Professionalism, Ethics and the Legal Profession -
Professionalism: Managing Personal and Professional Crises -
The Profession’s Call for Civility. “Got a Problem with it?” -
Professionalism, Ethics and the Legal Profession -
Thanks! RT @JanieC The Coral Gables Story Daily is out! ▸ via @miadebtattorney @alksandra @robsuarez @drcrosson
"Murder by Design" Voted to Top 10 best Murder Mystery Books via @books2believein
RT @cc_chapman: Waiting for the coffee to brew is the longest time of the day.
Actors' Playhouse: Danny Pino stars in Havana Bourgeois-Artstreet Miami Original Facebook Status: http://www.… (cont)
ummm... did Twitter just tell me that I've hit my hourly use limit?!?!? Really?
RT @LaLicenciada: My cafe con leche needs to kick in, lilke now. #latteclub
Very proud of my oldest son who will be receiving the sacrament of his first holy communion today.
RT @btannebaum: New Post: What No One Can Teach Or Sell A Lawyer
RT @btannebaum: Everyone up? Out of the house? C'mon people, success doesn't start at 11am at Starbucks
RT @nasahqphoto: Space shuttle Discovery is prepared for launch! See this pic and others on Flickr!
RT @jonfmerz: #kindle folks looking for a FREE read? Check out DEAD DROP #vampire #kindle #ebooks #reading
RT @jonfmerz: #kindle folks looking for a FREE read? Check out DEAD DROP #vampire #kindle #ebooks #reading
RT @TheDudeDean: RT @mklopez: We're always told we should follow our dreams. But how are we supposed to even have dreams if we are forced to wake up early?
.@bego @frankfuentes sometimes Ñó! is all there is to say!
RT @vicequeenmaria: Fuck you @bravotv for disgracing every legit housewife and mother in our fair city & spreading stupid facts that aren't true #rhom
RT @DavisonNewsTeam: Did You Know that Abraham Lincoln Was the Only President to Patent His Invention? Check it Out -
FIU Law hosts Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig - open to public
RT @NOLAnotes: "Wasn't that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted." — Abraham Verghese
RT @btannebaum: If you're in law school or just starting out as a lawyer, please, please read David Fuller's comment here
Timing is crucial in stand-up comedy and patent law.
RT @SteveRepetti: Entrepreneur-minded folks from the South: get on the MIAMI bus. @StartupBus March 8th Miami>Atlanta>Baton Rouge>Austin
Patent on "Collateralized Loans" Survives Bilski, Despite Failing the MOT Test
RT @PeteFellows: Is looking for biotechnology patent attorneys today
Good morning! You can coast... or you can be remarkable today. What will it be?
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