling major depression, i can totally understand the mindset behind this behaviour. thank fuck that's in my PAST. - Big Joe Silenced
:o - chaz2b
Thanks for the bump, Josh, it's just as vile as before. ;-) - Kol Tregaskes
hollyy shtt - siniradam
Very sad. (I'm surprised it hasn't all gone up in flames.) I bet many of us know someone with some version of this problem, and some of us might have milder forms of it from time to time. (My stuff does get messy, but I'll go into purge mode periodically to get rid of all the crap. My problem is more that I run out of time daily to tend to some stuff properly. I definitely don't leave food out and stuff like that, though.) - Kamilah Reed (K. Gill)
Kirk Skodis
Kirk is prepping to officially launch his new company, Trustworthy, at SXSW
Greg Huntoon
28 of the Coolest Retro Style Photoshop Brush Sets : Speckyboy Design Magazine -
Kirk Skodis
2nd year in a row, Real Pie is behind digital campaign for Best Picture Congrats, team! #oscars
Kirk Skodis
Patrick Jordan
Free Memory iPhone App - Frees Up Memory, But How Did It Get Approved for the App Store??? | Just Another iPhone Blog -
Free Memory iPhone App - Frees Up Memory, But How Did It Get Approved for the App Store??? | Just Another iPhone Blog
I don’t want to sound as if I’m complaining that Free Memory made it into the store - I’m glad it’s there and like the app so far. It just surprises me - a lot - that it has been approved. Anybody else find it very strange that theming is a no-no, but memory management is OK? - Patrick Jordan
This should be standard... as in part of the OS! Great tool. Limits reboots! - Ron Thompson
Yes, it should be, along with a launcher / task switcher type app - or let's allow those in the store, so someone else can bring it out :) - Patrick Jordan
Kirk Skodis
@trustworthy has a nice new splash page linking to blog, twitter, etc.
David Bisset (sn)
Great Scott!
O.J. Simpson gets at least 15 years in prison - -
O.J. Simpson gets at least 15 years in prison -
I wish it were more, but at least he's going to do time for something. - Great Scott! from Bookmarklet
I think that's reasonable given the crime; the fact is, despite how pissed the world is at the murder trial, this one not that trial. It would be a travesty to sentence him based on bias from a previous criminal trial. - Clay Newton
I admit I haven't spent a lot of time researching this case, but from what I've heard about the event, it's pretty serious. Walking into someone's space, holding under duress and then taking their stuff? Put yourself in the victim's position: this is serious stuff. He's convicted of "two of assault with a deadly weapon, two of coercion with a deadly weapon, burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon and conspiracy to commit a crime, kidnapping and robbery". This is not petty crime. - Clay Newton
Don't you think that rather than mucking around with all this stuff on this OJ robbery that they should really be out looking for the *real* robbers? - Thomas Hawk
Wow, this sounds like a bit of reverse discrimination. We all know OJ and so feel more sympathetic to his case (in a very weird way) but, as the judge said, he organized and led a group of armed men into a hotel room with the intent of confronting people and stealing a significant amount of property. I don't know whether 3 or 15 years is 'appropriate' on a moral or punative level, but if I read a story about some unknown gang leader doing the same thing I wouldn't think 15 years (parole in 9) was unusual. - Kevin Fox
normally don't you just get 6 months for robbery, maybe 3 months if it involves a handgun? - Thomas Hawk
Ha Ha. F U O.J. - Steve Isaacs
When he was speaking he got himself in trouble by saying " I didnt know this would get me into trouble." His own stupidity got him in to trouble so who can you blame? - Patrick from twhirl
@Thomas Hawk Yes, but that's not the only thing he did, lok at everything he did it all adds up. - Patrick from twhirl
I read it was 33 yrs... hmmm.... - Adriana E. Reyes
I think I'd be asking more why some people get lighter sentences for rape, murder and arson, than thinking this was too harsh. And if the problem is housing all these prisoners, then doesn't that suggest there is something pretty seriously wrong with the society that so many turn to serious crime? - John
I'm just saying I thought it was impossible to get a sentence of more than a year from a judge if a handgun was involved. - Thomas Hawk
@TH - It happened in NV not CA. Had it been in CA, then yes, he'd probably get 3 months and his gun returned to him. ;O) - Andre Maltais
Wow. He didn't get it for the real crime but he gets it for this. least he got it for something. - Adriana
Try the TripChill iPhone travel assistant the next time you travel. Get real-time flight alerts, book hotel and car, view alternate flights, notify friends of travel status, manage your itinerary, and much more. - Martin121
Kirk Skodis
Congressman goes NUTS on Security Exchange Commission -
Congressman goes NUTS on Security Exchange Commission
Greg Huntoon
Wow, this IS the best website I've ever seen. Nice find @stickerobot -
Next Generation iPhone Model Revealed in Firmware - Mac Rumors -
Next Generation iPhone Model Revealed in Firmware - Mac Rumors
Show all
They're referring to the last row of that screenshot. The iPhone 2,1 includes "a speaker, volume controls, microphone support and a much faster processor than the 1st generation model". The iPhone 3G is referred to as "iPhone "1,2" in the config file. - Bill Sodeman
Iphone Simulator?? - Mo Kargas
Kirk Skodis
Kirk Skodis
“Families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington,” Mr. Obama said.
Steve Isaacs
RT @lonleysandwich "Good artists borrow. Great artists steal." -me
Shawn Hickman
SlingPlayer Mobile for the iPhone coming soon, I think March. This would be great for football season. -
sounds great! - lude from IM
David Bisset (sn)
Quick App: MobileFiles Pro Brings Native Excel 2003 Editing to the iPhone -
Quick App: MobileFiles Pro Brings Native Excel 2003 Editing to the iPhone
"EDIT! native Microsoft Excel 2003 documents just as you would on your desktop. Save the edited Excel file on your iPhone, send to your iDisk account remotely, or upload to your desktop using WiFi - all while maintaining perfect data integrity" - David Bisset (sn) from Bookmarklet
Editing Excel for iPhone!!! awesome! - Drew Lucas
Kirk Skodis
Steve Isaacs
Video of me as an MTV VJ. I was young, I was hyperactive, it was the early '90's... I see why they fired me. -
Video of me as an MTV VJ. I was young, I was hyperactive, it was the early '90's... I see why they fired me.
You mean Dan Cortese? That guy seemed like a tool bag back in the day. - David Wilson
I miss 90's MTV, it used to have such cool little shorts that would make up the time inbetween shows. They need to make a comeback. - alphaxion
Liquid Television was some weird shit. I found a couple VHS rips of it online a year or so ago. I think it's even more awesome now just seeing what MTV used to be willing to put on TV. - David Wilson
i vaguely remember a few of these clips. ps - nice drug rug/cat in the hat fashion in the opening clip - Cee Bee
I was addicted to YO! MTV Raps. Still have recorded shows on VHS. - Eric - Final Countdown
IRS' The Cutting Edge and Buzz were the two best shows ever on MTV. - Akiva
i loved 120 minutes, but i always wanted to punch dave kendall in the face - Cee Bee
Can I like this a hundred times over? - Derrick
Spectacular to the max! - ::Kristen::
very good back in the day look back :) - (jeff)isageek
you were much better than anyone they have now, though you were a bit too nice and friendly for the rude awakening ;) - xero
Amazing! That's great stuff! - Zu from AOD
ditto @Haggis Always easier to be harsher on yourself when you see or hear yourself. You were certainly one of the less hyper VJs - Jim Goldstein
you were on mtv? - Anika
Wow, nice hair! You looked Johnny Depp-ish in the Schtephen part, with the glasses. Oh and hyper, indeed. - Adriana E. Reyes
this. is. awesome. - Christa Imbriale
Love the flannel! - Kelly W.
bonus points for " might just get to hang with him at Neverland Ranch." - Karim
Unt now ve dance! - Richard Walker
wow, do you still have that really awesome shirt? ;-) - CJ
I thought it was great! - Stormy
That is an excellent look back. You've provided us with nostalgia and gorgeous long early-90's hair to boot. :D I'm trying to pick my brain and recall if you were one of the umpteen VJ's I had a crush on back in the day. I loved my MTV. - Hookuh Tinypants
You were great! - Egyirba
i love you! who'da thunk that you woulda later gotten engaged to a girl who was only in 4th grade while you were galavanting up there at viacom :) - Melissa Janine
How exciting! The Neverland Ranch contest is classic. - Pete D
SCHTEPHEN ROFL.......dude....i so used to watch you every day =P - UncleCreepy13
Steve Jobs' Health Declining Rapidly, Reason for MacWorld Cancellation - Gizmodo -
Like the article said, probably not the only reason ... but it also does not surpise me. - Mike D.
god, i hope this is wrong. - robin k
bump due to duplicate - Zee.
too thick & bulky with that keyboard and camera lens... and i don't see iPhone ever going back to a physical keyboard. They have too much invested in NOT having one. - Nathan Chase
Yea, that iphone would be very close to perfection. - ·[▪_▪]·
A physical keyboard? FAIL. - Bill Sodeman
They could add the clicking screen and it might replace the real keyboard. Games requiring a D-Pad and buttons can integrate them into the screen imo, I'd rather it be an innovation platform, not a gaming platform. Note that in the image, the phone is not bulky with the keyboard and lens, that is a critical point. I still think it needs a camera with a good quality sensor that can take quality 300dpi (damn the MP rating) photos in low light. Until they have that I'm not giving up my SE W810i. - xero
I miss the camera on my little LG enV phone. It takes wonderful close up shots which is what I do most of the time. I've gotten used to no keyboard and actually kind of like it missing now. - Yolanda
Kirk Skodis
Playing with my new, white 3G. Thanks Real Pie!!!
Mr. BabyMan
Man Shot For Talking During Benjamin Button Movie Screening -
*THE* MrBabyMan?!?!??!? LOL - rowlikeagirl
Devon Campbell
"Create and control your urban empire with more power than ever! It’s the SimCity™ you know and love, re-created for your iPhone™ to give you the most realistic SimCity experience. And, if you’re new to the Sims universe, prepare yourself for one of the most engaging, addicting games you’ve ever played." - Devon Campbell from Bookmarklet
It's damn fiddly, and naturally it's tiny. The thing I liked about SimCity on a PC is sitting back and taking a look at my huge, sprawling metropolis. This iPhone version just doesn't satisfy this Sim City vet :) - Fox Tucker
I'd rather have Serf City (the sequels are called Settlers) from Blue Bytes. I love watching the little men battle. - MiniMage
Steve Isaacs
SimCity for the iPhone! The FAIL that is today becomes a WIN!!!
So far it's pretty good too, though I haven't had any Sims move into my initial city "Galafianakis". - Steve Isaacs
Kirk Skodis
Bill Sodeman
“Evernote Premium now acts as a document container.” -
View and edit docs in the Windows and Mac versions. View docs on the iPhone app. - Bill Sodeman
Kelly W.
IPhone Apps: SimCity May Be the First Must-Have iPhone Game -
IPhone Apps: SimCity May Be the First Must-Have iPhone Game
Whatever you do, though, don't go thinking this is SimCity Lite. This mobile version is fully featured, with pre-built cities, accountant recommendations, water pipes, natural disasters, etc. The works. [Pinching] in as close as you can on the 2D sprites reveals intricate details, such a smoke emitting from towers, or shading alongside the buildings. Overall, a really nice graphical presentation that compares similarly to SimCity 3000. - Kelly W. from Bookmarklet
Does it come with an extra battery? - Bill Sodeman
I wish the app would just come out already. Since first hearing about the app I check 2 times a day on the apple app store. I search the net for stories about it. I really want this app!!!! - Colide81 (James)
@Colide81 Appshopper has a handy feed you can subscribe to for new apps. If you really wanted to get fancy, you could run that through Yahoo Pipes to get an update in your feed reader when the app is released. - Devon Campbell
Mona Nomura
What movie(s) make you cry - no matter how many times you watch them? Mine: E.T., Remember the Titans, and Walk to Remember.
Anything with that ugly Nick Cage in it. He hurts my eyes. Seriously, I refuse to cry over a movie. I'm hardcore like that. - MiniMage
HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! - Mona Nomura from IM
Dumbo (I refuse to watch it, because of that one scene with Dumbo and his mom, it always brings me to tears), Steel Magnolias, Beaches, ET, and House of Sand & Fog. - Molly Song ;)
Beaches! OMG I TOTALLY forgot about that movie - and it TOTALLY makes me cry, too! - Mona Nomura
Legends of the Fall, Beaches - FFing Enigma
An Inconvenient Truth - Rob Michael (Atmos Trio)
I cry in lots of movies. lol This would be a list! - Adriana
THE NOTEBOOK. - Steven Perez
HAHA!! Being MAN enough to admit that ++, Steven! - Mona Nomura from IM
Heart of the Game. Especially at the end ... - Amani
I blame my ex. She made me watch it, thinking I'd be too tough to tear up. I sure showed her. I think. - Steven Perez
Benji The scene near the end when his girlfirend gets kicked. Gets me every time - Mark Krynsky
Forest Gump...the end. - Scoble, Alex Scoble
The answers are EPIC! OMG I love FriendFeed!! - Mona Nomura from IM
I am a sports nut. I almost cried watching 61*. - Louis Gray
I don't watch movies that pluck on the heartstrings like that (OK, E.T came close), or induce most other negative emotions. Similarly, I don't watch horror films either. - Michael R. Bernstein
Ok, I might have cried when Spock died. I'm having real trouble with the total logic life. - MiniMage
There is a song that gets me pretty good though: "A Boy and his Frog" by Tom Smith. - Michael R. Bernstein
If a movie makes me cry or want to cry, I have no interest in watching it again. There are probably exceptions, but I can't think of any right now. - iTad
hahhahahahahhahahhaha!!!!! - Mona Nomura
Bambi...those..poor deer - Mo Kargas
We did have to watch a video on employee conduct a couple of weeks ago--oh, wait, sorry, that one actually made me smile after a while. Yeah, no crying there. - MiniMage
Cold Mountain, The Color Purple, and The Green Mile...also The Shawshank Redemption from time to time. - EricaJoy
Oh yes Mona! You hit the nail on the head. Thats the one that makes me cry most. You know the best friend that dies of the heart problem? I have that same heart problem. Docs said I have 5 years. 10 with a heart transplant. Someoen told me to watchi it and I cried for the entire day! - Adriana
"When Harry Met"—NOPE, sorry, can't go through with it, I didn't really cry - "I faked it". - Micah
Alex, I also cry at the end of Forrest Gump. And I was shocked once to see my Dad cry while watching, "Field of Dreams." That is the only movie I've ever seen him cry. - Molly Song ;)
OMG Adriana - I don't know what to say... - Mona Nomura
The Fountain, Hotel Rwanda, Into the Wild, V for Vendetta, and one Episode from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. - Brandon
Which episode Brandon? (I don't mean to laugh but LOL) - Mona Nomura
A Night To Remember - The 1953 Titantic Movie starring Kenneth More. The scene with the old guy holding the little boy as the ships goes down. The reason it makes me cry, is that it really happened, perhaps not that actual scene in real life, but certainly a lot of children drowned. - Ian May
"The Land Before Time" - When Littlefoot's mom died protecting him from the T-Rex :( - Joel Reyes
Holy Crap, I totally forgot about Land Before Time! - Mona Nomura from IM
Top Gun. The whole first half of the movie is designed to make you sad when Goose dies. Totally unfair, and gets me every time. - Phil Glockner
lol it's ok Mona... you can laugh. ;) ... here is the Fresh Prince Episode: - Brandon
Also Meet Joe Black. And I refuse to watch Schindler's List again. - Phil Glockner
My serious answer is Schindler's List. More than just the tears in my eyes, my whole body reacted to this film. I'm so glad I watched it in a home, with close friends. - Micah
Remember the titans, green mile - kartik vaithyanathan
Big Fish, and if I'm drinking then PS I Love you always gets to me. :-P - Matthew Horton
As I said on Twitter the one that comes to mind first for me is Rudy. Also in Rocky Balboa there is a deleted scene where Paulie has a breakdown that hits me kind of hard. The Shawshank Redemption: "Brooks was here." And o Kill a Mockingbird has its parts as well. - Joe "The Anvil" Pierce
Mine are a bit pants but Far and Away and The Invisible come to mind straight away. - Kol Tregaskes
I am usually a rock when it comes to movies, but My Life with Michael Keaton wrecked me. - Anna Marie
What Dreams May Come always gets me. So does Steal Magnolias. - ChiliMac from twhirl
Grave of the Fireflies and West Side Story - Shevonne
Dont watch many... think only couple films ever choked me up... one was Kramer vs Kramer.... was a lad myself lol.. but it was mainly cos my old man hates me.. and that film as the total opposite. - Rob Sellen :o)
Quite a few I get choked up by (Saving Private Ryan, Field of Dreams), but the only that has made me cry is What Dreams May Come - cjmart
Kirk Skodis
Record time for proposal-to-greenlight EVER - clocked in at 19 minutes!
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