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say what you want about @deadmau5, but this new album is makin' me shake my groove thing.
Pickin up the babies. #squee (@ Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC) w/ 12 others)
The stuff in the box.
Weird chest thing just showed up in the mail from Certain Affinity Games.
Oh, man. Just played a 3 person Fireteam mission with massive bosses in Destiny Beta. THAT? Was fun.
Best recap of best True Blood episode this season by my fav recapper, @MdellW:
I just completed the @pearsports Half Starter 13.2 with @mattfitwriter 3 miles, 40 min, zone 2
Wow. Wine aerator for the win.
Denali (Mt. McKinley) from Anchorage
Post-top-gun haze.
Here's my speed via a brand new Apple Airport Extreme router. :( #speedtest
So, wired connection is stupendous - what wireless router will give me close to this? #speedtest
RT @Slate: Google Plus is dropping its ineffective, dangerous real-name policy:
Breakfast, courtesy akmockingbird
How can you not love 365 songs for Uke, all in one offline repository (book)?
Just bought two fat uke song books. Jumping Jim's Daily Ukulele and the Ukulele Decade series: 1980s. Time to go campin.
Honestly? I admire and respect smart folks who can argue their point without being an asshole about it. Silly? Maybe.
RT @S0phieH: Oh hey, look what just showed up on OUYA for $9.99 ;)
duh? Numerous YouTube stars admit to being paid by publishers
Ugh. I'm immediately less inclined to like a game when the female characters are heavily sexualized. I may have a bias.
Seriously, you shouldn't have to go through the hierarchy to get a company to do what's right. #hotelsdotcom
Good news - is refunding the amount BUT I had to ask for a supervisor - first line dude was NOT helpful.
How the hell does not refund a booking mistake that was cancelled immediately after making it? Thats a costly mistake
“@Capt_Logun: @roblef Found these gems Westminster, CA while on lunch.” #hiddenArcadeGems
“How to Be a Writer” by @Human_Parts
“This is your brain on mobile” by @jgvandehey amen (I read it on my iPhone)
“Confessions of an ex-tech journalist ” by @bekahgrant
5 non-superhero comic books that should come to TV screens via @cultofmac
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