Looking for a book title about businesses such as Microsoft that started out in a very different field to what they are known for. Anyone?
We're snowed in. My wife and kid's schools are shut, so work could be difficult today. Going outside for a snowball fight.
Phew. Just been challenged on Big Brain Academy by my daughter. Fortunately, I won, but only just. Lose and she'll never let me forget it.
'God is a Metaphor' by Joseph Campbell.
Loving how easy it is to get a website fully running in Wordpress 2.7.
Wondering if I can install wordpress with Fantastico in the root domain without affecting my blog directory? Anyone know?
Getting frustrated with Google docs. Trying to change the view from folders to all docs. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
Answering an email asking the link between trust and self esteem. Any thoughts to add before I send it off?
catching up with reading blog comments
Just finished writing a blog post inspired by the amazing Nick Vujicic; http://livewithoutconflict.com/blog...
Searching for a summer holiday.
explaining the difference between high and low bandwidth states.
Need to get some clarity. It's time to get away from the computer until I've worked out the next step to do.
Doing some research into possible ways of relieving stress. Anyone got any tools or techniques to share?
Just lost at tennis on the wii to my daughter :(
Just finished a blog post on meditation and stress http://livewithoutconflict.com/blog...
Responding to the discussion about the problem of living up to your ideals http://livewithoutconflict.com/blog...
Finally back to work. Holidays are nice, but you lose so much momentum, it's hard to get started again. Or is it just me?
Wishing everyone a very merry Christmas.
Going to walk the dog, run a few errands and try to tire the kids out.
Liverpool equalise. At last Robbie Keane's paying back some of his transfer fee!
Anxiously looking forward to the Liverpool v Arsenal game.
Recording video footage.
Have a wp blog in a subdirectory, now ready for main site content. Any suggestions for CMS on main site? Should I use wp again? Ideas pls.
Starting to watch the original Prison Break series.
I hate cars. 3 weeks messing about with my wife's car and it's still misbehaving.
Interesting discussion on the law of attraction here; http://www.pluginid.com/discuss...
What do you do when you're stressed? Share & compare anonymously here https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewfor...
It's interesting the range of ways people cope with stress. What do you do when you're stressed? Share & compare https://spreadsheets.google.com/viewfor...
Got to test my Daughter's spellings, then settling down to watch Liverpool's Champions League game.
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