Roisin Thomas
Starting to get quite stressed about missing uni now. Conditions are still really bad here and it's very unlikely that my son's school will be open tomorrow. That will be the third day I will be missing. Is there a form I need to fill out after 3 days or something?
There's something that you'd need to do regarding absences. It's on blackboard under the BioSciences Office Link. Just in case you are not in for the lecture, I will be recording that as well. He went really fast today and I wasn't able to properly keep up.. :-S - Jasper Estranero
If you go onto BB, then Biological Sciences School Office and then on the left hand side there is a tab that says "Sickness/Absence". Might be worth having a look at that- I guess you are covered by the extenuating circumstances report (coursework and teaching) section :) Is there anything I can do to help you? Do you need notes or anything from people? - Lyndsey Wright
Thanks Lyndsey I'll have a look. I managed to type and email the tutorial work that I had to and in this morning so at least I won't get marks knocked off for that. The main thing that would help is recordings of the lectures. Jasper has done the 2 that I've missed so far but I don't know if he takes Metabolic regulation and I feel bad asking him again. If you know anyone who could record that and the physiology one tomorrow that would really help. If not then notes would be great too. - Roisin Thomas
Don't think Jasper takes it so I'll ask around to see if anyone else does for you :) I'll see what I can do :) - Lyndsey Wright
You're a star. Thank you! - Roisin Thomas
Panic over. His school is open! - Roisin Thomas
If you've told your personal tutor you should be OK, although you will of course have to catch up on any work you've missed. - Dr Alan Cann
If you ever need it again, I can help with either one of those modules, I make meticulous notes :). - Jaspreet Seehra
Thanks Jaspreet. I hope I won't have to take you up on that but it's great to know that the offer is there. (And I imagine your notes are awesome!) - Roisin Thomas
They are... trust me! She is a note machine! - Lyndsey Wright