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"Watch out for any belief that limits the range of your thinking and exploration. This includes logic and reason."
RT @TheQuinnspiracy: I keep oscillating wildly between wanting to fight and fix shit and sinking into depression and anger
RT @LudwigK: People who care more about games – so much that it burns them away – are being pushed out, and earnest voices are being made distant.
Secret project day.
Hatching an eggling (and other things)!
RT @hardboiledlabs: Look what we found hatching in our backyard today...
Great morning meeting with new @ChickTechOrg leaders. Now, @hardboiledlabs hack day.
So this dude butt I sketched for two hours actually belongs to Mikhail Baryshnikov, famous dancer and…
Dino pyramid basically sums up my weekend.
RT @xMattieBrice: Many critics do great work and lots of heavy lifting for games discourse. Please support them as the industry doesn't
My biggest worry was that I wasn't going to remember my lyrics. AS IF.
Last night I dreamed a dream that I was cast as Fantine in my high school's music production of Les Mis.
RT @ADDA_Barnard: We're announcing our very first client! The Malala Fund, who share our passion for educating women! @malalafund
Two of Choice: Texas' story lines are live and free to play:… scary to realize that these are not uncommon stories.
This guy's face was my favorite. #freezooday #alpaca @ San Francisco Zoo
Tenzing the red panda. <3 #freezooday @ San Francisco Zoo
Bite sized koala friend! #freezooday @ San Francisco Zoo
Catching up on @Skillcrush Ruby lessons on a relaxing, sunny Sunday afternoon.
Spoiler alert: the "secret" is to look like the people on the cover.
RT @doctorparadox: save $825 on learning to build mobile apps, whut RT @joystiq: Joystiq Deals: Mobile App Mastery & more
Lines worth waiting in. @ Vodoo Donut
Stopping to... @ Portland Rose Gardens
Classic Six. @ Deschutes Brewery and Public House
Favorite Portland places to see/eat/drink at -- go! :) (weekend trip coming up)
RT @djmarib: We can track hamsters but can't control pediatric pneumonia- @dtm_tweets @OReillySolid #IoTforthedevelopingworld
RT @gwenelliot: "You're the average of the five people you spend the most time with" - @jimrohn (I would still say it's my fave quote).
RT @blkintechnology: Wow, with the founder of talking about sticker circuits. Wow... #OReillySolid @chibitronics
RT @bwaber: Mosquito sensors for malaria prevention at #OReillySolid - amazing!
.@bwaber dropping unconscious gender bias knowledge at #OReillySolid. Biases are hard to undo, but they must be tackled.
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