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Roger Benningfield

Roger Benningfield

Blogger for theoretically humorous
Re: Yes Dave, I remember when JFK died -
"I think his point was that 60 Minutes (and CBS itself) stopped being a legitimate news resource many years ago, and the only people who still pay attention to it are those for whom the show has become the journalistic equivalent of comfort food. That's a judgement that includes age as a component, but I don't think it makes the leap to ageism." - Roger Benningfield
Re: Breaking Bad has gone off the rails -
"I disagree on several points, but I'll stick to Jesse and Walt right now. Jesse has been a rubber band threatening to snap (in show time) for months... Walt took an emotionally stunted, drug-addled young man and relentlessly screwed with his mind for a year. Like an abusive father, Walt inflicts pain and then convinces his victim that it was all in the victim's best interests, or worse, the victim's fault. The kind of anger generated by that dynamic shouldn't be underestimated, and when he finally releases that anger, Jesse lashes out in a predictably passive-aggressive, Jesse-ish way. As for Walt hugging him... makes sense to me. I read it two different ways, depending on whether or not you believe Walt was actually sending Jesse to Alaska. If the new identity was real, then Walt was trying to give Jesse some closure without ever actually admitting fault, which is the same kind of thing he does to Skyler all the time. OTOH, if that minivan was actually taking Jesse to a hole in the..." - Roger Benningfield
Girl Looking Off Camera At Stuff (GLOCAS) -
Girl Looking Off Camera At Stuff (GLOCAS)
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