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Playhouse Auctions - Net Zero Ocean Adventure Lab Playhouse will Raise Funds for Real Housing (GALLERY) -
Playhouse Auctions - Net Zero Ocean Adventure Lab Playhouse will Raise Funds for Real Housing (GALLERY)
Amber Avines
Very cool. Protect your smartphone from scratches
Amanda Wernick
I'm at Sun Dried Tomato Cafe (Talega, San Clemente).
Alan Xing
How to Build Engaging One-of-Kind Facebook Fan Pages
Robert Scoble
Ed Bisquera
new post: SocialMedia Instructor Attempts To Save Face: Follows Own Advice, NOT! Plus video poking fun at industry
Jim and Pam Office Episode Pays Tribute to JK Wedding Dance [Video] -
Louis Gray
Deano @ Byron New Media
I'm grateful for if you are using a Mac it is the coolest Screenshot/Drawing/Image hosting tool around #Gratitude #SMTB > byronnewmedia.jpg
Glenny Brock
Brand new to friendfeed – glad to be here! Here's the creative space where I work as editor of Birmingham Weekly &
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Welcome! - Rochelle
Hi ya, welcome, if you have any questions, stop by the FF Beginners group and we'll try and help: :-) - Kol Tregaskes
Robert Scoble
There goes a number of years of my life, CompuServe was the Twitter of its time: (The Paper PC: CompuServe Classic: So Long, Old Friend). -
There goes a number of years of my life, CompuServe was the Twitter of its time: (The Paper PC: CompuServe Classic: So Long, Old Friend).
If I remember correctly, I was 71340,356 on CI$ back in the day. - Mike Shulman
I am too young to know anything about this. - Mark
it was my first - Tom Searing from BuddyFeed
My first as well. Wow. - Craig Eddy
I learned to type faster & chat... remember the "CB" ? - Scarletcat
Never had a CompuServ account - I was on GEnie, loved their RoundTables. - Ranger Craig
As much as I wasn't even aware that Compuserve still 'existed,' I'm somehow sad to hear of its passing. It was my first online experience, I had good friends and strange experiences on the forums. Anyway, there's solace in the joys of the real-time web. - Brad Kligerman
I gave a talk last week comparing Compuserve's eventual absorption by the browser based Internet to how OpenSim -open-source, open-standard virtual worlds- will inevitably subsume Second Life and other walled gardens. - Brad Kligerman
I remember it well. EAASY Sabre... - James Schipper
I had an account in 1979 MicroNET/CompuServe... ah, with a Novation 300 Baud Acoustic Coupler...that would 'hiccup' if I played my music too loud (The 1200baud direct connect was awesome) I ran a few forums for various companies and went thru all of the versions of the software until AOL bought them. We didn't even have "CB" at first... we did have a programing area where someone made... more... - RAD Moose
Such a sad passing. I got my internet start in Compuserve. I maintained a CS account all these years too, hehe. - Barbara
Go read Techcrunch NOW. Oh my god Arrington, you have HUGE FUCKING BALLS. - Mark
:D - Mark
Ahh, goodbye from 75106,1624 I still remember that, I'm not sure! - Mike Cassidy
ahh, goodbye 71260,45! the number I remember to this day.....just like mike I'm not sure either. It's kinda like your SS # or birthday. You'll never forget............ - Alex Marrow
First like most, I didn't even realize Compuserve was still around. I think I was about 12 when I first got on Compuserve. Like many it was my introduction to the Internet. I remember leaving for AOL, and being sort of sad, because Compuserve seemed cooler to me - Ken Goyette
compuserve _was_ cooler - Tyler Gillies
I remember compuserve. The was another similar service that started with P. Paragon, Paradise, Parallax, Prometheous, or something. What was that one? Got bought out by Sears? - Sue - Friendfeed is best
Prodigy, baby. Prah di gee. They had the Sears catalog, I used a credit card to order some tools using a gopher-style menu and I thought that was pretty cool. - Brian Hendrickson
It sure was. My first time online was with Compuserve in 1980, right before H&R Block bought them. It was the only service that was available on the Amiga also. I just checked, and they're still in business. I had no idea they were around still. - Michael Fidler
RIP as it lays to rest with the faint whisper of a 21 dailup tone salute! - roger byrne
I spent bucketloads of my dad's money playing IoK. GO GAM-26. 72740,114. Good times. - Michael McKean
Heh, I wonder if the Mac OS X CompuServe application will still run on modern versions of Mac OS X under Rosetta. That might be "fun" in a masochistic way. - Tyson Key
I remember playing a text based space game on it for hours....and then the phone came and Dad said no more LOL. - John D Reasor
John, MegaWars III? - Michael McKean
If I remember correctly, I had GEnie, then CompuServe (72604,2235). - John E. Bredehoft
That's it yes MegaWars III thanks Michael I could not remember the name. - John D Reasor
Are all those discussions etc archived anywhere, or is this another bit of the early electronic era that's vanishing? - Ian Betteridge
I was a sysop for Computer Associates development forums back in the day 72103,1321 if I remember correctly - Sean Reiser
Compuserve, Prodigy, and AOL...that were the good old days - Thomas Chai
You chaps and ladies must be old. I don't recall any of this. I was still shitting the bed in 1992. - Mark
wait, does this mean that GIFs are now public domain? who owns that IP now? - Big Joe Silenced
@Mark: i shat the bed in 1992 as well, but unfortunately it was cos i was fantastically DRUNK. :P - Big Joe Silenced
Wonder what Scoble is upto. - Mark
I enjoyed Prodigy and then Byte magazine's BIX, where I was a moderator. Good times. - Steve Garfield
Garin Kilpatrick
Writing is faster and more fun with these 5 tips and thinking tricks
Jennifer Breazeale
Jennifer Breazeale
10 Great Authors in Children’s Literature -
How to Have Happy ExCustomers -
How to Have Happy ExCustomers
Robert Sansom
Chris Brogan
The Value of Twitter Followers: Quality Over Quantity -
Yes, where's the value indeed? - Craig Bailey
I couldn't agree more Chris. @sarahrobinson's account is a great example of this; she may have 6,000 followers but they are loyal and they take action. Prudent and powerful is best, right? - Rochelle Veturis
mashable Adds Smart Reminders via Twitter -
Aliza Sherman
Can anyone point me to best practices for social media crisis comm tactics? Or should I write one?
You should write one. Crowd source it. - David Damore
Chris Brogan
@TomRoyce - there will be books written to address what Twitter does to our "disposable thoughts"
"Disposable thoughts?" I love it. - Rochelle Veturis
Guy Kawasaki
Japanese college giving away free iPhones, to track students' attendance. (via GR
Chris Brogan
Deano @ Byron New Media
Deano @ Byron New Media
How *Dance in Community* Projects can get *Dance School Exposure* -
How *Dance in Community* Projects can get *Dance School Exposure*
Oliver Ding
The 25 Basic Styles of Blogging ... And When To Use Each One - SlideShare -
The 25 Basic Styles of Blogging ... And When To Use Each One - SlideShare
"A compilation of 25 basic styles of blogging from award winning blogger and author of Personality Not Included, Rohit Bhargava. This presentation includes tips on how often to use each and potential to create buzz and blog traffic by using each. NOW AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD!" - Oliver Ding from Bookmarklet
Brodie Beta
Get A Better Glow With Vedante Pet Collars And Leashes [feedly] -
Oliver Ding
The 7 habits of highly effective people - SlideShare -
The 7 habits of highly effective people - SlideShare
"This is the visual essence of the book “The 7 habits of highly effective people” by Stephen R. Covey as seen by Marina Noordegraaf" - Oliver Ding from Bookmarklet
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