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I'm looking for a pretty good, sub-$200 desk chair. Anyone have favorites they like? (or, ones more expensive but worth it?)
Feeling upbeat and productive this morning despite a 2am bedtime. Better ride this wave while I can (and supplement with coffee).
Also "Nemo Egg" from Finding Nemo, since we're on the topic of #scoresthatmakemecry. Who else has favorites?
Sometimes just listening to "Test Drive" from the How to Train Your Dragon score makes me tear up. It's just that stupendously emotional.
RT @jaredwolff: A1. Machine. Some may have humanoid components but many don’t look like humans at all. Think FIRST electronics. #IoTChat @OReillySolid
RT @hardboiledwares: We had a great time at @BloombergBeta! @zboard looked super fun, and @dashrobotics blew us away with cardboard-craftiness!
RT @hardboiledwares: Also a big shout-out to @thestanddesk and @gwenelliot! Great to meet with you and chat, and good luck on your respective launches! :)
The crafts I did as a kid are really driving my creativity lately. "Skills of a misspent youth," as Paul Walker said in The Skulls.
Playing with cotton squares and burs while brainstorming diorama construction for @BollAndBranch. Getting artsy!
RT @hardboiledwares: If you're going, make sure to say hi! Our squishy egg demands squishing. And if not -- we'll be going to more of these - stay tuned!
In other words, keep your fingers crossed. It's live demo time. :) @hardboiledwares @BloombergBeta
RT @hardboiledwares: The SF Hardware Startup Meetup at @Bloombergbeta is our first time demoing publicly since the @bemyapp hackathon. Excited! #eggbeats
RT @hardboiledwares: We're going to be demoing tonight at the SF Hardware Startup Meetup at Bloomberg Beta! Come play our musical Egg! :D
"It's an illusion, Michael." #magicboyfriend
(Mine on the left) I had a really hard time with this drawing yesterday. The angle, posture and baggy…
The Exploratorium, while always cool, is way cooler on nights when kids aren't allowed in. And I made pendulum art!
Now back to wrestling CSS, which never produces victories, only grueling bloody hacks after long fruitless battles.
YESS I solved a thing in jQuery that I've been struggling with all morning. #victorylap #timeforchocolate
Tumblr's theming backend is surprisingly … immature? given how popular this platform is. Like, basic conditional tags just don't exist.
RT @jstogdill: A10: Hopefully to make less healthcare required. IoT is an awesome enabler of prevention. #IoTChat
RT @JonBruner: A8 Designers of practically anything now need to think beyond the screen--think of interactions holistically #IoTChat
RT @jennalanger: A8 #iot is giving people new ways to interface with technology, passive and active. The key will be fitting it into everyday life #IoTChat
RT @JonBruner: .@robinyang There's definitely room for more intentional design for security here. #IoTChat
That moment your tweet starts to get retweeted and it has a typo. #9amfacepalm
It's a time to be thankful, and a time to keep making sure I make time to contribute something back.
And that's on top of how grateful I am to have awesome weekly art classes AND a burgeoning role with the amazing @hardboiledwares team.
And I'm crazy lucky to be in a position where I can do that while not only getting paid for it, but also really, truly enjoying it. <3
Picking up so many useful skills right now. Editing/recording in Audacity, Tumblr theming, jQuery, responsive CSS. Learning rocks.
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