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Michael Whalen – Addicted To You -
A Perfect Circle – What's Going On -
Blackfield – Cloudy Now -
Alex Clare – Too Close -
Soundgarden – 4th of July -
Five Finger Death Punch – Hard to See -
Daft Punk – The Game Has Changed -
RT @OptaJoke: 1933 - This was the first time a decision has gone against Man United at Old Trafford since 1933. Momentous.
If I were the ref, I'd watch out for that machete/machine gun Fergie was talking about.
RT @RayHudson: And so..into theTheatre of Dreams ride LOS BLANCOS! FORWARD with the WHITE Brigade!! VAMOS VIKINGOS! Cannons to the left&right! FIGHT!!!!
“You would be giving off more CO2 if you are riding a bike than driving in a car” #nottheonion
Audioslave – Exploder -
Interesting project launch blocker raised at standup meeting - "Development desktop containing uncommitted code missing"
As if writing Java wasn't bad enough, I now have to deal with/manually construct XML files thanks to Spring and other such nonsense.
Managers request a vote for project name. Teams vote and the winner happens to be "FAILS". Director vetoes the result #DemocracyIsASham
Finally finished the main Borderlands 2 story missions. The final boss was pretty meh, and probably easier than some of the earlier ones!
RT @codepo8: I doubt that "Webkit won on mobile because it was the best there is". It won because on iOS nothing else is allowed! Does IE rule Windows?
Made a huge blunder by expecting Zlatan to perform in a knockout UCL game. -2 pts in Fantasy Football, and now can't even change captain.
New find - Trader Joe's sells "Malabari Paratha"! Surprisingly decent, and better than what you get at Indian stores!
RT @AlbaEspana: Sergio Ramos is only 26 years old and tonight he's playing in his 99th international match - Wow!
And for some reason, the biggest and possibly the only thing I miss from iOS so far - scroll to top.
Biggest advantage of moving to Android - Firefox + Sync! (all my browsing history/bookmarks/open tabs)
Real Time Voting App with Node.js, and Mongoose -
Going Android for a few months
"In Seattle, it’s cats, dogs and kids — in that order"
Gawd, can articles please stop referring to Beckham's position as the "quarterback"? He just played in the US, didn't switch sports.
RT @101greatgoals: Individual Highlights: Raphael Varane v Barcelona
RT @holman: $ say 💩
RT @nickpatrick: Ever wonder how a key works? Here's a GIF:
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